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How to Apply VEP-RFID for Foreign-Registered Vehicle to Enter Malaysia

If you wish to drive a foreign vehicle to Malaysia, you will have to register for VEP (Vehicle Entry Permit) online via Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ) website.

How to Apply for VEP to Enter Malaysia Online

Update your profile and ‘Save’

  • Go to “My VEP” on the top Menu
  • Click on “Register a new vehicle”

1. Vehicle Information

  • Select Vehicle Type, Registration Origin and Ownership Category

*Ownership Categories are:

      • Private (vehicles owned by individuals, companies or organizations for private usage)
      • Commercial (vehicles owned by companies and used for business purposes); and
      • Embassy / Government (vehicles owned by governments, consulates or embassies)
  • Press “Continue”

2. Registration Type

Select “Registrant Type” – you are registering a vehicle for yourself or on behalf of another owner

3. Registration Details

You can get the Vehicle Registration Card in PDF format from LTA or One Motoring website and upload it here and the fields will be auto-filled.

Sample of a Vehicle Registration Card

Otherwise, you have to fill the registration details manually

Enter Vehicle Insurance policy information

4. Confirmation

Check the details you have entered, agree to Terms and Conditions and Submit

Registration Fee

There will be an administration fee of RM10 imposed during registration. Vehicle owners must renew the VEP every 5 years.

After Registration

The confirmation slip will be emailed to you. 

confirmation email vep raidConfirmation email

  • Install and Reload the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app

touch n go ewallet

  • Proceed to: vepams.jpj.gov.my 
  • Login using the same user ID and password as per your initial registration at vep.jpj.gov.my.

  • You will have to upload the mandatory documents: COE (Certificate of Entitlement) for your vehicle, NRIC/ identification card, Authorisation Letter, Insurance Cover Note
  • You will receive an email notification once your application has been approved. 

  • Select VEP RFID tag collection method: Postage or Self Collect
  • Make payment online

VEP registered vehicle will be issued non-transferrable VEP-RFID tag which are pre-printed with custom images and tag serial numbers that uniquely identifies the vehicle.

  • For Self Collect, make an appointment. Bring along the appointment slip during collection. 

  • After you have received the tag, login to vepams.jpj.gov.my again
  • Select your vehicle and then click on the “Acknowledgement” button

  • Enter RFID tag Serial Number and click “Validate”.

  • Stick the tag horizontally on the left headlamp (Passenger side) 5cm away from the metal frame
  • Take a picture of the fixed tag with your car registration number and upload the photo.

  • You will be notified once your tag is activated.
  • The VEP RFID will enable users to pay road charges when entering Malaysia (checkpoint) as well as toll payment in participating highways across Malaysia. eWallet balance will be deducted. 

* Please bring along a physical Touch ‘n GO card as you the RFID tag cannot be used in all locations. You can buy the EZ-Link x Touch ‘n GO card in Singapore.

[How to Use TnG Card]

Road Charge

All foreign registered vehicle (private registered/private organisation) entering Malaysia will be required to pay Road Charge of RM20 per entry. You can use the Touch N’ Go card to pay road charge or with your Touch n’ Go ewallet app, which you have installed when you collect your VEP RFID tag.

Road Charge: RM20 and Checkpoint Toll charge | Photo: AZIZ HUSSAIN

Change of Ownership

When the ownership of a vehicle is transferred to another entity, the validity of the VEP RFID tag automatically ceases.

If you are the previous owner of the vehicle (transferor), you are responsible to update the vehicle ownership status. Failure to do so, you shall bear the risk of being fined for any offence possibly committed by the new owner.

If you are the new owner of the vehicle (transferee), you are responsible to apply for a new VEP RFID Tag and ensure that the previous owner has updated the vehicle ownership status.

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