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We research, collect and analyze information (The Research Files) useful for people looking for a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, based on facts that they can verify easily online. Don’t believe everything you hear, see or read especially on social media/ messenger apps  by unknown sources or non-experts in that area. Research first, the TRUTH is out there! 


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My name is Ly An – Travel and shopping mall enthusiast, puteri lilin (I have Vitiligo, so I avoid the sun like a plague), jet-setter-wannabe, who is obsessed about details. My research revolves mainly around travel, my family, my child’s education, health/ natural products and how to choose them, living with Covid-19 is a big part of our lives now and we spent most of the time during this pandemic in Hong Kong. Now that we are back in Malaysia, we have to sort of re-adapt to the safety procedures and apps used here.

Reviews are sometimes useful for us to make decisions but remember to always counter-check with facts. Support our cause; Comment, Share and Subscribe to our channel.


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