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How to Upload Pre-Departure Covid-19 PCR/ RTK Test on MySejahtera

All travellers aged 7 years old and above must provide a negative accepted COVID-19 test result taken within 2 days of departure. These tests can be either:

  • RT-PCR test
  • RT-PCR OR a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) for travellers arriving from Singapore
  • A professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) if the traveller recently recovered from COVID-19 (within 6 to 60 days before departure). This must not be confused with a COVID-19 self-administered (self-test) RTK-Ag test. 

Exemption for Pre-Departure Test

Children aged 6 years old and below (by year of birth) at the time of check-in for the scheduled flight departure are exempted from pre-departure testing.

How to Submit The Test

After completing the Traveller Pre-Departure form, a Travellers Card will be issued.

  • Tap on “Pending (Submit now)” under Pre-Departure test

travellers card blue submit pre departure test covid pcr

  • Answer some questions about the test
  • Upload a copy of the test result
  • Submit

pre departure test upload negative mysejahtera

  • After submission, the Pre-Departure test will turn green indicating the test result has been “Submitted”.

submitted pre-departure test travellers card

If you have a positive, or inconclusive, test result

  • Please postpone your travel and do not go to the airport. You will not be allowed to check in or board your flight.
  • Seek advice from your local health authority.

Recently recovered from COVID-19

  • If you have recovered from COVID-19 within 6 to 60 days before your scheduled flight you have to undertake a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) within 2 days of departure.
  • You should also provide proof of previous infection at check-in. The certificate should be written in English, or be supported with a certified translation.

Type of proof required:

  • COVID‑19 positive result certificate stating the date (must be within 6 to 60 days of the flight)
  • A doctor’s letter that states the person has had COVID‑19 but is now recovered and is not considered to be infectious for travellers who were hospitalised due to COVID-19

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