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How to Download, Register, Activate MySejahtera and Resolve Issues

The MySejahtera app is used for:

  • Performing health self-assessment
  • Facilitating contact tracing for Covid-19 in Malaysia
  • Vaccination registration, appointment, and issuance of COVID-19 Immunisation digital certificate.
  • Showing your risk status: Low Risk, Close Contact, Confirmed Case, etc.

How to Download MySejahtera

TUTORIAL – The Best Way to Register and Activate MySejahtera App to Avoid Errors


  • Go App Store or Play Store 
  • Search for “mysejahtera” 
  • Install/ GET 
  • Open App and “Get Started”

ios install mysejahtera get app

How to Register your Account

  • Visit: mysejahtera.malaysia.gov.my/register
  • Click “Register Here”.
  • You can use you Phone Number or Email Address to Register (This will be your MySJ ID, which can be changed later). If your contact number is not a permanent one, or in case of lost phone, it is a better idea to use email address as the MySejahtera ID.
  • To register with Email, tap on “I would like to use Email to Register” below the Register button

  • Check “I’m not a robot”. Select images to verify that you are not a robot.
  • Click “Register”.
  • Then an OTP will be sent to your phone if you choose Phone, or a Confirmation email sent to your email account you registered with.

login id 60 country code in front phone number

For registration with phone number as user ID, you need to input the country code in front.

  • Fill in the details. Make sure that the information is correct (particularly Name, NRIC/ Passport No.), otherwise you may encounter issues getting your digital vaccine certificate. If you are Malaysian, it is recommended to use your NRIC  instead of Passport number. 
  • You have to enter an address in Malaysia for contact tracing when you are in the country. If you don’t have one at the moment, you can use for example your relative, university (for students), company, or hotel’s address as temporary address.
  • You can enter an international phone number if you don’t have a Malaysian number now, which can be changed later.
  • Confirm Password.

registration details

Success! You can now login to your account on the MySejahtera App.

The first time you login, you will have to answer some health assessment questions. For question 5. Have you travelled abroad within the last 14 days? Answer “No”. If you answer “Yes” your status will be changed to PUS (Person Under Surveillance).

questions-health assessment sickness

Troubleshooting Issues

No confirmation SMS/ Email for validation during registration. 

  • Register again using Email (Source) as the MySJ ID instead of Phone number.
  • Register using the website instead of MySejahtera App here: MySejahtera Registration
  • Use Different browser (eg: Microsoft Edge) and gmail)

Can’t Login / Error: “Invalid user ID or password” or “User already exists in the system” or Unable to login after changing phone number or MySJ ID

  • First make sure you login with the correct MySJ ID (Email or phone number) – [How to check and change your MySJ ID].
  • If you have, but it still fails, reset password by clicking the “Forgot Password?” Option. An SMS or email will be sent to you to reset your password.
  • If it doesn’t work, delete the old account you are not using anymore: MySejahtera Helpdesk -> C. I want to update my Name, IC/ Passport, User ID or delete my account -> G. I want to delete my account
  • Register new account on Website not phone: mysejahtera-Register


MySejahtera “Forgot Password” Feature: No SMS or Email

  • For phone, if you don’t receive the SMS after choosing the “Forgot Password” option, remember to input the country code in front, eg: 60xxx and Submit again.
  • If you don’t receive an email, check your Spam Folder. Use a different browser such as Microsoft Edge.
  • Reset password using the website: mysejahtera Forgot Password instead of the App.

Error: “Unstable network connection” when you register in another country

“Oops… we are sorry! There was an issue loading your page which may be due to unstable network connection or high traffic volume on the system. Pease try again in a few hours.”

Try Step 1. if it doesn’t work, go to the next step:

  • Register using email

REVIEW: I am based in the Uk and could access the MySejahtera app without problems. So I’m not sure if you will need a VPN. I registered with email address as the OTP wasn’t being sent to my Uk mobile (Source)

  • Use the website link: mysejahtera-Register to register instead of using the phone App. Register with email, and remember to check your Spam Folder for the confirmation email. Try different browsers. The best combination according to comments: gmail on Microsoft Edge (Source)

  • Use a VPN 

REVIEW: I’m in CA too and had the same issue. Used Avast VPN and was able to access MySejahtera app. Purchased Avast SecureLine VPN and that works! (Source)

  • Get you friend/ family in Malaysia to get a new SIM card to register for you 

REVIEW: I downloaded MySejahtera but I keep getting this error when trying to register using my email (using phone number in Canada doesn’t work). After 4 days of trying to register using email, phone number (failed to get OTP using Canadian phone number), using VPN setting location in Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Australia, using laptop, using the website, which all failed, I used this method and it worked: Get your friend/ family in Malaysia to get a new SIM card and register for you (Source)

MySejahtera Profile showing “High Risk Dependent:” Yes

A lot of people’s MySJ are showing this though they have no dependents. They got their HQA approved, able to complete quarantine (Source)

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