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How to Update Overseas Covid-19 Vaccination on MySejahtera – Obtain Digital Certificate

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How to Obtain Digital Certificate on MySejahtera for Vaccination Done Overseas

  • Open the MySejahtera App. 
  • Tap on the “Traveller” icon

mysejahtera menu new traveller

  • Select ‘Overseas Vaccination Details’
  • Select ‘Update for ‘NAME’ (for yourself or your dependant)

  • You can now fill in the vaccination details for all doses together; 1st and 2nd doses as well as 1st and 2nd booster doses all at the same time.
  • Select ‘Yes’ if you want to update the particular dose
  • Fill in your overseas Vaccination Details for each dose

  • Select from a list of Vaccine Type

type of vaccine update mysejahtera

  • Fill in the Date, Country of Vaccination, Vaccine Batch/ Serial Number 
  • Upload the Vaccination Document
  • Make sure that all details are correct and Submit
  • The details will be updated within 5 working days
  • Once updated successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination on MySejahtera > Profile > Press the ‘Refresh’ button

What information does the vaccination certificates need to contain?

The digital or physical vaccination certificate(s) must be an accepted proof of vaccination, and clearly state the following:

  • your name, and at least one other personal identifier such as your date of birth or passport number corresponding exactly with the information in your passport used for entry into Malaysia.
  • the name(s) of vaccine(s) used.
  • the date(s) of vaccination. (The date of the last dose should be administered at least 14 days before your arrival in Malaysia)

Example: The NAME + DATE OF BIRTH in the passport correspond with the Name and Date of Birth in the Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate (COVID Pass downloaded from the NHS App) for travellers from the UK

Source: MySafetravel FAQ Vax Cert

Verified on MySejahtera

  • Make sure that you have the “Verified” badge on the Check-in/ MySJ Trace Tab. If not, click on “Verify Now” and verify your name and IC/ Passport number are correct > “Confirm”. You will get the “Verified” badge after the verification.

how to verify verified now obtain overseas cert

On MySejahtera > Check-In page (or the “MySJ Trace” Tab), make sure that you have the “Verified” badge

How to Check

  • The details should be updated in 5 working days.
  • Once updated successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination on MySejahtera > Profile > Press the ‘Refresh’ button.

refresh profile mysejahter

  • The Batch number will appear incorrect as it is not in Malaysia’s vaccination record system.

booster dose digital mysejahtera e-certificate

This is an example of a Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination (Comirnaty by BioNTech/ Pfizer) done in Hong Kong on MySejahtera. 

check in fully vaccinated mysejahtera

It will also show that you are fully vaccinated on MySejahtera > “COVID-19” Tab


  • After submission, if it shows that you are partially vaccinated, or not all doses are updated, use the same steps as above to resubmit the dose which is missing.
  • Some users failed to get their e-cert updated because they uploaded the overseas vaccination documents without their names, ID number or vaccination details. Make sure that all important information is shown.

How to get the valid/ accepted proof of vaccination in each country

Overseas vaccination documents with their names, ID number or vaccination details

Examples of Complete Overseas vaccination documents with their names, ID number or vaccination details

Error: “File size exceeds 2MB. Kindly select a different type”

Use compressjpeg (jpeg), Docupub (PDF) to compress the file to less than 200kb.

Cannot go Next, loading indefinitely… or Error: “Cannot Connect to Server”

Use other browsers (use Microsoft Edge, etc.) or devices, computer, etc.

oversea digital cert abroad load next hang

If there is no batch/ serial number in your overseas vaccine certificate

You can enter other number that you can find on the cert such as document number. Otherwise just type “Not applicable”.

no serial batch number doc number not applicable

What if you are not able to update the MySejahtera App with your overseas vaccination details when you travel

That’s fine. You can show the officers at the Malaysian airport/ International Gateway your Overseas Vaccine Certificate. It would be handier if you printed it out.

Only one document is allowed to be uploaded

Combine the vaccination cert and your ID document together in one image/ PDF file.

Vaccination Cert not Updated on MySejahtera after Submitting your Request

*These solutions RESOLVED the issue for some people

A. Register for vaccination (You can cancel the appointment later)

Comment: “I reached out to mysejahtera again and turns out I needed to register for vaccination through mysejahtera app to be able to view my digital cert!” (Source)

Instructions How to Register for Vaccination on MySejahtera:

    • Please proceed to update your MySejahtera app to the latest version.
    • Tap ‘COVID-19 Vaccination’ icon on homepage
    • Choose ‘Vaccine for – name’
    • Make sure your name and IC/ passport number are correctly entered for verification.
    • Answer the assessment to complete registration for COVID-19 vaccination.
    • Once completed, you will be able to see the vaccination status flow.
    • Important: You can only register one IC/ passport number for one account.

B. Change Date of Birth

  1. In MySejahtera App -> Settings-> My Personal Details -> Change the Birth Year (to any year) -> Save
  2. Profile -> Refresh
  3. Change Birth Year to the correct year -> Save
  4. Profile -> Refresh


C. Reduce file size and use different device

Reduce image file of size vaccine card to 100KB. Submit online using my computer instead of mobile, or use a different device (Source)

D. Logout and Login

Log out of MyS and log back in again. I was helped by MyS team and that worked for me; hopefully it will for you as well (Source)

E. Email MySejahtera

I had been trying since November 2021 and after several attempts and emails, they finally updated! They emailed me and asked to attach copies of my IC so I included 3 different kinds (namely Malaysian IC and passport). 2 weeks passed and still nothing so I emailed again and attached the document to my email and a couple days after it was updated (Source)

Error “Unable to connect to VMS Blockchain system, please try again after some time” when trying to Download PDF / QR Code of Digital Certificate for vaccination done overseas.

connect to blockchain issue oversea vaccination

Please be informed that MySJ application will only show the PDF or QR Code on the Digital certificate for locally taken vaccinations.
You can refer to your own Vaccine card or certificate from the country that you took the vaccine.


Email: helpdesk@mysejahtera.org
National Covid-19 Immunization Program – CALL CENTER (1-800-88-8828)

MySejahtera Social Media: Twitter | Facebook


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