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How to Apply for Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) Malaysia – Spouse Visa (Sep 2022)

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Get Forms

  • Where to get the Checklist and Apply: Any Immigration Department (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia – JIM) office, it does not have to be location on the Malaysian spouse’s IC (Comment: June 2022)

List of Immigration Offices

  • Get all the forms and checklist from the JIM. Ask the officer if you are required to make an appointment to submit the application or you can just walk in. The forms on this page are for reference only.
  • Fill the forms in capital letters.
  • Each state might have different forms, requirements and procedures.

Submit Application

  • Bring all photocopy and original documents along for verification during application submission at the Immigration Department Office. For most states you can just walk in (Comment Sep 2022)
  • The applicant and sponsor must be present.

Application of Wife or Husband to Citizen LTSVP (Spouse Visa)

Permohonan Pas Lawatan Sosial (PLS) – Isteri atau suami kepada Warganegara

Documents Required

Enclose relevant supporting documents (Original and photocopy), namely:

    • Form Imm.12 (Visit Pass Application Form) – Passport Photo of applicant is required (blue background)

Borang Permohonan Pas Lawatan. You can fill this form by handwriting in capital letters

    • Form Imm.38 (Permohonan Untuk Visa – Visa Application) – 2 copies

Proof of Marriage

    • Marriage certificate (Overseas Marriage certificate must be endorsed by the Embassy of that country)
    • Extract of Marriage Register – Payment: RM50. Application is made using Form JPNKC09 at JPN office (Carian/ Cabutan Daftar Perkahwinan). You can get it from the JPN branch where your marriage registration took place. If the marriage was registered abroad, you have to get it from JPN Putrajaya.

*Some Immigration offices don’t require this, so check with them if a certified marriage certificate is sufficient.

Extract of Marriage Register

    • Copy of child’s birth certificate (if any) – confirmation letter from the court if stepchild
    • Latest Affidavit – the marriage exists and is still valid (Surat Akuan Sumpah Terkini – perkahwinan wujud dan masih sah) – two passport photos (blue background). The declaration and form need to be certified and stamped by the Commissioner of Oaths.

surat akuan kahwin

 To confess that your marriage still exists and both of you still remain as husband and wife and have never been apart for five (5) years in a row – How to fill the form: Surat Akuan

Proof of Income

    • Malaysian Sponsor Declaration Letter – Sponsor’s Income RM2,000 and above (Surat Akuan Penaja Tempatan – Pendapatan Penaja RM2,000 ke atas) – stamped by Commissioner of Oaths.

    • Sponsor’s Proof of income (last 3 months salary slip (CTC by company)/ ​​bank book/ bank statement (CTC by Bank), EPF Statement, form J) 

Latest 3 months pay slip, Certified True Copy by the company

Bank Statement CTC by the bank

    • Confirmation letter from the employer with letter head (If working) – Certified True copy (CTC) by the company
    • Business license/ company ROC/ Form J  (If self -employed)

Borang J (for self-employed)

    • If the Malaysian spouse/ sponsor is unemployed or has no source of income, some JIM accepts bank statement but others require the applicant to get another sponsor with income. You need a declaration letter to explain your financial situation.


    • Sponsor statement form – Husband/ wife Interview (Borang kenyataan penaja – temuduga suami/ isteri)
    • Declaration Letter to support husband/ wife’s social visit pass (Surat Akuan Suami/ Isteri bagi Menyokong Pas Lawatan Sosial – PLS)
    • ‘Security Bond’ form (stamped RM10.00 at LHDN Office) – Payment for Security Bond can be made at the Immigration office or online.

How to fill Security Bond Form and Rates for Different Countries

    • Sponsor and spouse’s identity card (certified true copy, CTC by JPN) and Birth certificate. If the sponsor is not the spouse, you will need both of their IC’s.
    • Passport (all pages like the info page, visas, stamped pages) – Applicant and Sponsor. CTC not required for passports.
    • Current Pass (Social/ Special) of the Applicant must be valid during time of application. If the pass is expired, you can apply for a Special Pass at the JIM – free of charge the first time, extension costs RM100.
    • Wedding photo (Size: 4R) of the couple only, bride wearing wedding gown – Paste the photo on a white A4 paper. 
    • Proof of residential address (utility bill)
    • Rental agreement (with copy of landlord’s IC certified by JPN) or Sales and Purchase Agreement (SNP) document
    • Other documents if required – If you need additional Surat Akuan (Declaration Letter), there’s usually a shop next to the Commissioner of Oath Office (at Immigration or JPN) that provides the service example writing letter to explain
      • Why certain documents cannot be produced
      • Parents allow you to stay at their house (if you are living with them)


  • LTSVP Immigration Fee: RM90 to be by credit/ debit card
  • Security Bond Fee to be paid online (imi.gov.my/EBayaran)


  • You may be informed to attend an interview before the approval can be made.
  • After the application, you will receive an acknowledgment slip and you can call the number on the slip after 30 working days to find out the approval outcome (Source)
  • Some of the applicants had to wait around 2-3 months for the pass to be approved.
  • While waiting for the outcome, the foreign applicant is not allowed to leave Malaysia.
  • You will usually get a 6 months visa and can apply for extension after 6 months and you may get an extension of 3 – 5 years every renewal, depending on your case, example whether or not you have kids.
  • You will get a Visa sticker to be placed on the passport 

Renewal/ Extension of Visit Pass

The online application can only be used for extension/ renewal not new application.

Manual: Imm. 55 Form (Extension of Visit Pass)

Extension fee: RM100

Online: You can use this link for renewal ePLSI. List of documents required will be shown in the online application.

Documents for Renewal

*This is just a guideline

Autogate System at the Airport

Long term visit pass holders who have a biometric passport with an electronic chip that complies with the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) conditions, can use the E-Gate at KLIA (Source

Six Months Cooling Period

Some applicants mentioned that they were able to submit their LTSVP applications without the 6 months cooling period. It might be case by case basis, kindly clarify with the officer.

Jul 2022: In the comments here, some said that they submitted their LTSVP application right after marriage registration but others mentioned cooling period is still applicable.

Sep 2022: Some said cooling period is only applicable to foreign husband. Others mentioned it’s not required.




facebook.com/FSSGMY (Foreign Spouses Support Group, Malaysia)


Checklist for LTSVP application – wife/ husband to Citizen of Malaysia (State of Selangor)


Bispoint Group of Accountants


Thank you for all the information in this group. My British husband succeeded in applying for the Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) also known as the Malaysian Spouse Visa, in the first attempt itself. We would like to share our experience and the steps which we took in obtaining the LTSVP and hopefully, this serves as some sort of a guide to those who are applying. We have to admit that this is not an easy process. They will be lots of hurdles, challenges, delays, frustrations, countless of trips to the Immigration departments (we went there at least once every fortnight to get updates and were in and out of different government offices every week or so!) and etc. However, keep calm and know that with determination, persistence and LOTS of PATIENCE, the approval will come! 


The first/new LTSVP application must be made in the Immigration state branch office in accordance with the address stated in the Malaysian Spouse NRIC. In our case, the address in my NRIC is in Klang and hence, the Immigration Branch Office that we went to for the LTSVP application is the Jabatan Imigresen Negeri Selangor in Bangunan PKNS, Shah Alam. 


The social pass/special pass must be valid at the time of the submission of the LTSVP application. We had to renew and extend my husband’s social pass and later on special pass several times during the process. We obtained the first extension from the Immigration Putrajaya Immigration Department on the grounds of “referring to state Immigration for LTSVP process”. The second extension was also obtained from the Putrajaya Immigration Department on the grounds of “pending LTSVP application”. The third extension was done in the Shah Alam immigration on the grounds of “pending LTSVP decision”. The third renewals and onwards required an appeal letter or “Surat Rayuan”. In our case, the immigration officer in the Shah Alam Immigration prepared the said Surat Rayuan for us and we just had to sign it accordingly. With that, we obtained the third extension without any difficulty. His third extension expired once again when the LTSVP was still pending approval. We checked with the immigration officer in the Shah Alam office to see if we require the fourth extension. According to the officer, if the pass expires when a LTSVP has been accepted for processing and is pending decision, no further extension is required. However, if the application comes back to the applicant requiring further information/documents to support the application, then an extension of pass must be made. 


We applied on 16 November 2021 and obtained approval on 11 February 2022. Our documents for submission were complete and in order and hence we were not called up in between to submit further information / documents in support of our application. If the immigration calls up for submission of further or additional information/document, the process might be delayed and could not take longer.


In our case, we applied immediately right after our Registration of Marriage. Note that the 6 months waiting period is no longer applicable. We went to the Immigration Office in Shah Alam on the very same day with our ROM, right after the signing ceremony to get the list of documents required and then went back a week later with the complete documents for submissions.


Every extension of social visit pass/special pass : RM100 LTSVP application fees : RM90 Security Bond : differs according to the country of the foreign spouse. For British foreign spouses, the security bond is RM1,500.00.


🗂 The list of documents required is different in every immigration branches and the list gets updated very frequently so make sure you get the latest list from the relevant immigration branch right before your application. The following documents, in both originals and photocopies, must be brought along during submission.

📌 Borang IM.12 Borang Permohonan Pas Lawatan Required : Foreign spouse passport sized photos

📌Borang IM. 38 Permohonan Untuk Visa

📌Sijil Daftar Perkahwinan / Marriage Certificate

📌Cabutan Daftar Perkahwinan. This is different from Marriage Certificate. This can be obtained by applying for it at the JPN Putrajaya office. The fee is RM50 per copy. The original copy must be submitted to the Immigration Department.

📌 Surat Penaja Required : Latest 3 months payslips of sponsor, latest 3 months bank statements of sponsor, NRIC copy of sponsor, latest 3 months EPF statements of sponsor

📌Surat Akuan Isteri Menurut Undang-undang Required : This needs to be affirmed by a Commissioner for Oaths / Notary Public

📌Surat Akuan Required : Passport sized photos of both husband and wife, and this form needs to be affirmed by a Commissioner for Oaths / Notary Public

📌Akuan Suami/Isteri Bagi Menyokong Permohonan Lawatan Sosial Oleh Suami/Isteri kepada Warganegara

📌Security Bond Required : A witness and this must be endorsed by Setem Hasil LHDN RM 10. Buy a RM10 setem hasil from any post office and then bring it to the LHDN office for endorsement.

📌Maklumat Tambahan Dari Suami Asing

📌Borang Kenyataan Penaja

📌Birth certificate of the Malaysian spouse

📌Birth certificate of the Foreign spouse, the copy must be endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

📌Marriage Photos

📌Latest 3 months utility bills

📌Sales and Purchase Agreement for home We hope these information are useful to those who need it and for those applying for LTSVP or waiting for a decision on it, GOOD LUCK! 🌟💫

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