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Aquasana Waters Filters

Made in USA, Aquasana’s unique Claryum® selective filtration process: a combination of carbon filtration, ion-exchange and sub-micron filtration produces clean water that preserves healthy minerals. It is certified to NSF standards 42, 53 and 401. The technology, certification, and the performance data all look impressive, together with very reasonable price tags, Aquasana is definitely an attractive option if you are looking for a home water purifier. 

Aquasana Filter Models

Claryum® Countertop AQ-4000

  • Capacity: 450 gallons/ 1700L or 6 months
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gal per minute


Malaysia: RM 599 – Aquasana Distributor (watershop.my Aquasana Store on Lazada)

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  • Very light. however it becomes heavy when you start using it as the water filled the filters. super easy installation. taste great. the water taste smooth and no weird acidity or anything. worth the price and i think this is the way to keep your commitment lower without going for monthly coway or cuckoo. good taste and good price.
  • I wish the tube is a bit longer.
  • You can scan the QR code on the plastic packaging of the coloured sticks, it will show you how to use it.

USA: aquasana.com: USD129.99 

Hong Kong: waterlinks.com.hk: HKD1,100.00

Replacement Filter AQ-4035

Malaysia: RM 320

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Claryum® 3-Stage AQ-5300 (Counter Top/ Under Counter)

  • Price: USD299.99 | RM899 | HKD2100.00
  • Replacement Filter: AQ-5300R 
  • Capacity: 600 gallons/ 2270L or 6 months+
  • Flow Rate: 0.5 gal per minute

Claryum® 3-Stage Max Flow AQ-5300+ (Counter Top/ Under Counter)

5300+ counter top and under

This improved version has faster flow rate and bigger capacity. Certified by NSF with Additional compounds reduction: Atenolol, Carbamazepine, DEET, Ibuprofen, Linuron, Meprobamate, Metolachlor, Trimethoprim, TCEP, TCPP compared to AQ-4000 and 5300.

  • Capacity: 800 gallons/ 3000L or 6 months+
  • Flow Rate: 0.72 gal per minute


Malaysia: RM 999 (RM 799 on 9th September) – Select Counter Top or Under Counter

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  • Very good water filtration with 4 nsf qualification, nice taste. Items needed just a 13mm drill bits and add on a 3/8 union connector. Seller was nice and helpful. Will recommend to ppl who need clean and safe water.
  • Texted Aquasana via whatapp for assistance on a Saturday (30/5). Got hold of an installer and he came around on Sunday (31/5). Got it fixed. Thx to vendor and installer for going the extra-mile on weekends.

Replacement Filter AQ-5300+R 

RM 360

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aquasana filters comparisonPhoto: watershop.my


Reduces 66 contaminants while retaining beneficial minerals for optimal hydration.
Activated Carbon: Reduces pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs and MTBE.
Catalytic Carbon: Targets chlorine and chloramines.
Ion-Exchange: Filters heavy metals like lead and mercury.
Absolute Sub-Micron Mechanical Filtration: Captures asbestos and chlorine resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia.

Installation Service 

WhatsApp 017-314 7880 (Pay after installation)

Counter Top: RM60 – RM80

Under Counter: RM120 – RM150


Website: aquasana.com 

Distributor in Malaysia: watershop.my

Country of Origin: USA 


lowyat.net: Apr 2018
I not happy with my current Aquasana type water filter (AQ5300). Very slow water flow rate and the filter seems not so dirty after 1 year. I thinking installing a pre filter and a master filter before this filter.

Oct 2019:
Installed Aquasana AQ-4000. I noticed after I washed my hand, it felt slippery at first but after 10 mins ok.
Taste : very smooth, no weird taste
Smell : no smell at all
Installation : very easy, 10 y/o kid also can do

Check NSF/ANSI Standards Certification on NSF Website:

  • NSF/ANSI 42: Aesthetic Effects – Claim: Chlorine Reduction, Nominal Particulate Reduction, Class I, Taste and Odor Reduction, Chloramine Reduction
  • NSF/ANSI 53: Health Effects – Claim: Asbestos Reduction, Cyst Reduction, Lead Reduction, Mercury Reduction, MTBE Reduction, Turbidity Reduction, VOC Reduction (Full List)  
  • NSF/ANSI 401: Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants – Claim: Bisphenol A, Estrone, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Nonylphenol, Phenytoin. Additional compounds reduction by AQ-5300+: Atenolol, Carbamazepine, DEET, Ibuprofen, Linuron, Meprobamate, Metolachlor, Trimethoprim, TCEP, TCPP Reduction 

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