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Update Overseas Vaccination Certificate on MySejahtera – All Doses Together

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update overseas vaccine all doses together

  • Open the MySejahtera App. Tap ‘Close’
  • Tap on the “Traveller” icon

traveller icon mysejahtera

  • Select ‘Overseas Vaccination Details’
  • Select ‘Update for ‘NAME’

  • You can now fill in the vaccination details for all doses together; 1st and 2nd doses as well as 1st and 2nd booster doses all at the same time.
  • Select ‘Yes’ if you want to update the particular dose
  • Fill in your overseas Vaccination Details for each dose

  • Select from a list of Vaccine Type
  • Fill in the Date, Country of Vaccination, Vaccine Batch/ Serial Number 
  • Upload the Vaccination Document
  • Make sure that all details are correct and Submit
  • The details will be updated within 5 working days
  • Once updated successfully, you will receive a Digital Certificate for COVID-19 Vaccination on MySejahtera > Profile > Press the ‘Refresh’ button

What information does the vaccination certificates need to contain?

The digital or physical vaccination certificate(s) must be an accepted proof of vaccination, and clearly state the following:

  • your name, and at least one other personal identifier such as your date of birth or passport number corresponding exactly with the information in your passport used for entry into Malaysia.
  • the name(s) of vaccine(s) used.
  • the date(s) of vaccination. (The date of the last dose should be administered at least 14 days before your arrival in Malaysia)

Source: MySafetravel FAQ Vax Cert

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