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VTL Land and Air: Singapore – Malaysia Vaccinated Travel Lane Guidelines, Bus and Flight Tickets

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Buy VTL Bus Tickets

VTL Causeway Link Bus Tickets for 7th Feb 2022 – 13rd Feb 2022: Start Selling From 13 Jan 2022, 9am. Book your ticket at Causeway Link.

Queen Street Bus Terminal ( Singapore ) <-> Johor Bahru (JB Larkin Terminal) | Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link) • 36 SEATER VTL | Adult RM 47.58 | Child RM 25.38

VTL Transtar Travel Bus – Tickets are currently sold out until 28 Feb 2022 (Transtar VTL Schedule). Wait for announcement for new tickets available.
Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange ( Singapore ) <-> Johor Bahru (JB Larkin Sentral Terminal) | from JB: Adult RM20. Child RM10 | from Singapore: Adult SGD15. Child SGD8

Buy VTL Flight Tickets

For Designated VTL flights, there is an indication on the website the flight that you selected during booking. Booking is open again on 21 Jan 2022. Examples: 

Malaysia Airlines – MAS (Kuala Lumpur <> Singapore)


MH603 and MH606

vtl flight malaysia airlines Singapore to KL

Singapore Airlines (SIA) 


vtl flight ticket singapore airlines SIA

Scoot VTL Ticket Schedule

TR472 and TR473

scoot vtl ticket schedule


Quarantine-free VTL Eligibility

  • Fully vaccinated Individual and any accompanying unvaccinated child(ren) below 12 years old.
  • The traveller must have remained in (i) Malaysia, (ii) Singapore for all 14 days before the day of departure.
  • Valid passport/ travel document/ visa (if required).

For entering Malaysia:

  • Malaysia Citizens, Malaysia Permanent Residents and holders of Malaysia Long-Term Passes in Singapore are eligible (Land)
  • Eligible for all nationalities (Air)

For entering Singapore:

  • Singapore Citizen/ PR or Holder of Long-Term Pass or Malaysia Citizen (for Land) or Short-Term Visitors (for Air) is eligible.
  • S Pass and Work Permit holders working in the Construction, Marine Shipyard and Process (CMP) sectors, or who will be staying in dormitories will not be eligible for VTL. This does not apply to Malaysians and female work pass holders.

Guidelines for Travelling between Singapore and Malaysia via VTL (Land and Air) 

1. Vaccination Certificate

Ensure you are fully vaccinated and have a valid vaccination certificate with a QR code.

• If vaccinated in Singapore: Notarise portal or HealthHub and Trace Together app

• If vaccinated in Malaysia: MySejahtera app

2. Tickets

A return flight ticket is required for short term visitors. Return ticket for land travel is not required.

For Land, book designated VTL bus ticket at least 3 days before arrival.

Tickets may be purchased at:

Bus Terminals in Singapore: Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange and Queens Street Terminal

Bus Terminal is Malaysia: Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal

For Air, Secure Tickets for a Designated VTL (Air) Flight. Travellers have to consult their airlines to confirm the flight numbers and days of operation of the designated VTL (Air) flights before booking. 

Designated VTL aircrafts provide non-stop designated services between Malaysia and Singapore, operated by either Malaysia or Singapore air carriers. Currently, there are six airlines with VTL flights scheduled between Singapore and Malaysia. The airlines are AirAsia, Jetstar Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo Air, Scoot and Singapore Airlines (SIA).

3. Medical/ Travel Insurance Coverage

To enter Malaysia:

VTL travellers who are short-term visitors (including business and official travellers) must purchase mandatory travel insurance with a minimum coverage of RM100,000 for COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs. Travellers to Malaysia must carry with them an electronic or physical copy of their insurance policy to facilitate their entry into Malaysia.

Here’s a List of Insurance Options with Covid-19 Coverage travelling to Malaysia

To enter Singapore:

[Short Term Visitors] Purchase travel insurance with a minimum coverage of S$30,000 against COVID-19 related medical charges. Travellers may be insured with a Singapore or overseas-based insurer. For the list of available travel insurance products offered in Singapore, click here.

[Long Term Pass Holders] Please click here for more information.

4. Safe Travel Portal

To enter Malaysia

  1. Register at MySafeTravel portal: www.mysafetravel.gov.my
  2. Upload vaccine certificate onto the MySafeTravel portal.
  3. Travellers do not need to apply for MyTravelPass (MTP). 

MySejahtera requires at least 2 days to update your digital certificate in the app. However, if certificate is still not showing after 2 days kindly submit it here: How to update Vaccination e-Cert on MySejahtera.

To enter Singapore

Apply for Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) via Singapore Safe Travel Portal (go.gov.sg/vtl-portal).

  • Apply between 3 and 60 calendar days before the intended date of entry.
  • Only for Singapore Long-Term Pass Holders (Land). Short-Term Visitors/ Long-Term Pass Holders (Air). 
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and children aged 12 and below accompanied by vaccinated travellers do not need to apply for a VTP (Land/Air).

5. Arrival Card

To Singapore: Submit personal information, trip details and health declaration via the SG Arrival Card e-service. Within 3 days before arrival (Land and Air)


6. Pre-Departure Test

vtl covid test pre-deaparture children under 2 years old

mysafetravel Children under 2 years old are exempted from pre-departure Covid-19 test

On the day of the test, bring your Identity card, Passport and Flight / bus booking.

To Malaysia: Take an RT-PCR test two days before departure for air travel or a professionally administered antigen rapid test (ART)/ RT-PCR test for land travel. Upload the test result the moment you receive it. Book your appointment here: Swab Providers Singapore

To Singapore: Do a professionally-administered pre-departure test (either ART or PCR). Ensure test result is negative and test report is in English. Within 2 days before arrival (Land and Air). List of accredited test centres in Malaysia can be found at Malaysia test centres.

7. Tracing App

To Malaysia:

  • Download & register profile in MySejahtera App to get MySj ID
  • Travellers without a smart phone can bring their physical pre-departure test result and vaccination certificate or register as a ‘dependent’ under someone who has MySejahtera.

To Singapore:

  • Download TraceTogether app, register profile and activate the app if you have not done so. 
  • Those unable to use a mobile device can be issued TraceTogether tokens.
  • Children aged 6 and below are exempted from the TraceTogether requirement.

8. On-arrival Covid-19 Test

To enter Malaysia:

For air travel

  • Must undergo a COVID-19 RT-PCR test at the BP Clinical Lab Health Screening Centre at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Travellers will be required to wait at the designated waiting area for their results. Once travellers have been notified that they have tested negative for COVID-19, they can proceed to immigration

For land travel: Upon arrival in Malaysia, VTL-Land travellers must undergo an antigen rapid test (RT-Ag) at a designated area in Larkin Sentral Terminal. https://oat.entrypass.my/

To enter Singapore:

For Land travel: On-arrival COVID-19 ART test costs $15, including GST. The traveller will make payment directly to the test provider at the test centre 

For Air travel: Register and pre-pay for on-arrival COVID-19 PCR test here. The test costs $125 including GSTCash will not be accepted..

  Does not apply to children aged two and below in this calendar year (i.e. turns 2 in this calendar year).

  • Travellers who did not do so will pay for their tests on the spot during arrival, but may experience delays.
  • Travellers must proceed immediately to their declared accommodation for self-isolation to await their COVID-19 PCR test results. 

9. Post-Arrival Test

To Malaysia

List of Professional home/ drive-through/ at Premise Covid-19 Test Options Malaysia

To Singapore

vtl to malaysia by air

VTL to Malaysia by Air

vtl to enter singapore by land bus

Documents needed for VTL to enter Singapore by Land

vtl to enter singapore by air short and long term pass

VTL to enter Singapore by air



safetravel.ica.gov.sg (Land) 

Safetravel Sg: VTL Overview (Land)VTL Overview (Air)

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