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Best Sanitary Pads Malaysia

Finding the right sanitary pad for the monthly menstruation is a learning process that every girl has to go through. To avoid accidents, make sure you have the super leak-proof pads stocked for important or long events, days you are wearing a light coloured bottom or on a “gushing” day. Use the ones with lower protection on other days when the flow is moderate or low. The winged ones are best for preventing seepage from the middle section.

SOFY Night (from Japan)

This is best option for making sure there’s no leakage throughout the night long sleeping hours. The edges are perfectly sealed and any flow is trapped inside and the amazing part is it feels so comfortably dry. For super heavy flow, choose the 36cm one, take the 29cm for heavy flow. The protection is superb. Have you experienced the GRAND gush when you stand up after sitting for a long time before? This can withstand any rush from multiple directions. Take note of the packaging which is different from the SOFY pads in Malaysia, this one has Japanese wording on it. The wrapper is also designed to be opened seamlessly and you can repurpose it to wrap the used pad. There are also other types such as for day use. This is one of the more expensive options.

SOFY Sanitary Pad at around RM13 each

SOFY Slim 29cm


Intimate has a wide range of maxi, night, day, wing, non-wing, ultra thin (0.1cm) sanitary pads and panty-liners for women’s specific needs. Not as leakproof as SOFY (Japan version), it is one of the best options around at a very good price. Those who prefer the feel of a thinner padding, you can go for its Ultra thin napkins. Comfortable cotton surface.

Intimate Menstrual Napkins and Liners – RM16.99 (x3)


This brand was very popular before but for a period of time the pharmacies and stores stopped selling them, probably due to the many emerging competitions. I always trusted Whisper in the past, however due to difficulty in locating them on the store shelves, I sought out other brands. Now with the convenience of making the purchase online, this is not a problem anymore! If SOFY (Japan) is number one, this is a close second.

Whisper – ~RM17 (x2)


The cottons in Libresse’ pad are more dense, and it stays in shape so that’s good. Not very leak-proof for heavy flow but it is a decent product for moderate days, which is also very reasonably priced. 

Libresse – about RM14.80 (x3)


The 35cm Night Safe protects against leakage at the back very well but it can be rather bulky. The diamond surface ensures that you feel comfortable and dry. The protection from leakage on the sides still needs some improvements. When the outpouring is intense, depending on your sleeping position, the flow can go any directions, and it can seep out from the center. Otherwise, Laurier is adequate.

Laurier – about RM12 (x2)


Kotex is a well-known time honoured brand of sanitary pad with good absorption. The design with grooves is able to hug the body well hence not much gap in between to allow run-off. However the problem I have with this product is the adhesive on the wings that get stuck at the wrong places sometimes.

Kotex – about RM11 (x2)

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