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How to Fill the Traveller Form – Travellers Card on MySejahtera Travelling to Malaysia

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Starting 4th July 2022, Malaysians citizens travelling to Malaysia no longer need to fill in the Pre-departure form to get the Travellers Card.

Before departure, travellers are to Install and register an account on MySejahtera App.

[More info: Entry Requirements Travelling to Malaysia]

Here’s the instructions on how to complete the Pre-Departure form to get your ‘Travellers Card’ to travel to Malaysia.

  • Open the MySejahtera App. Tap ‘Close’
  • Tap on the “Traveller” icon
  • Select Travel for “Your Name” or “Your Dependent’s Name”

how to fill form instruction traveller to malaysia open borders

  • Click “Start”
  • Please fill in this traveller declaration form if you are traveling to Malaysia. Reminder: You are required to bring the physical copy of swab test result to point of departure for verification

physical copy of swab test

Answer all the questions. Every traveller has to fill this form, Malaysians and Non-Malaysians.

declaration form traveller pre-departure form questions malaysian

  • You can fill this form within 7 days before departure and you are not able to select the departure/ arrival date more than 7 days before.
  • If you don’t know anyone in Malaysia, you can enter the contact details of your accommodation in Malaysia for “Name of Contact and Phone Number of contact in Malaysia”. For day trip for example those coming from Singapore, you can enter the contact details of the shop you are visiting.
  • If you are not vaccinated due to medical reasons, please select option: Exempted for ‘Name of COVID-19 vaccine you have received’.

contact details in malaysia address phone number

  • Answer YES to Question 21, if you have been infected with COVID-19 in the past 60 days (from the date you are tested positive until the date of departure)
  • Declare if you have symptoms.
  • Hit the “Submit” button

infection covid past 60 days travelling to malaysia

  • Make sure that all the details are accurate

confirm all details

  • Go to “Profile” and Click the “Refresh” button

refresh profile tab update status

  • A blue “Travellers Card” will be issued to travellers who do not have to quarantine
  • If not fully vaccinated, quarantine is required, you will get a red “Travellers Card *Not Fully Vaccinated” Card. A “Home Surveillance Order (HSO)” Card will be issued for ten days if On-Arrival Test is positive and five days if negative.

travellers card blue no quarantine and red

  • The Arrival date & time is set according to your current location time zone. If your phone has the time zone setting “Set Automatically” then the “Arrival Date & Time” in the Travellers Card will be switched back to Malaysian time when you arrive in Malaysia.

travellers card arrival date and time

Travel from Singapore

  • Those travelling from Singapore, if you selected “YES” to Travel to Malaysia at least 3 times a week, fully vaccinated travellers will get a PURPLE Frequent Travellers Card. Non-frequent travellers will still get a BLUE card.
  • Frequent travellers are required to submit the Traveller Form every 7 days.
  • For those who crosses the border by land, Pre-Departure test is not required, therefore the “Pre-Departure test” on the Travellers Card will be set to “Submitted” automatically as they don’t have to upload any test report.
  • Travellers by bus can enter ‘Bus’ in the ‘Vehicle No.’ Section in the Travellers Form if the number is not stated in the bus ticket, or ‘Walk’ if they cross the border by foot.


Test and Quarantine Requirements

  • Travellers who are Fully Vaccinated or 17 years old and below – NO Quarantine
  • Travellers who are Not Vaccinated due to medical reasons – NO Quarantine (On case by case basis)
  • Travellers who are Partially or Not Vaccinated have to undergo 5 days Quarantine

travellers SOPs enter Malaysia 1 may 2022

Vaccination Status Definition
vaccination status fully vaccinated partially type of vaccine

Troubleshooting Other Issues

If you are fully vaccinated and have indicated so on the form but the Travellers Card issued is still RED

not fully vaccinated travellers card red

Kindly do the following:

  • On the Profile page, tap the 3 lines Menu on the top right
  • Select “My Personal Details”
  • Update the Date of Birth (DOB)

Failure to do so could result in the vaccination status being changed to partially vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Be reminded to update MySejahtera to the latest version to continue using the latest features of the App.

update dob profile partially vaccinated

After filling the form but you don’t see the Travellers Card

  • The Travellers Card should be on the Profile page. Tap on “Refresh” button.
  • Update MySejahtera to the latest version to use the latest features of the App.
  • Make sure that you have the “Verified” badge on the Check-in/ MySJ Trace Tab. If not, click on “Verify Now” and verify your name and IC/ Passport number are correct > “Confirm”. You will get the “Verified” badge after the verification.
  • For IOS users, please follow these steps : “Force Stop” your application> go to Setting> General> iPhone storage> MySejahtera application> Offload App> Delete MySJ app> Go to apps store and reinstall MySJ app.
  • For Android users, please ” Force Close ” your application> go to device settings> applications & notifications> find MySj application> storage/data & cache> clear storage/data> open MySJ > go to your profile page > refresh your profile.
  • If after trying these steps and the issue still persists, kindly drop MySejahtera a message via Facebook or DM them on Twitter

Source: Unable to get Travellers Card

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