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Covid-19 Entry Requirements Travelling to Singapore 2023

As of 13 Feb 2023, regardless of vaccination status, there are no longer any COVID-19 restrictions for visitors arriving in Singapore. Travellers must make sure all other general entrance requirements are met.

To enter Singapore you need

✔️ Valid passport and visa if required

✔️ Completed SG Arrival Card with a DE number

🤒 If you visited a country where there is a danger of yellow fever transmission in the six days before to your arrival in Singapore, you must present an international certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever

❌ Proof of Covid-19 vaccination or Pre-departure test + Insurance

ica.gov.sg: enter transit depart/entering singapore

Travel Documents

  • Have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months, if you are not a Singapore passport holder and
  • Have a valid visa (for visa-required country/region) :

Afghanistan Algeria Armenia Azerbaijan Bangladesh Belarus Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Egypt Georgia India Iran Iraq  Jordan Kazakhstan Kosovo Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libya Mali Moldova Morocco Nigeria PakistanPeople’s Republic of China (PRC) Russia Saudi Arabia Somalia South Sudan Sudan Syria Tajikistan Tunisia Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan Yemen

SG Arrival Card (SGAC)

The SGAC declaration must be completed by all travellers UP TO 3 DAYS before arrival (Calculated according to Singapore Time Zone GMT+8). Submit your SGAC online here: ica.gov.sg/sgarrivalcard
Exemption: Singapore citizens, permanent residents, or holders of long-term passes arriving through land checkpoints

How to Fill the SG Arrival Card Declaration

Comment Jan 2023:

Even if you don’t have SG Arrival Card. They have I-Pad’s upon arrival. You can fill the information there. There are even people to help you in the process.

  • Fill up the SG Arrival Card form

After submission, you will be given an SG Arrival Card which you should download or make a screenshot to be saved on your mobile phone or printed out.

Face Mask

Mask-wearing is no longer mandatory in indoor settings and public transport except for healthcare settings where there is patient engagement and in indoor patient-facing areas, masks will still be required.


For more information on the SG Arrival Card e-Service, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or

send an enquiry via go.gov.sg/sto-enquiry with a screenshot of the error message (if available). Please also indicate whether you are using the web service or mobile application.

Information Below is Not Applicable Anymore

  • Vaccination proof in the form of Digital vaccination app or Hardcopy certificate that clearly indicates vaccination doses taken in English that contains personal identification details (e.g. name, date of birth, ID number) that match against the traveller’s passport is accepted; or

Booster Dose

If you do plan on staying in Singapore longer than 30 days, then you would need to take a booster in order to maintain your vaccinated status if you had received your last primary vaccination dose more than 270 days ago. Otherwise, booster dose is not required (MOH SingaporeTravel to Singapore)

Not Fully Vaccinated

Requirements for Travelers Who Have Not Completed COVID-19 WHO EUL Vaccinations

i) Pre-Departure Test (PDT)

Take any of the following COVID-19 tests Within two days before departure:

  • COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction test (PCR); OR
  • Antigen Rapid Test (ART) administered by a trained professional, or self-administered ART that is remotely supervised by an approved ART provider in Singapore [for Singapore citizens, PRs and Long-Term Pass Holders (including In-Principle Approval holders) only]

The Pre-Departure Test (PDT) report, which shows a negative test result, must be in English (or accompanied by a notarised English Translation), and clearly states the traveller’s name, date of test, as well as the traveller’s date of birth or passport number per the passport used to travel to Singapore.

A PDT is not required only if you tested positive for COVID-19 between 14 to 90 days before your date of departure for Singapore. You can use this tool to check if the pre-departure test can be waived, and the documentation required to prove your first infection or recovery.

ii) COVID-19 Travel Insurance

Short-term visitors must ensure they have travel insurance covering COVID-19, with at least $30,000 of medical coverage. Read the COVID-19 insurance and medical treatment page for details.

Trace Together App

Many have commented that the TraceTogether App is not required anymore for travellers to Singapore.

Comment Aug 2022

No need to download Trace Together. I just got back last week. She just needs to complete her SG Arrival Card at least 3 days before arrival. Download the MyICA Mobile app to complete the Sg Arrival Card or you can just do it online.

Note for overseas digital vaccination certificate (Optional):

If you have an overseas digital vaccination certificate, you should upload/scan the QR code for your final dose from your vaccination certificate (NOT the scanned copy of the certificate), for your vaccination status to be reflected in your HealthHub and/or TraceTogether app after immigration clearance.

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