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How to Apply for VEP/ Autopass Card for Foreign-Registered Car or Motorcycle to Enter Singapore

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This digital service provided by ONE Motoring, LTA (Land Transport Authority) is for foreign-registered car and motorcycle owners to apply for new Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and/or replacement Autopass Cards.

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Check out Covid-19 Entry Requirements to Singapore 

Obtain the SG Arrival Card: How to Fill the SG Arrival Card Declaration

Required for Application

1. A valid email address

2. Your Identity Card / Passport

3. Your Employment / Immigration Pass Card (If applicable)

4. Your Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Comment: You don’t have to get the vehicle grant translated to English for Malaysian Vehicle Registration Cert. For old grant, upload the front and back. New grant, just the front.

5. Your Vehicle Certificate of Insurance (Make sure it’s the Certificate of Insurance and not the Cover Note or Insurance Schedule)

6. Payment by VISA or Mastercard Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay

For help, visit their service centre at 34, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak Susur 1, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, or call +60 72070709 (open 24 hours daily).

Steps to Apply

  • Apply at least 2 weeks before you drive your vehicle to Singapore
  • Apply here: 

OneMotoring Website: onemotoring.lta.gov.sg/vepds

  • Enter email address and Captcha verification, then press ‘Proceed’

  • Enter the vehicle Registration Number
  • Insurance Expiry Date, Company and Vehicle Make & Model

  • Fill in the Applicant details. Malaysian tourist can choose “Social Visit Pass”.

  • Upload your Malaysian IC (Identity Card) if you chose MALAYSIAN or Passport for OTHERS
  • Upload Vehicle Registration Certificate. Check the ‘Tick if front and back of above document are in the same file.’ box for new Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Sample of the new Vehicle Grant (Registration Certificate) for Malaysian-registered vehicle


  • Upload Vehicle Certificate of Insurance (Not the Cover Note or Schedule)

There are no options to select collection method, only ‘Self Collection’ is available. You just have to refer to the approval email for steps to collect the card.

  • Click on ‘Autopass Card Value’ at $20.
  • Click on ‘Self Collection’ and Press the “Agree” button.
  • Enter address for refund (if application is rejected).

  • Make the payment of $20 and Submit
  • Wait for the approval email

After Application

  • You will get the approval or rejection email from LTA

Approved VEP/ Autopass Card email

  • Collect your Autopass before entering Singapore

  • Bring along your IC/ Passport and LTA’s approval email

  • For card activation, enter the Vehicle Registration Number, Autopass Card No. and Applicant’s IC No./ Passport No. Activate Autopass here: lta.gov.sg/vepds/cardactivate

Existing VEP

  • Drivers of foreign-registered vehicles must receive LTA’s VEP approval email before they travel. Those without Autopass cards must collect their Autopass cards at LTA’s Johor Bahru Service Centre before entering Singapore.
  • Those with existing valid VEPs can continue to come across to Singapore with the existing VEP.

VEP/ Autopass Application Is Unsuccessful/ Rejected

If your application is rejected, to reapply please submit a complete set of supporting documents at OneMotoring website > Feedback.

How to Check Expiry of VEP Autopass Card

The expiry date of VEP is the expiry date of the Autopass Card, as long as your road tax/ insurance is still valid.

[Road tax stickers by car brand]

How to check using NETS FlashPay app on an NFC-enabled mobile device

Driving your Malaysia-registered car or motorcycle into Singapore

To keep or use your vehicle in Singapore, you must meet these requirements:

1. Your vehicle must have valid road tax, vehicle insurance (with third party coverage), Autopass Card and LTA’s approval email.

[Road tax stickers by car brand]

2. When entering or exiting Singapore via the land checkpoints, you will need to use your Autopass Card to record your visit and pay entry and exit fees and charges.

3. You will need to pay Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) charges if you use ERP-priced roads during ERP operating hours. There are several payment methods available for cars and motorcycles. 

4. You will need to settle all outstanding fines for your vehicle. (You can check online at AXS website for outstanding offences)

5. Your vehicle has a valid Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP). VEPs have validity period of 14 days (for each entry) which starts on the date of the vehicle’s entry into Singapore, and thereafter on the date of payment during VEP renewal. To extend your vehicle’s stay in Singapore, you will need to renew your VEP.

6. Use the calculator to check your entry and exit fees and charges to ensure that you have sufficient funds in your Autopass Card.

7. You do not belong to any of the following categories:

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Resident of Singapore
  • Long-Term Visit Pass or Dependant’s Pass holder
  • Student’s Pass holder
  • Training Employment Pass or Work Holiday Pass holder
  • Work Pass holder who is also a resident of Singapore

A person who is not a resident of Singapore but holds a Work Pass issued by the Ministry of Manpower must meet certain conditions to drive a foreign vehicle in Singapore.

Rejection of Application due to Wrong Insurance Document

The LTA of Singapore is unable to process the application, as the vehicle’s Certificate of Insurance is missing from the application. They are unable to accept the vehicle’s Insurance Schedule or Insurance Cover Note as proof of insurance coverage.


Your VEP/Autopass Card Application (for Cars and Motorcycles) Is Unsuccessful

Thank you for using the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Digital Service.

We are unable to process the application, as the vehicle’s Certificate of Insurance is missing from the application. We are unable to accept the vehicle’s Insurance Schedule or Insurance Cover Note as proof of insurance coverage.

Please submit the correct Certificate of Insurance at OneMotoring website > Feedback (at the bottom of the page). Please select the “Vehicle Matters” category and the “Autopass, Vehicle Entry Permits and Tolls” sub-category. In the message, indicate “Attention: Foreign Vehicle Permits Division” and provide your application reference number or vehicle registration number” for your feedback to reach us promptly.

For more information on the supporting documents required, view the video guide at OneMotoring website > Digital Services > Apply for VEP/Autopass Card.

While this application is still in progress, new VEP/Autopass Card applications will not be accepted for the vehicle. Refund of the $10 which you had paid for the Autopass card will be sent to the mailing address you had provided if we do not receive the required supporting documents/information from you.

For enquiries on foreign vehicle permits, tolls, VEP fees or VEP Digital Service applications, please call or visit our service centre in Johor Bahru at +60 72070709, located at 34, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak Susur 1, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, open daily 24 hours. If you are asking about your application, please have the application reference number ready.

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