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How to Use Touch n GO Card

You have to use the physical Touch ‘n GO card (not Touch ‘n GO eWallet) for Tolls (driving) and public transport – LRT, MRT, Monorail, KTM Komuter, KLIA Express (min balance of RM20) and certain bus lines.

The card can also be used to pay for parking (selected premises).

There are two types of TnG Card:

1. Enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card

enhanced touch n go

  • You can buy this card at TnG eWallet app and selected petrol stations. 
  • You will have to reload the TnG card first using the TnG eWallet (only the enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card) or other methods (convenience stores, ATM, etc.). Please ensure that your device is Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled if you would like to utilize the Touch ‘n Go eWallet reload feature.
  • Can use PayDirect
  • You can link the card to your eWallet app to see the transactions history and balance of the card.

2. Normal Touch ‘n Go Card

  • You can purchase this TnG card from selected petrol stations, convenience stores and self-service kiosks. For a full list of locations, please refer here.
  • This card cannot be reloaded using the TnG eWallet but can use PayDirect (specific tolls and locations only)
  • You can link the card to your eWallet app to see the transactions history and balance of the card.

Paying Toll

There are 3 types of lane; SmartTAG, Touch n GO and RFID

Smart TAG

For the Smart TAG lane, you need a Smart TAG device and the Tng card for it to work. You just have to scan it through your car windscreen and don’t have to wind down your window when passing the toll booth. 

Smart TAG device and the Tng card

Touch ‘n GO Lane

For the Touch ‘n GO card lane, you would have to wind down your car window and touch (tap) the card on the scanner to pass

You can buy this accessory, the card extension stick to help you reach and tap on the scanner more conveniently.

For the MyRFID Lane, the Touch n’ GO card cannot be used, instead purchase the RFID strip which can be reload using the Touch n GO eWallet.

There are plans to phase out the SmartTAG and Touch n GO cards by 2025, but not confirmed.

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