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My Experience Travelling from Hong Kong to Malaysia

Check out the video on how we travelled to Malaysia from Hong Kong

Home Quarantine Application 

Our home quarantine was approved almost immediately, in fact I got the approval letter a day after my Home Surveillance order (HSO) application which I did 10 days before arrival. Our case was pretty straight forward, it’s just the three of us, 2 adults who have been fully vaccinated in Hong Kong and a 6 year old kid in the house during isolation, so no complications. 

hso approval home quarantine malaysia

This is a somple of the HSO approval letter with personal information omitted

Pre-departure PCR Test

  • We did our pre-departure PCR swab test within 3 days (it’s 2 days now) before departure ; This is required for all nationalities from all age group (yes babies as well – the only exceptions are the Langkawi Travel Bubble and VTL) 
  • The tests were done at Leighton Hill Community Hall, Causeway Bay and the price was HKD240 per person. You can find a List of Community Testing Centres for Covid19 in Hong Kong and Book your test here.
  • Bring along the original copy of the identity document (HK ID) you provided for booking and travel document (passport).
  • It says results will be out within 24 hours. We received ours 17 hours after the specimen was collected. 

Community Centres do not perform Covid tests on children under the age of 3 because it is not required in Hong Kong. However to travel to Malaysia, you may need to look for the test for children below 3 years old at private clinics/ hospitals. 

prenetics covid test hong kong

Covid Test done at Leighton Hill Community Hall, Hong Kong

shops hong kong airport

empty hong kong airport


dependent mysejahtera check in klia

  • Download and register MySejahtera application before arrival. This is important – The home address in MySejahtera must correspond to the address on the approval given.
  • I did the steps to obtain my digital certificate on MySejahtera for Vaccination done overseas for both doses. After 2 weeks or so I got an update, unfortunately it only indicated the first dose, hence my Status was Partially Vaccinated. I did the steps again, now submitting the second dose and thankfully it finally got updated correctly – but only after my trip back to Malaysia.
  • Upon arrival we did the Mysejahtera QR code Check-in scan and filled in some information. Somehow the ‘Check in’ button on my iPhone was not clickable, the officer then guided me to Allow MySejahtera to access the camera under Settings > MySejahtera.
  • My 6 year old kid is checked-in under my husband’s dependent.

On Arrival Covid19 Test

  • COVID-19 PCR swab test will be conducted on arrival (free for us as we are Malaysians) – They did the nose and throat swab, it made my son retched a little bit, but it was ok and we did not have to wait long for the test.
  • After an uneventful temperature screening and briefing, Home Surveillance Order (HSO) and wristbands were given.

home surveillance order HSO quarantine mysejahtera high risk vaccinated

Airport Transfer

ujt transporter home quarantine nadma

I booked our airport pick-up, UJT Transporter, on the day of departure itself. A huge and comfortable 11-seater Hyundai Starex at RM200 from KLIA to my house which is about 49 km away. Communication was effortless via Whatsapp. The driver told me that it would not take more than 2 hours for travellers with home quarantine approved to complete immigration and the various Covid checkpoints. True enough we were out collecting our baggage in just 1 hour 15 minutes. The driver (Sani – +6011-1064 7264) messaged us the time we landed, then I texted him back when we were at the baggage carousel, and his MPV is already parked right outside Door 5 KLIA waiting for us.  

Home Quarantine in Kuala Lumpur

People under surveillance (PUS) must always be at the stated address during the quarantine period. Visitors are not allowed to visit during the quarantine period. I informed my condo management and we were told not to throw out the trash ourselves. We just had to place the rubbish bag outside the house and the cleaner would pick it up. The security guards at our apartment were really helpful, sending our delivery items to our doorstep. 

Answered the Health check questions daily on MySejahtera under “Things To Do”. Even though our quarantine period was 7 days. We had to submit the daily health checks to monitor any Covid-19 symptoms for 14 days. 

If you have symptoms please declare it on MySejahtera, perform a test and seek treatment at the nearby health facility if necessary.

Second RT-PCR Test

The second PCR swab test on Day 5 was done using DoctorOnCall Home Test. It took approximately 29 hours for us to get the results, counting from the time of home test. The medical professional who did the test was friendly and on time, though the swab hurt quite a bit. My son even cautioned him not to insert the kit too far in his nose.

Home Testing Service RT-PCR for COVID-19 by Oxford Diagnostics booked through Doctoroncall – RM260 per person. More Covid screening test options.

Release Order and Potong Gelang

The contact number stated in the Home Quarantine Approval letter was not contactable at all. To get Release Order and remove the wristband on Day 7 or Day 5 (now if you had the booster shot), you should call the Pejabat Kesihatan (District Health Office) at your area. I wouldn’t have known this if not for the incredibly informative Malaysia Quarantine Support Group (MQSG), which I am really grateful for. I called the Lembah Pantai Health Office and they gave me a Whatsapp number: +6019-395 5317 to whom I sent the Day 5 Covid Test Reports to. They proceeded with setting an appointment and issuing a Release Order for the removal of wristband at EcoPark Community Centre.

hso release order potong gelang cut wristband eco park centre

Release Order and EcoPark Community Centre to remove the band

The time we reached the premise 5 minutes before 10am, there was already quite a long queue. There were only two counters doing the checking and release process. For those who walked in without an appointment, they showed a copy of their Covid Test Results instead. Bring along your IC or passport.

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