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Entry Requirements Countries Worldwide

*Visitors travelling from China have different requirements

*Please check your airline policy too as different airlines’ Covid-19 requirements may vary

*Passport with validity of at least 6 months and a visa (if required)

Asia- Pacific

🇯🇵 Japan

Website: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare – mhlw.go.jp: Border Control

🦠 Covid-19 Requirements

✔️ To travel to Japan you need a

💉Vaccination Certificate that clearly shows that you have received 3 doses of any of the vaccines on the Emergency Use Listing of World Health Organization (WHO) 


🧪 Negative Covid-19 Test Report within 72 hours prior to departure

✔️ Children under the age of 18 without a valid vaccination certificate, if they are accompanied by a guardian with a valid vaccination certificate and who will supervise the children, they will be treated as holders of valid vaccination certificates, and submission of the negative certificates is exempted.

❌ No Quarantine and on-arrival test are required for all travellers

😷 You do not need to wear a mask when you are approximately 2 meters apart from others and when you are not talking at close range.

📝 Visit Japan Web [How to Fill “Visit Japan Web”]

*Those unable to complete the “Visit Japan Web” would have to fill other forms and have their certs checked manually

✔️ Register and upload either your Vaccination Cert or Negative Report to get your Fast Track Registration screenshot. You can register your planned arrival date in Japan up to December 31 the following year. There is a dedicated “Fast Track” at the airport after landing for visitors to bypass long lines at immigration checks. 

✔️ Fill the Immigration and Custom forms to get a QR code for each

✔️ Complete at least 6 hours before arrival

Japanese Tourist Guide:📱Mobile Data/ Voice Plan

🇲🇾 Malaysia


🦠 Covid-19 Requirements

❌ TRAVELLERS CARD: All travellers to Malaysia NO longer need to fill in the Pre-departure form to get the Traveller Card

❌ COVID-19 TEST: All travellers are allowed to enter Malaysia regardless of their 💉COVID-19 vaccination status and 🧪 DO NOT require a pre-departure or on-arrival COVID-19 test.

❌ QUARANTINE: There are NO quarantine orders related to COVID-19 enforced by the Malaysian Government upon arrival.

😷 Face masks will still be mandatory only in healthcare facilities and on public transport, but not on flights

MySejahtera App

  • Travellers can download and activate the MySejahtera application before or after arrival to Malaysia to indicate their COVID-19 risk status while staying in Malaysia. The COVID-19 risk status in MySejahtera may be checked upon entering premises. Currently most locations do not perform any checks, except for selected indoor gatherings in close proximity such as places of worship.

Malaysian Travel Guide: 🚘 Transport Options from KLIA |📱 How to get Mobile Data/ Voice Plan  | 👛 e-Wallet | 🚇 Touch n GO Card | 🛡 Travel Insurance

🚗 How to Apply Vehicle Entry Permit VEP-RFID to Drive Foreign-Registered Car to Malaysia

🇸🇬 Singapore

Website: ica.gov.sg: enter transit depart singapore

As of 13 Feb 2023, regardless of vaccination status, there are no longer any COVID-19 restrictions for visitors arriving in Singapore. Travellers must make sure all other general entrance requirements are met.

To enter Singapore you need

✔️ Valid passport and visa if required

✔️ Completed SG Arrival Card with a DE number

🤒 If you visited a country where there is a danger of yellow fever transmission in the six days before to your arrival in Singapore, you must present an international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever

❌ Proof of Covid-19 vaccination or Pre-departure test + Insurance

📝 Arrival Card

The SG Arrival Card (SGAC) declaration must be completed by all travellers UP TO 3 DAYS before arrival. Submit your SGAC online or via app. It replaces the paper-based disembarkation/embarkation card.

[How to Fill SG Arrival Card]

How to Apply VEP/ Autopass for Foreign Registered Car or Motorcycle to enter Singapore

🇭🇰 Hong Kong

Website: coronavirus.gov.hk – inbound travel FAQ

🧪 Pre-Departure Test

Inbound persons (applicable to those aged 3 or above on the scheduled departure day) arriving from overseas are required to obtain a negative Covid-19 test result of either:

✔️ Rapid Antigen Test (RAT), which can be self or professionally administered within 24 hours 


✔️ PCR-based nucleic acid test within 48 hours

before flight departure for airport entry or arrival time for other entry points to Hong Kong

🏥 Declare via the Health Declaration Form to get the QR Code (optional)

📝 Arrival Card

For non-residents, Arrival Card will be distributed during your flight, complete it for Immigration inspection.

The Government recommends all inbound persons to conduct daily RATs using self-test rapid antigen test (RAT) kits during the period between the day of arrival (i.e. Day 0) and Day 5 after arrival at Hong Kong

🇦🇺 Australia

Website: health.gov.au – covid-19 international-travel

🦠 Covid-19 Requirements

From January 2023, travellers going to Australia from China, including Hong Kong and Macau will be asked to show evidence of a negative pre-departure test for COVID-19.

✔️ If you are arriving from other destinations, you do not need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

✔️ You do not need to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to travel to Australia.

🛂 Do you need a visa? 

New Zealand passport holders can travel to Australia without a visa and obtain a visa on arrival at the airport. 

All other passport holders need the right visa to come to Australia. You might also need a visa to transition through Australia to another destination.

how to apply Australian ETA tourist visa for Malaysians

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronically stored authority equivalent to a visa, which is linked to a passport number. There’re different ETA Subclasses and the Subclass is the cheapest which can only be applied via the AustralianETA app.

[How to Apply for Australian ETA Subclass 601 – AUD20]

📝 Incoming Passenger Card

An Incoming Passenger Card (IPC) is to be completed by passengers entering Australia, including Australian resident/ citizen.

🇹🇼 Taiwan

Website: cdc.gov.tw | immigration.gov.tw

entry to Taiwan for travellers

🦠 Covid-19 Requirements

As of 7th Feb 2023, Taiwan no longer requires Covid-19 PCR testing for visitors arriving from China at ports and airports.

❌ No quarantine, test or vaccination requirements for all travellers

✔️ All arrivals still need to go through a seven-day self-initiated prevention. Those with symptoms should voluntarily report to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control.

🧪 Rapid Test

Rapid tests are only required if the arrivals exhibit symptoms. Instead of four free at-home rapid tests, inbound travellers would be given only one. If more rapid tests are required, they can be bought from pharmacies or convenience stores/retailers selling rapid tests.

📝 Arrival Card

✔️ Taiwanese government introduces Online Arrival Card for foreign visitors to ROC (Taiwan). For foreign visitors, this measure simplifies the immigration process.

✔️ Before arriving in Taiwan, users just need to provide their arrival information on the National Immigration Agency (NIA) website: immigration.gov.tw – web arrival card, the paper Arrival Card is not required during arrival inspection.

🇰🇷 South Korea

Website: overseas.mofa.go.kr

🦠 Covid-19 Requirements

As of 2nd Jan 2023, there are now no Covid-19 requirements; no quarantine or PCR test requirements for travellers entering Korea, including those who are unvaccinated.

*Travellers from China have different requirements.

🛂 Visa/ ETA

All foreigners wishing to enter Korea must have a K-ETA (for visa-free countries) or a valid visa. The K-ETA process takes roughly 72 hours, and the outcome is sent directly to your email. Please be prepared with the printed hard copy. The fee is 10,000 KRW. 

✔️ Apply K-ETA here

📝 Q-Code

It is recommended that everyone entering Korea use the Q-code system to upload their health status before their arrival for a simpler and quicker entry. It takes 15 minutes to do everything online. If you are unable to do so online prior to arrival, you will need to manually enter the information once you are in Korea.

✔️ Complete Q-Code here

Enter you travel information and health condition. A QR Code will be issued.

🇹🇭 Thailand

Website: thaiembassy.com – travel restrictions 2023

🦠 Covid-19 Requirements

Visitors entering Thailand are not required to present COVID-19 test results or Proof of Vaccination. Anyone can visit Thailand without Covid limitations.
Travellers are not required to get a Thailand Pass or Certificate of Entry (COE). They don’t have to download any mobile apps.

🛂 Visa-Free Countries

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Monaco, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, The Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the UAE, UK, Ukraine, Vietnam and the USA.

📝 Arrival Card/ Departure Card

To be filled by non-Thai residents only. Foreign nationals entering Thailand are obliged to fill out and submit the TM 6 immigration form to the Thai immigration checkpoint where they arrived in Thailand.

Front and back of the Arrival Card to Thailand

The Departure card will be checked when you leave Thailand

Departure Card


🇲🇽 Mexico

Website: embamex.sre.gob.mx

There are currently no entry restrictions, COVID test requirements, or quarantine requirements in Mexico.

📝 Tourist Card

How to Apply Online Tourist Card to Mexico

Travellers Must

✔️ Have documents to prove the purpose of your visit – Example of tourism: Hotel reservation, itinerary, and return tickets

✔️ Fill the Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) also known as Tourist Card

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