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How to Transit at KLIA2 – Transfer to a Connecting Flight

The Flight Transfer service available at klia2 airport provides a convenient way to transfer between flights without the need to go through immigration processing or retrieve your baggage when you are connecting to different flight to reach your final destination.

If you have booked a Flight Transfer with your baggage checked-through, for example booking the AirAsia’s Fly-Thru service, or your booking is made under a single PNR, then you don’t have to clear the immigration during the transit.

Collect Boarding Pass

To board your next flight, you should head to the designated Transfer Hall to collect your boarding pass, which may not have been provided at your point of origin, before proceeding to the boarding gates.

After you arrive at klia2, you can follow the signage to “International Transfer” if you have to collect your boarding pass. 

Location of Transfer Halls

There are two Transfer Halls at klia2 airport, one located near Pier L in the Main Terminal Building, and the other in the Satellite Building.

The Transfer Hall for International Transfer is located at Level 2 of the Satellite Building for passengers requiring a transfer to an international flight at Pier P/Pier Q.

Transfer Hall at the Satellite Building

The Transfer Hall for transfer to a domestic flight at Pier J or Pier K, or for an international flight at Pier L, is located at Level 2A of the Main Terminal Building.

Transfer Counter at Main Terminal

Proceed to Boarding Gate

Allow ample time between flights, as there will be additional security checks and a significant amount of walking involved before reaching the boarding gates.

Check the flight information display monitors to confirm the gate and time of your next connecting flight. 

Different PNR without Checked-in baggage


I flew from Manila to KLIA2 on one PNR and from KLIA 2 to COK on another PNR. You can fly / transit at KLIA2 without visa. Provided, you don’t need to change terminals, and you don’t have check in bags. I travelled with just my Cabin Baggage and did not have to clear immigration.

Transfer to Another Terminal

If your next connecting flight is not departing from klia2 airport, you must obtain a valid transit visa to exit the airport and travel to your next terminal. Plan for a minimum of four hours of layover time, as you will need to collect your luggage, go through customs and immigration checks, and head to the next terminal.

It is important to note that klia2 airport is not the same as Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), and at the Transfer Hall, you can reserve a free shuttle transfer between klia2 and KLIA if you have a connecting flight at the latter.

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