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What To Do If Australian ETA is Rejected?

If you receive a rejection for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) application to Australia, it can be disappointing, but there are several steps you can take:

Review the Rejection Reason

Carefully read the rejection notice to understand the specific reasons for the denial. This will help you address any issues.

Australia ETA rejection letter reason

For example:

  • “The evidence does not satisfy the requirement for sufficient funds.”
  • “The bank statement shows many unexplained withdrawals and deposits.”
  • “Unable to match salary payments from the payslip evidence provided to the bank statement.”
  • “Not satisfied the applicant’s personal circumstances are such that they have sufficient incentive to return to their country of residence at the end of any stay in Australia.”

Gather all the Relevant Information

If your application was rejected due to missing or incorrect information, for example mismatched salary payment evidence, you can rectify the errors and reapply.

Make sure to gather all the necessary documents and double-check all details before submitting the new application.

After you have submitted the ETA application using the Australian ETA app, you may need to wait up to 12 hours after applying to receive your notification.

If you receive a letter by email requesting further information, click on the link: “ETA form”, in the letter.

1. Log in or create your ImmiAccount (if you do not already have one).

2. Answer all questions in the online form

3. Upload the required supporting documentation.

4. Complete and attach Form 1554 to the online form.

Documents to upload

  • Bank statements showing at least three months’ salary payments or income.
  • 3 months of payslip, if employed.
  • IC, front and back.
  • Passport biodata page.
  • Return Flight Tickets and Accommodation’s booking confirmation. Make reservation with flexible dates in case the ETA application is not approved.
  • Itinerary and cost.
  • List of your immediate family members (including full names, dates of birth and their relationship to you). Immediate family members include partners, children, parents and siblings.
  • List of other  travelling companions (including full names, dates of birth and relationship to you).
  • Evidence of your employment or commitments that demonstrate your intention to return. eg: Leave approval
  • Cover letter. your background, purpose of visit, how many days, mention who will bear the cost for those who do not have a steady income and where do you go, etc.

Reevaluate Your Travel Plans

If your ETA application continues to be rejected, you may need to reassess your travel plans and consider other types of visas that may be suitable for your trip to Australia.

Sample Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

Re: Application for ETA to Australia

I am writing to apply for ETAs to visit Australia for the purpose of leisure and exploration from 20th to 27th Aug 2023. In this cover letter, I would like to provide a comprehensive overview of my travel plans, evidence of my employment and commitments, as well as my intention to return to my home country after the trip.

List of Travellers:

* Tony S, Date of Birth

* [Companion 1 – Name, Date of Birth, Wife]

* [Companion 2 – Name, Date of Birth, Son]

* [Companion 3 – Name, Date of Birth, Daughter]

I am teacher at Megah Secondary School and have to return to work on 28th Aug 2023. My leave request has been approved by my superior and I have attached the confirmation as well.

My son and daughter are attending school at [School Name] and have to go back to school after the holidays on 1st Sep 2023.

I will bear all the necessary expenses, including travel and accommodation, for my wife, 10-year-old son and 8 year old daughter during our stay in Australia.

I have attached relevant documents showcasing my current financial state. These documents include bank statements, proof of employment, and any other necessary financial records. I believe these documents demonstrate my ability to finance our entire stay in Australia.

Sincerely, Tony

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