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School, Casual, Sports Shoes for Kids Malaysia

Wondering where to buy those black school shoes for your kids? With the abundance of choices, now you can get a really good quality pair without breaking your bank. Here are a few suggestions of the more popular options, ranging from school, sports to casual footwear preferred by shoppers online.

I got a pair of Skechers black shoes for RM80+ after a 50% discount. Wait for the mega sales and the dates are usually 11.11, 12.12. 8.8… When the day and month are the same number. For the size, you can either try them out at the shop first before your purchase or use their size guide which I think is quite accurate. I always add 1-2 cm but when you acquire more experience shopping online, you would know which size to pick. Children grow very fast!


Bata, a footwear corporation originated from the Czech Republic, is a trusted brand in Malaysia, providing school shoes for children for many years. From the durable white canvas shoes years ago to the now more fashionable black shoes with various designs, Bata has been our go-to brand for hunting reasonably priced good quality shoes for kids. Those with a velcro fastener are suitable for smaller children as they don’t have to tie their shoelaces.

Check prices BATA Kids shoes  

BATA B-FIRST Kids Black School Shoes - 4896422 bata black shoes school

BATA B-FIRST Kids Black School Shoes (Canvas and PVC) – 4896422 – RM44.99

BATA B-FIRST Kids Black School Shoes (PVC) – 3896810 : RM53.99 – Good looking, neat but they are rather heavy

Bata shoes are marked with US size.

Children Shoe Size Chart

Crocs LiteRide Unisex

These LiteRide slip-ons are so comfortable and easy to wear, they can be used for casual outings, swimming, shopping trips, etc. I bought a pair for son from the store in Hong Kong and there’re all he wanted to wear these days. 

Crocs are very very durable. My boy’s shoes are usually quite tattered after one year, but this pair is still in very good condition after a few years.

Buy from Crocs Stores across Malaysia

The stores change their stocks from time to time, and if you can’t find them, you can purchase online:

Kid Sizes (C8 – J12) – RM38

Bigger Sizes (35 – 46) – RM40

Kid Sizes:

C8 = 14.0cm | C9 = 15.0cm | C10 = 16.5 cm | C11 = 17.5 cm | C12 = 18.0cm | C13 = 18.5cm | J1 = 19.5cm | J2 = 20.5cm | J3 = 21.5 cm

Adult/ Older Kid Sizes:

Size 36EU = 22.5-23cm = M4W6 | Size 37EU = 23.5cm = M5W7 | Size 38EU = 24cm = M6W8 | Size 39-40EU = 24.5-25cm = M7W9 | Size 41EU = 25.5-26cm = M8W10 | Size 42-43EU = 26.5cm = M8W10 | Size 44EU = 27-27.5cm = M10W12 | Size 45EU = 28-29cm = M13W14


Check Prices of Skechers Shoes for Kids


Skechers is famous for its comfortable, flexible, lightweight and trendy shoes for walking, casual sports. 

Skechers Girls Microspec Shoes (Black) – 302617L-BBK – RM109 | Boys Black Nitro Sprint |  Skechers Boys GOrun 650 Shoes (Black/ Red) – 405035L-BKRD – RM109.50

Skechers sneakers are flexible, soft and cool looking

Under Armour

Under Armour shoes are just so good looking and comfortable with its soft padding and the breathable material. The designs are minimalistic and not too fanciful. They have some good quality running shoes.

Check Prices of Under Armour Kids Shoes and Apparels

Grade School UA Assert 8 Uniform Synthetic Running Shoes – RM169


Check Prices of Decathlon Kids Footwear – A wide selection of sports/ footwear for any kind of activities

You can find almost everything you need for outdoor activities at Decathlon. The shop layout has been creatively designed to have sections where kids (and adults alike) can have a go at their many sports gears, apparatus, apparels and many more.

Decathlon Walking Shoes Kids (Breathable) – Newfeel mesh priced at RM59 is a popular and good buy. 

Decathlon Sports Shoes Kids (High Cushioning) – Kalenji at RM59. The Kalenji shoes are developed by athlete-designers and marathon runners are really impressed with their ergonomics, which are comparable to Nike’s.

Marvel Avengers Canvas Black Shoes

Check Prices

For Avengers’ fans out there who wish to have a bit of Marvel subtlety in the footwear that they wear to school everyday.

Marvel Avengers Black School Shoes – Kasut Sekolah – RM25.90


Economical, practical, Pallas school shoes are known for their simple style, value for money and reliability.

Pallas Jazz School Shoes Single Velcro Strap 204-031 Black – RM34.99


Check Prices

Aspiring athletes often go for Nike, the number one brand in the athletic shoe market. The main issue I had with my son’s shoes were the toe tip part, which always wore out first. Nike has that covered, their shoes have either an overlay or material with better resistance on the toe tip making it extra durable for kiddos who drag their toes.

Nike Kid’s Court Borough Low Big Kids Shoes – All Black – RM175: Real and synthetic leather are durable and easy to clean. Rubber sole creates durable traction.

Nike Kids’ Star Runner 3 Younger Kid’s Shoes – Black – RM175: The rubber sole features grooves designed for multi-directional traction. Foam cushioning underfoot and a soft insole feel soft and plush. Recycled mesh on the front of the shoe helps little feet stay cool and gives toes wiggle room to move. Recycled synthetic leather around the heel creates stability and durability.

Boys/ Girls Mesh Sneakers 

If you are looking for an extra pair of sneakers for your kids who are growing too fast, get an affordable pair as they will grow out of them before you know it. These sneakers are fashionable and have been complimented by the buyers to be of good quality. 

popular sneakers cheap

OEM Running/ Sports/ Casual Shoes (Size: 28 – 39) – RM12.90

Dr Kong

Dr Kong Malaysia

Dr Kong Sports Shoes Unisex C1000672 – RM439 (Size 29 -40)

With comfortable underfoot and supportive insole (removable), Dr Kong’s shoes provide great heel pressure relief and shock absorption. If you wish to splurge on a pair of good quality and durable shoes for everyday use, get them at Dr Kong. This brand is extremely popular in Hong Kong as walking is a big part of their livelihood. When it comes to footwear selection for Hongkies, comfort and durability are crucial.

Dr Kong’s shoes are comfortable and cute, suitable for heavy use, vacation, sports, walking

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