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How to Register Q-Code to Enter South Korea – No more Covid-19 Requirements

 All inbound travellers to South Korea are NOT REQUIRED to be vaccinated, and not required to Take any Covid-19 tests.

To Enter South Korea, you need

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid K-ETA (exceptions apply) or Visa
  • Register for Q-code no more than 3 days before arrival. For example if the expected date of arrival is on 20th, you can start to register on 17th. 

When you input the information and receive a QR-Code before your departure, prompt quarantine services will be provided after arrival

Please get these ready before starting you Q-code application:

1. Passport details

2. Detailed address at which you will be available during your stay in Korea

3. Contact number in Korea

How to Register for Q-Code

Step 1: Consent to the Terms & Conditions

  • Legal representative’s approval is required for anyone under the age of 14.
  • Read and Consent to the Terms and Conditions of the collection and use of your personal information.

Step 2: Input Passport Number and E-mail

  • Enter your passport number and Email address. Temporarily saved information can be retrieved by entering the same information as the previously entered passport number and e-mail address.

Step 3: Input your Passport Information

  • Please input the name and date of birth written on the personal information page of the passport


Step 4: Input the Entry & Stay Information Related to your Visit

  • Select country of final departure (excluding any stopover)
  • Enter date of entry. The health condition part can only be filled within 3 days before departure. 
  • Input the address at which you will be available during your stay in Korea
  • Input your phone number

Now, Covid-19 test or vaccination details are not required anymore.

Step 5: INPUT QUARANTINE INFORMATION has been eliminated.

Step 6: Input your Health Condition

  • If you haven’t travelled anywhere, just select your country of residence as you have to input at least one country you have visited over the last 21 days. 
  • Answer the health status questions truthfully. 

Step 7: Confirm the Input Information

  • If you wish to change anything, you click on the “Modify button at the bottom
  • Confirm your input information, click “Submit”

You may continue to revise your health condition at any time after submission. 

Step 8: Issue the QR Code

After submission, you can download the QR code here and it is also sent to your email.


Foreigners must fill the arrival card which will be given out by the airline crew.

Those who have the authorized K-ETA are exempted from filling out the arrival card upon arrival.

After landing in Korea, you will scan the Q-Code QR Code before heading to Immigration. Without QR Code You can fill the yellow Health Questionnaire form manually.

Customs Declaration Form

International arrivals, both Koreans and foreign nationals, are no longer required to fill out customs declaration forms starting May 1st if they are not carrying dutiable goods.

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