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Arrival Procedure at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Travelling to Taiwan is pretty much like pre-pandemic, No Covid Entry Requirements/ check during Check-in at airport and upon arrival

We submitted our Taiwan Online Arrival Card before departure. [How to Fill Online Arrival Card to Taiwan]


Upon arrival, we headed towards Immigration

There was an unmanned Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) desk set up on the way to Immigration. We were not stopped for any Covid checks along the way.

Baggage Scan

Here’s where they scan our hand luggage, items.

Taiwan’s relationship with Japan has a significant influence on its culture and development. There are announcements and signages in Japanese. Japanese toilet bowl/ seats are widely used in Taiwan. 


You don’t have to fill the physical Arrival Card if you’ve already filled the online one. Though almost everyone was holding the physical arrival card during immigration clearance, need not worry. We passed immigration without any issues.

The immigration inspection for Residents and Non-Residents (Manual), and e-GATE

Baggage Claim

Collected our baggage.

Masks are no longer required in most indoor settings except healthcare facilities and public transport, but still widely used in Taiwan.

Mobile Data/ Call Plan SIM 

Before Customs, you will be able to see some Mobile Phone SIM stores. You can get it here to stay connected in Taiwan.


Check the list of items you need to declare at Customs here: etaipei.customs.gov.tw

Most meat products made from land animals are NOT permitted. Fresh fruits, certain agricultural or food products are prohibited.

Proceed to “Goods to Declare/ Customs Service” Red Channel if you have items to declare.

Otherwise head to “Nothing to Declare” – Green Lane

Arrival Hall

Taoyuan International Airport is about 52km from Taipei City. You can choose different mode of transportation; Bus, Taxi, MRT, High Speed Rail or e-Hailing

How to Take Uber Ride from Taoyuan Airport

Price of Uber e-hailing ride is from about NT$1,374 to Taipei City

1. The Uber app automatically detects your current location – 桃園機場 Taoyuan Airport

2. Select Lane Number, right outside the Arrival Hall

Driving is on the right-hand side of the road in Taiwan and driver’s seat is on the left side. 

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