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How to Resize Passport Photo to Meet Specifications in Malaysia

If you are taking the passport photo yourself;

  1. There should be plenty of room above the head and shoulders in the photo.
  2. Stand against a white or off-white wall.
  3. Stand near the wall to reduce shadows.

How to Edit Passport Photo

  • Click ‘Upload Picture’ and select the picture

  • Move the selection box by clicking on it, drag it while holding on to the click.

  • Resize the selection box by pointing the cursor at the corner of the box, the cursor changes to an arrow. Drag out to increase or in to reduce the size.

  • Adjust the size until the edge of the chin and the top of the head must be inside the green rectangles/ lines. Equal space on both sides of the face.
  • Press ‘Continue’

  • Wait for the counter; ‘You are xx seconds away from getting your passport photos sheet’

  • The ‘Download’ button would appear after the countdown
  • Click the button to save it on your computer

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