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List of Most Popular and Certified Home Water Filters/ Purifiers Malaysia

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Popular Type of Drinking Water Filtrations are activated carbon, reverse osmosis, ceramic, UV or a combination of them. Choose one which has been tested and certified with the features that you are looking for. Independent organizations like NSF International or The Water Quality Association (WQA) have databases that consumers can easily search to verify the type of contaminants/ components each model has been tested for. 

1. Amway eSpring Home Water Treatment System

eSpring amway counter top

The eSpring™ UV Water Purifier Above Counter Model 100188 combines carbon block filter, UV light, and electronic monitoring.

Activated Pressed Carbon Block Filter: effectively removes chlorine taste and smell, particulates down to 0.2 micron which improves clarity, more than 140 possible health-effect contaminants, including lead, mercury, VOCs, and the petrol additive MTBE, readily bonds to many organic carbon-based compounds such as pesticides and herbicides, filtering them out. Beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium remain in the water. 

UV Light: Destroys 99.99% bacteria and viruses | Cartridge Capacity: Lasts up to 5,000 litres or 1 year 

Certifications: Certified (NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 55, 401 and CSA Standard B483.1) and earned the Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association.

Price: RM4,250 (Amway.my) | HKD7,546 (amway.com.hk) | USD1,042.00 (amway.com)

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2. Coway Villaem II Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filter

coway water filter hot and cold villaem II malaysia

Product of Korea, Coway Villaem 2 is a 0.0001 micron fine reverse osmosis filtration system with a big water tank capacity of 11.3L and elegant design. It combines Sediment, Pre-Carbon, RO Membrane, Post-Carbon, Antibacterial filters. 


WQA – Halal. Filter CRMFN11-50 (Reverse Osmosis): Reduction of Arsenic (V) (less than 50 ppb reduction), Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Cyst, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, Trivalent Chromium, Uranium

NSF/ANSIStandard 42 and 58: Conforms to the material and structural integrity requirements only. Standard 401: Certified to reduce Emerging Compounds – Atenolol, Estrone, Linuron, Nonyl phenol, Trimethoprim, Meprobamate, Carbamazepine, DEET, Metolachlor, TCEP, TCPP, Phenytoin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, and Bisphenol A. 

Features: Dispenses ambient, cold, warm and hot water, Power Saving System, Child Safety Lock, Mood Lamp, etc.

Price (Coway.com.my): Retail Price: RM3,900 (Free 1-Year Service For Outright)
Rental: RM120 per month (Free 5-Year Service For Rental)

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3. Aqua-Pure Drinking Water Filter Systems by 3M™

Water filters Malaysia

With advanced carbon block filtration system, easy DIY cartridge change-out and installation, NSF certified, The 3M Aqua-Pure series is popular for its low-maintenance and contaminants reduction assurance. 

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Aqua Pure DWS1000 (Undersink) 

  • Replacement (Two) Cartridges: AP DWS 80/90 Cartridge for AP DWS1000. Capacity: 625 gallons (2,365 liters) or 6 months
  • Certification NSF/ANSI: Standard 42 for Reduction of Chlorine, Nominal Particulate Reduction Class I, and Taste & Odor | Standard 53 for Reduction of Cyst, Lead, MTBE, Turbidity and VOC (all in the list) 
  • Price: RM1,794.55 | HK$ 3,788.0 | USD306.76

Aqua Pure DWS2500T-CN (Undersink) 

  • Replacement (Two) Cartridges: DWS2500-C-CN & PFS2500C-CN. Capacity: 750 Gals (2,839L) 6-9 months. Max 12 months.
  • Certification NSF/ANSI: Standard 42 for Reduction of Chlorine, Nominal Particulate Reduction Class I, and Taste & Odor | Standard 53 for Reduction of Cyst only
  • Price: RM1,994.05 

Aqua Pure Easy Complete 

  • Replacement Cartridge: 750 galkons (2,839L). 6 to 9 months.
  • Certification NSF/ANSI: Standard 42 for Reduction of Chlorine, Nominal Particulate Reduction Class I, and Taste & Odor | Standard 53 for Reduction of Asbestos, Cyst, Lead, Mercury, Toxaphene Reduction and selected VOC: Atrazine, Benzene, Carbofuran, Lindane, P-Dichlorobenzene
  • Price: Xammax – RM567.25 (Undersink) | Fortress HKD1980.00 | aquapurefilters.com: USD129.04

4. Doulton Ceramic Water Filters

Photo: Doulton

British-technology Doulton® Ceramic water filter system provide instantly filtered water, straight from the tap, Countertop, Undercounter or Portable.

Contaminants Reduction

Ceramic mimics the actions of rocks in nature, which draw impurities from water as it passes through the layers of porous material. Filled with tiny pores that let drinking water flow through, Ceramic candles + Activated carbon block capture waterborne contaminants, while allowing healthy minerals to remain.

Certification (BioTect Ultra, Ultracarb & Sterasyl only)

Tested and certified against NSF/ANSI Standard for Doulton – Standard 42 for reduction of Chlorine, Nominal Particulate Reduction Class I, and Taste & Odor | Standard 53 for reduction of Cyst, Lead and Turbidity

Price: Biotect Ultra (filter: 2501) M12 – BS Housing (Stainless Steel): RM888.00/ HKD2760.00 | HIPCT (BPA-free ABS Plastic Housing): RM499.95/ HKD1690.00

More info, Price and How To Buy…

5. Aquasana Water Filters

aquasana filters aq4000 aq5300

Made in USA, Aquasana’s unique Claryum® Selective Filtration: combination of carbon, ion-exchange and sub-micron filtrations produce clean water that preserves healthy minerals, NSF Certified, with very reasonable price tags.


NSF/ANSI 42: Chlorine, Nominal Particulate Reduction Class I, Taste and Odor, Chloramine Reduction. NSF/ANSI 53: Asbestos, Cyst, Lead, Mercury, MTBE, Turbidity, VOC Reduction (Full List)NSF/ANSI 401: Bisphenol A, Estrone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Nonylphenol, Phenytoin. Additional reduction by AQ-5300+: Atenolol, Carbamazepine, DEET, Ibuprofen, Linuron, Meprobamate, Metolachlor, Trimethoprim, TCEP, TCPP Reduction 


  • Claryum® Countertop AQ-4000: USD129.99 (aquasana.com) / RM599 (watershop.my) / HKD1,100.00 (waterlinks.com.hk) | Replacement Filter AQ-4035: USD59.99 / RM320 / HKD570.00
  • 3-Stage AQ-5300 (Counter Top/ Under Counter) USD299.99 / RM899 
  • 3-Stage Max Flow AQ-5300+ (Counter Top/ Under Counter) USD399.99 / RM999

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6. Elken Bio Pure K400

Certification by WQA Point-of-Use Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems: Reduction of Cadmium, Fluoride, TDS, Trivalent Chromium | Price: Retail – RM 6419.00 | Wholesale – RM 4938.00 

7. Panasonic  

panasonic water purifiers that use TK-AS45C1 cartridge

panasonic.com: Water Purifiers/ Ionizers that use Cartridge TK-AS45C1

Panasonic water purifiers are made in Japan. Certification: NSF42 (for Panasonic) – TK-AS45C1 Cartridge (Lazada: RM480 | panasonic.hk: HKD998.00) is certified for Reduction of Chlorine, Taste and Odor, Nominal Particulate Class I. The Activated Carbon is certified for material requirements. 

Learn more about the recommended pH range of drinking water and Alkaline Water’s effects on health before purchasing an Alkaline Ionizer.

Water Purifiers/ Ionizers that use Cartridge TK-AS45C1 :

  • Ultra Violet Water Purifier TK-CS45 | Non-woven fabric, Ceramic, Activated Carbon, Micro-filtration membrane and UV Sterilization Lamp | Price: panansonic.com/my- RM 2,546.00
  • Alkaline Ionizer TK-AS45 | Cartridge: TK-AS45C1, TK-7815C1 | Usage Approx. 12 months | Ceramic, Activated Carbon, fiber membrane and Alkaline Ionizer that generate purified, ionized water with four different pH values | Price: RM2,299 | HKD5,180
  • Water Purifier TK-38MRF | Counter Top | 5 Layers Purifications and remove 13 substances | Price: panasonic.hk- HKD1,250
  • TK-AS41, TK-AS40, TK7585, PJ-A36, TK38MRF, PJ-37MRF, PJ-30MRF, TK-CS00, TK-AS66, TK-CS45

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