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How to Fill the Visit Japan Web to Enter Japan

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Effective April 29th, 2023, travelers and returnees entering Japan are no longer required to submit a negative COVID-19 test certificate or proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

🎉 This means that COVID-19 restrictions for Japan have finally been lifted!

What you need to travel to Japan

❌ Vaccination Certificate or Negative Covid-19 Test Report (NOT Required)

✔️ Passport with validity of at least 6 months and visa if required

✔️ Fill out the Visit Japan Web or paper Immigration and Customs forms

Optional:  Complete the “Visit Japan Web” to get ① Immigration QR Code ② Customs QR Code  ③ Tax-free QR Code

ℹ️ So do you still need to use the Visit Japan Web? 

Visit Japan Web is a service for smooth arrival procedures, that allows you to perform “immigration “, “customs ” declaration, and “Tax-free shopping service” online prior to your departure. 

Although not compulsory, numerous travelers have recommended utilizing this service to acquire QR codes, which facilitates faster clearance through immigration and customs. However, if you face any problems while using the Visit Japan Web platform, it’s best not to waste too much time trying to resolve the issue. Instead, you can opt to manually fill out the immigration and customs declaration forms.

no more fast track qr code

❌ “Visit Japan Web” Fast Track icon has been eliminated

The Visit Japan Web has introduced new features such as “Tax-Free Purchase,” “Passport OCR Input,” “VISA Linkage,” and “3rd Party Proxy Input.

📅 How Soon Can you Fill the Visit Japan Web?

You can register plans up to December 31 the following year, after purchasing the flight ticket. 

How to Use the “Visit Japan Web”

  • Sign up for a new account. The password has to have at least 10 characters with upper and lower case alphabets, number and symbol 

  • Login

👤 Register User/ Users

  • Register your details and details of family members travelling with you, if any, which will be saved and can be used next time you travel to Japan
  • If you select YES to using the tax-free QR code, scanning your passport will be required. 

  • Position the passport information page within the white frame and hit the “Take photo of passport” button. 

visit Japan web

  • The passport information will then be populated automatically using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Please verify if the passport number is accurate. Click ‘Register’

  • Check Visa details

populate passport details automatically visit Japan web

🧳 Japan Planned Entry/ Return Procedure

  • Add a “+ New registration” of Planned Entry/ Return

  • If you have a valid VISA, you can copy the details from your VISA application
  • Copy the intended address in Japan from the registered entry/ return details if the address is the same. Otherwise, “Proceed to registration without copying details”

  • Enter your upcoming trip details in the “Planned entry/return”

Planned Arrival Date in Japan

You can register planned arrival date in Japan up to December 31 the following year (Source)

Flight Number

If you are transiting in another country, enter the number of the flight that enters Japan

In the Entry/ Return Procedure, complete 2 registrations and print out or save the 2 QR Codes.

As a result of the recent change, the “Quarantine procedure (Fast Track)” icon has been eliminated, and travellers are no longer asked to respond to questions or submit any documents related to their COVID-19 status. 

After you have registered the Immigration and Customs Declaration, you will get a QR Code for each of them

1. Preparation of Immigration Clearance

Register the “Disembarkation Card for Traveller” to generate the Immigration QR Code to be used at immigration clearance

2. Preparation for Customs Declaration.

  • Complete the “Declaration of Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Articles” 

The data you have filled before will be populated automatically. 

  • Select your “Point of embarkation” from a list of city available. It is the last city you went through immigration before landing in Japan.

The Customs Declaration QR code will be generated.

At Japan’s Customs Inspection Area

Scan Your Passport and the Customs Declaration QR code at the electronic declaration terminal in the customs inspection area.

Have a photo of your face taken by the terminal.

Proceed to the electronic gate or custom inspection as indicated in the terminal. 

After entering Japan, you can create your Tax-free QR Code.

3. Create a Tax-free QR Code

For Tax-free purchases, instead of showing your passport, you can show the Tax-free QR Code from your Visit Japan Web to the store during checkout. However, please note that this option is only applicable to stores that have the capability to scan Tax-free QR codes.

  • Go back to Home of Visit Japan Web
  • Click on “Procedure during stay in Japan” under “Use after entering Japan”
  • Select the Applicant
  • Click “Create a Tax-free QR Code”

  • You will get a landing permission seal with a QR code affixed to your passport when you enter Japan
  • Take photo of the landing permission QR code
  • You will get a Tax-free QR Code

This Section below is NOT Required anymore

1. Quarantine Procedures Fast Track for Covid-19

1.a. Register your vaccination certificate if you have been vaccinated

The certificate must clearly show that you have received 3 doses of any of the following vaccines on the Emergency Use Listing of World Health Organization (WHO)

Certificate in Japanese or English or with translation (if other language), that contains Name, Date of birth or other identification such as passport number, Vaccine name or manufacturer, Date of vaccination, Number of doses administered

1.b. Negative Covid-19 Test

  • Register Test result certificate for test taken less than 72 hours before departure if you are not fully vaccinated

Completion of Quarantine (Fast Track) Procedure

If you have completed the Fast Track Procedures, you will have to take screenshots of the Fast Track registration. After you have completed the Pre-registration for quarantine procedures (RED), the screen turns BLUE.

Registering QR code is no longer required. Not yet registered. 

Take a screenshot of the Quarantine Procedure Fast Track Registration which is BLUE – Review completed

After landing in Japan, you can go where the sign says “Fast Track Blue” Lane for Covid-19 Requirements check at the airport.

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