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Type of Virtual Professional Covid RTK-Antigen Tests

Supervised professional Covid-19 test via live virtual consultation, instead of being present at a clinic, enables individuals to obtain certified self-test RTK-antigen results by a medical practitioner faster, at a lower cost, reducing infection risk to others. The supervision can only be made by a medical practitioner registered with Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). The virtual service must be made ‘live’ to prevent fraud in test results, and the reporting of the test results shall use the e-Covid platform.

You have to purchase a Covid-19 self test kit from the List of RTK-Ag test kits approved by MDA KKM. The kits can be bought at convenience stores/ pharmacies located in the airport arrival hall or at other places.


Clea has been around for sometime now. Many people have used their service for professional Covid-19 RTK-Ag test in the past and it involved the users performing the test themselves according to strict instructions, recording it via the built in function in the CLEADOC app, the doctor would then verify the test and finally a clinical report is generated.

However, the Health Minsiter Khairy Jamaluddin had announced recently that the professional virtual test has to be performed LIVE instead of via video recording (nst.com.my), and CLEA has since released the Virtual RTK LIVE test service on their app.    

Price: RM25 per test
Website: cleadoc.com


  • Fantastic customer service that helped me to speed up the process so I was able to catch my flight. very smooth app, easy procedure. highly recommended.
  • Did my atk test through cleadoc and it was an excellent experience. it was very convenient and very easy to use.

on-arrival rtk antigen Covid test enter Malaysia

2. Doctor2U – BP Healthcare

BP Healthcare has been appointed by Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) to set up Covid-19 screening facilities at KLIA and klia2. Now, Virtual Professional RTK Antigen Test fully supervised by a certified doctor can be done using their Doctor2U App. However much improvement is required on how their customer support team handles the help requests and the service delivery of the virtual professional test function.

Website: doctor2u.my/virtualrtk | Price: RM18
What you need: MDA-approved self-test kit and your IC/ passport.

  1. Download the Doctor2U Mobile App. 
  2. On the App, select “COVID-19 Screening”. Select “Virtual RTK”.
  3. Read the instructions
  4. Complete the form and click “Request a Session”
  5. Enable required permission on your phone and agree to the data consent.
  6. Your request will appear. When a doctor accepts your request, you will be prompted a notification to complete your payment.
  7. Before the video call, unbox the self-test kit and place the tools on the table. Read the test kit’s instructions carefully.
  8. You will be prompted a notification when a doctor starts the video call. Tap on the notification to receive the call.
  9. Click “Join Consultation Room”
  10. When the video call starts, flash your IC/ passport and the test cassette to the doctor for verification purposes.
  11. Perform the test LIVE. After the test, wait for 15 minutes for the result.
  12. Then, flash the test cassette to the doctor. Upon result verification, you may end the call.
  13. You will receive the report via Whatsapp, email and Doctor2U app (under ‘Medical Report’ section) within 1 hour.
  14. Result will be reflected on the MySejahtera app within 24 hours


April 2022: Do not provide such services if you are not ready to streamline your process. Purchased your virtual rtk test for my pre departure and the doctor assigned did not show up at the time slot. Had to contact support for 20 times just to get someone to pickup. Finally doctor assigned finish the virtually supervised rtk test. Results were submitted as spoken from the doctor side. However, I have checked my email, the app, on WhatsApp for my result but no report was received at all. Tried to call support was 2hours but no one picked up the call within the operating hours. Went to the test centre at Klia2, tried to check with the on site staffs but no a single record of my result can be found. No help at all. I had to pay an extra rm100 just to get the report done but who is there to compensate for the inconvenience and the extra effort and money spent

Reviews (Google and Apple App)

  • Excellent service at KLIA via BP health care facilities.
  • Hard to get through to their customer support line, tried to reach out via email, tried WhatsApp and even sending a chat msg in your app. However there is no reply.

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