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Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM Malaysia

It’s the time of the year when you do your last minute gift shopping before his birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or other festive day like Christmas. If mall walking and brick and mortal shops don’t work for you, here’s a brilliant way to find the perfect present. Surfing and purchasing online is now the new norm and it is so much easier.

Here are some suggestions with good reviews from actual buyers, things that you could get for your husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, friend, platonic male friend….

BOSTANTEN Men’s PU Leather Tri-fold Wallet with Coin Pouch For Men

This is a highly popular and inexpensive gift, very practical perfect for the prudent husband. Price: RM34

Meta Quest 2 All-in-One VR

Guys love their gadgets.


When Virtual Reality headset for home use finally hits the shops, it was really an exciting time and we can experience 3D interaction and visual virtually ourselves in the comfort of our own home. My verdict, Meta Quest 2 VR set was indeed a good buy. I am satisfied with how precise the response is, every time a button is selected or an action is made, the the controller vibrates at the exact time letting you know that it is done. The set comes with one free download of Beat Saber VR rhythm game. You can also play games online, for example: moonrider.xyz, watch VR Youtube, Netflix, movies and so on. They are a few free games you can install but for more, you have to make purchases.


After about 20 minutes of game that involves hands and legs movement, the VR headset would begin to slip down due to the sweat on your head. The visual is very clear if you wear it at the right position, once it changes position, the screen becomes blur and the interaction and response are less accurate. You will have to either wipe away the sweat or buy a protector/ sweat band to be worn on the head wrapped around your face. 

Website: store.facebook.com

Buy from RM 1,849 (128 GB with 7 days Warranty)

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meta quest 2

Meta Oculus Quest 2 Accessories VR Headset Eye Mask/ Sweat Band – RM 11.13


Buy from Machines – Apple’s distributor in Malaysia

buy button flagship store

Apple is a brand love by all. I personally am an Apple fan, particularly iPhone for one simple reason; Speed. If you have been using Android phones, you would experience a slowdown after some time. I was using Samsung before this, it was perfect in the beginning, however over time, more apps and data have exhausted the system memory and resources. Eventually the device slows down, the scroll is not as smooth, button selection takes longer to respond, etc. I did not have this issue with iPhone. Secondly, Android is more prone to cyber/ malware attacks because it’s an open source code operating system and there are more devices using it. iOS on the other hand is a close system and less vulnerable, though not entirely safe.

Apple Watch SE (GPS), Aluminum cases with Sport band – Check Prices 

iPad Air (4th Generation) – Check Price

Kingsmith Foldable WalkingPad R2


This is a walking pad, a treadmill, a gym equipment that you can own at home. Weighing 36 kg, though not exactly light, there are two wheels for you to transport it easily. We have a Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 at home, I bought it for my husband’s birthday and it is amazing (everyone in the house can use it!).

With a maximum load of 110 kg, this walking pad is incredibly solid and quiet. Sometimes we fold and keep it under our sofa, or just let it stand by the wall. Now we are too lazy to store it every time, so this baby is sitting right in front of the TV, where we can run and watch the tele at the same time. You can control the speed or change mode using the remote controller provided.  The display at bottom shows the distance and time of running. I am really amazed by its quality, comfortable grip and cushion – absolutely enjoy the work-out experience. 


The machine is heavy and can be a chore to fold and store it after every use.

Website: walkingpad.com

Speed: 0.5 – 12 km/h

Buy HERE (Preferred Store with Good Reviews) – R2: RM1,559  |  R1: RM1,399 – with 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty

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kingsmith walkingpad threadmill

Two wheels (orange) at the dashboard for transportation. The equipment is easily folded to save space

There is a dedicated slot for phone and tablet on the handle. The handle/ hand rail provides stability while the safety clip acts as an emergency stop button.

kingsmith ks fit app remote control running r2

Connect the machine to the KS Fit App to view your exercise data. Remote to switch mode and control speed. 

Yoga, Outdoor/ Indoor, Beach, Exercise Anti-slip Lightweight Breathable Quick-dry Shoes – RM21.90


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