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Tantalizing Food Discovery in Charming Bangkok City

During our visit to Bangkok, we indulged in both the popular tourist-favored food as well as the randomly picked interesting restaurants that caught our eye.

Jodd Fairs Night Market

MRT Phra Ram 9 Station, Exit No. 2 | Time: 4 – 11pm

We arrived in the evening, after checking into our hotel, we headed straight to Jodd Fairs night market. It was bustling with people and the first thing we saw was the volcano ribs. Numerous stalls sell this dish and various other foods where you can sit down and eat at the market. The volcano ribs were flavourful, the meat wasn’t that spicy while the broth was packed a fiery, tangy punch.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite impressed with the shrimp/ seafood bucket. It’s worth noting that the spiciness led to some numbness in my throat, and the overall taste didn’t meet my expectations.

We tried the moo ping, durian smoothie which were really delicious. 

Durian smoothie – ฿ 100

Grilled Pork (Moo Ping) – ฿ 15

Pe Aor Tom Yam Noodle 

Situated along a narrow alley, it’s possible to drive there, but a truck was unloading goods in front, so we opted to get off our Grab ride and walk instead. On our way, we bought some fish cakes from a roadside stall.

This Tom Yum noodle place is a viable alternative to Jeh O Chula, where the waiting times can be quite challenging. We arrived around 10:30 am and there were still available seats. It seemed that most of the customers were tourists.

The Tom Yum soup had a delightful balance of sweetness and a hint of sourness, with just a mild level of spiciness. Its flavor intensified with each spoonful, making it a truly enjoyable dish.

The minced meat omelette was a perfect complement and exceptionally delicious.

Terminal 21 

Asok BTS Station (Skytrain) and Sukhumvit MRT Station (Subway)

Our hotel is connected to the Terminal 21 shopping mall, and as we strolled through it, we stumbled upon a street food festival! The food options here were different from what we encountered at Jodd Fairs night market. These mini fruit sculptures are made from mung beans and coconut milk. So cute!!

fruit sculptures mung beans

The durian look incredibly appealing, so I couldn’t resist giving it a try. The taste is like a delightful durian dessert, but not satisfying. You will understand if you tried Malaysian durian before.

Kub Kao’ Kub Pla 

This cosy restaurant serves good Thai comfort food. The pork knuckle stew has a nice five spice aroma, pairs wonderfully with rice. The crabmeat adds a briny flavour to the creamy omelette, enhancing the taste.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Market  

Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station, Exit 2 is connected directly to the market

Navigating our way through such a massive market, labyrinth of alleys, the vibrant array of food and products was overwhelming.

The food market scene in Bangkok is so advanced, catering to the desires of tourists who seek to sample a wide array of street foods, they sell smaller portion sizes.

The savoury pancake is made from chopped shrimps and cocounut cream with a hint of chili. The sweet toppings are made of syrup egg yolk made into golden strings, called Foi Thong or pandan with coconut milk. The combination of crispy shell and savoury sweet fillings creates a wonderful contrast in taste and texture.

The mini ice creams looked incredibly adorable, though their taste is rather average.

Crispy pork skin, succulent meat, accompanied by cucumber and garlicky chili, what a match.


The fried fish was fresh and tasty, enhanced by the crispy batter fried garlic, and lemongrass, and elevated by the spicy and zesty lime dipping sauce. Bangkok is abundant in these large river prawns, and my personal favorite was this prawns with tamarind sauce dish – love the caramelized sweet and sour twist. Stir fried veggies Thai style never fails.

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