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COVID19 Travel and Quarantine Malaysia Procedures – For Not Fully Vaccinated

Updated July 2022

*New SOPs for Travellers to Malaysia

  • Fully vaccinated travellers aged 18 and above and those 17 and below regardless of vaccination status are exempted from quarantine upon arrival.
  • However, partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers are required to serve mandatory 5 days quarantine at their own accomodation. They do not need to apply for home quarantine. They should either take an RT-PCR test on Day-4 of quarantine OR a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) on Day-5 of quarantine. If tested negative, they can be released from quarantine on Day-5. If they test positive, they must continue to quarantine for another 5 days.

*Get all the documents such as Test results, hotel/ test booking or Home Quarantine Approval, email ready in printed copies before the trip. Adhere to SOP and social distancing measures in all circumstances.

Travel to Malaysia Procedures

  • Those with valid documents can enter Malaysia. MyTravelPass has been discontinued.
  • Fully vaccinated travellers do not need to be quarantined.


  1. Download and activate the MySejahtera application
  2. Complete the Pre-departure form in MySejahtera > Traveller (Exempted for Malaysian citizens).
  3. Only for non/ partially vaccinated travellers: RT-PCR test 2 days before departure or RTK-Ag professional 2 days before departure (if traveller was infected within 60 days of departure) 

Purchasing COVID-19 & travel insurance (List of COVID-19 & Travel Insurance to Travel to Malaysia) is not mandatory but it is recommended.


Only for non/ partially vaccinated travellers: RTK-Ag Professional test at private facilities at the airport upon arrival OR at any health facility OR Virtual Professional RTK Test within 24 hours of arrival

TUTORIAL – The Best Way to Register MySejahtera App to Avoid Errors

For Partially/ Not Vaccinated Travellers 

Before Departure 

PCR Covid-19 Test within two days before departure  >>>  Book Hotel (You can also quarantine at your own residence)  >>>  Arrange Transport  >>>  Download and register MySejahtera App >>>  Fill Pre-Departure Form to get Travellers Card

Arrival in Malaysia

RTK Test within 24 hours  >>>  Issue Home Surveillance Order (HSO)  >>>  Daily Health Assessment on MySejahtera >>> RT-PCR test on Day-4 of quarantine OR a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) on Day-5 of quarantine

*If Test result is positive or PUS is symptomatic, refer to Annex 2: MANAGEMENT OF SUSPECTED, PROBABLE AND CONFIRMED COVID-19 CASE – Covid-19 Management Guidelines Malaysia. Cat 1 and 2 Mild cases are eligible for Home Monitoring for Covid19 Positive Patients.

Procedures Below are NOT Applicable Now

VTL Malaysia-Singapore

Home Quarantine Application

Prior departure to Malaysia, travelers who have:

  • Received the final dose at least 14 days (28 days for single dose vaccine) prior to their arrival in Malaysia
  • A suitable residence based on risk evaluation (eg: Number of persons, elderly, children, with chronic illness, pregnant mothers, rooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Validity period of home quarantine approval is one month from the date of approval and for single entry, as long as there is no change in place of quarantine (source)

can apply for home quarantine. They should apply 4-10 days before date of arrival in Malaysia, on this portal: hso.moh.gov.my. If you apply on the days outside of the 4-10 days frame, the dates cannot be selected. If you fail to get TAC number for home quarantine application, use different email such as gmail, different browser such as Microsoft Edge.

*List of Covid19 Vaccines that have been approved by Malaysia for Travellers to enter the country.

Application should include the following 

  • Attachments ( Accepted file formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF. Maximum file size limit for uploads are 250kb ) :
      • Vaccination record/ certificate with name of vaccine and date of each dose taken
      • Identification document: ID/ Passport as indicated in the vaccination record
      • Utility Bill with the quarantine residence address and your name. (I did not include this during my home quarantine application and it was approved, however some applications were rejected due to “No Proof of home address for quarantine”)
  • Address in Malaysia where traveler will quarantine.
  • Travel transportation details, example: Flight No., date.

Current Address on MySejahtera

*Your MySejahtera address should correspond to the address for quarantine. Here’s how you can check your registered address. Go to “Manage Dependents” -> Click “Add Dependents” -> You will be able to see the address which will be automatically reflected.

mysejahtera address for home quarantine application

To update your home address: mysejahtera – Select F. I want to change my home address

*Traveler can get a refund if home quarantine is approved after hotel is booked. Check the terms first (MQSG).


PUS is required to download and activate the MySejahtera App before departure to Malaysia.

check in mysejahtera travel malaysia

Photo: MySejahtera

  • Upon arrival, “Check in” and Scan the QR code at the arrival checkpoint.
*If the ‘Check in’ button is not clickable, Allow MySejahtera to access your camera under Settings > MySejahtera.
  • Fill in the form, Submit and open the “Profile” page which will show the Home Surveillance Order (HSO)

home surveillance order HSO quarantine mysejahtera

  • You can register for those who do not have a phone number or access to smartphones, such as children or the elderly, by using the “Manage Dependents” function in this app. This application will also help you to monitor their health.
  • During quarantine, you have to submit your/ dependent’s health assessment for COVID-19 daily for 14 days on the Home Assessment Tool (HAT). Here are some Steps on how to complete the H.A.T on MySejahtera during home surveillance. 

Covid19 Test

  • All travellers must present a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test result upon arrival in Malaysia which is done within 2 calendar days before departure. Perform the test at the government-recognised testing centres for the country you are travelling from.
  • Another RT-PCR test will be done at the airport or other terminal after arrival. Free for Malaysians. RM250 for foreign nationals by KKM – Health Ministry of Malaysia through mysafetravel.
  • Another Covid-19 RT-PCR Test or Supervised RT-Ag Test should be conducted on the 4th or 5th or 8th day of quarantine. Charges to be born by PUS.
* RTK screen test if you are transiting to East Malaysia, subject to instructions from officials/ authorities. PCR test is done for travelling, eg: entering Malaysia.  (Source: Garis Panduan MOH).

screen covid19 test charges

Photo: Screen test type and charges @ mysafetravel

For Home quarantine, you can get the screening done by a certified nurses in PPE suits in your home or Drive-thru, in compliance to safety SOP – List of Covid-19 Screening Tests and Price.

Payment and Booking

  • For Malaysians, payment for the test and hotel can be made on arrival. Credit card or cash is accepted.
  • If you choose the Premium Package, it is advisable to book the hotel in advance as the popular ones are usually fully booked.
  • If you have booked the premium hotel directly, to pay for the test only on mysafetravel, the hotel provides a reference code to key into the system to indicate that the hotel has already been booked.
  • For Non-Malaysians, booking and payment have to be made on mysafetravel in advance.
  • Please visit myeg mysafetravel FAQ for more details on hotel and COVID19 test booking.



  • For Standard Package, transportation will be arranged to take you to the hotel.
  • For Premium Package, refer to the hotel for their designated drivers.
  • Fully vaccinated and low risk family/ friends can drive you from the airport. SOP apply.
  • You have to get the approval for taking public transport such as taxi, e-hailing service.

End of Quarantine – Release from HSO

  • PUS will undertake Covid-19 testing on day-4 or 5 or 8 of quarantine and will be released on the next day if the Covid test is negative and she/ he remains asymptomatic (Arrival day is Day-1).
  • To schedule for an appointment to get the Release Order and remove the wristband, please call the nearest District Health Office (Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah) at your area.

PKD (Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah)/ District Health Offices (DHO) in WP Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya:

        1. PKLP (Pejabat Kesihatan Lembah Pantai) – Whatsapp: +6019-395 5317 | Tel: 03-2268 7452 | EcoPark Community Centre
        2. PKTT (Pejabat Kesihatan Titiwangsa) – Tel: 03-2698 0282 | Klinik Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur
        3. PKPJ (Pejabat Kesihatan Putrajaya) – Tel: 03-8885 0400 | PK Putrajaya
        4. PKK (Pejabat Kesihatan Kepong) – Whatsapp: +6011 1218 6839 | Tel: 03-6257 0352 | Dewan Komuniti Batu Muda
        5. PKC (Pejabat Kesihatan Cheras) – Whatsapp: +60 19-395 8570 | Tel: 03-9132 0020 | Kompleks Sukan Desa Tasik (HSO/ Sampling) and PK Cheras (RO)

pkd potong gelang release order quarantine kl kepong titiwangsa

PKD in other states:

  • You will be requested to send the negative test result to them, for example via Whatsapp. Once verified, a Release Order will be issued.

hso release order potong gelang cut wristband

To Remove HSO wristband (Potong Gelang):

Bring your ID (IC/ passsport) to the Health Office or Community Centre.

  • For those with an appointment, bring a copy of the Release Order.
  • For walk-in (without appointment), bring a copy of the Negative serology test result.


  • Non-Malaysians are still required to obtain the relevant entry approvals (MyTravelPass or relevant Immigration Department of Malaysia approvals) to enter Malaysia.
  • Travellers should also check with their airlines to ensure they comply with airlines-specific Covid-19-related policies prior to boarding.

LOU and Travel Clearance Letter

  • Travellers to Malaysia are no longer required to submit the LOU to the Consulate-General prior to travel to Malaysia, or to the Malaysian authorities upon entry into Malaysia.
  • Travellers to Malaysia are also no longer required to obtain the Travel Clearance Letter from the Consulate-General. The Travel Clearance Letter is no longer a requirement to enter Malaysia (except if you enter Malaysia from Singapore by land).

Control for New Omicron Variant (B.1.1.529)

Malaysia has lifted the travel ban on the South African countries; Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Malawi and those countries are now added to the existing list of high-risk countries: Australia, USA, UK, Norway, France, Denmark, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.

Source: KKM (28 Dec 2021) – Protocol for Travelers from High-Risk Countries

Country Specific Information

For details on regulations for Malaysian nationals entering and exiting Malaysia, see the relevant information for each country if applicable:


  • safetravel.myeg.com.my
  • covid-19.moh: Flow Chart for Screening and Quarantine of Malaysian Returnees / International Travellers
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia (kln.gov.my)
  • Malaysia Quarantine Support Group (MQSG)
  • nadma.gov.my – National Disaster Management Agency/ Agensi Pengurusan Bencana Negara (NADMA)
  • malaysiaairlines.com

Update Overseas Vaccination Record on MySejahtera

How to obtain digital vaccination certificated for those who have been fully vaccinated overseas.

Information from government websites:

For KL & Putrajaya, email application is to be sent to the PKD (Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah) of your area (mkn.gov.my):

  • PKLP (Pejabat Kesihatan Lembah Pantai): vaksincpklp@gmail.com
  • PKTT (Titiwangsa): ecertvaksin.pkdtt@gmail.com
  • PKPJ (Putrajaya): ppv.pkpj@gmail.com
  • PKK (Kepong): ecert.kepong@gmail.com
  • PKC (Cheras): vaksincovid19.cheras@gmail.com

Processing time is about 8 weeks.

Information from Social Groups:

*These email addresses have been used by individuals who shared their experiences on a Facebook/ Social Groups
  • Email addresses for different states (reddit.com)
  • Negeri Sembilan: bilikgerakanvaksinn9@gmail.com | KL & Putrajaya: vaksincovidklp@gmail.com  (MQSG)
  • Selangor: vaksincovidjknsel@gmail.com (Source)
  • Source: MQSG for the email addresses of districts

Details in the email

Full Name, IC/ Passport No., MySejahtera ID, Nationality, Occupation, Home/ Current Address
1st and 2nd Dose of Vaccination: Country, Location of Vaccination, Date, Time, Vaccine Type, Serial No. and Batch No.
Attachment: Screenshot of MySejahtera Profile (Name, MySjID, IC/ Passport No.), Copy of Vaccination Proof, Copy of IC/ Passport.

Email application for home quarantine has been replaced with portal.

Send an email to hso@moh.gov.my for approval. For arrival in Johor only: all applications must be sent to cprcjknj@moh.gov.my at least seven days prior to arrival.
*The HSO (Home Surveillance Order) email is receiving a high number of emails and therefore, the response time is longer than usual. Please do not send repeated emails as this will overload the system.

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