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How to Find Active PPVs Near You – List of COVID-19 Vaccination Centres ProtectHealth

This is one of the ways to find out the current/ active PPVs or Vaccination Centres at a specific area. The centres are set up according to needs and are not permanent, therefore it is important to always call them to check if they are still open for Covid-19 vaccination/ booster before your visit.

ProtectHealth Website

  • Go to: protecthealth.com.my
  • Select the State (Required field). You can enter the City, Postcode, PPV Address or PPV Name but they are optional.
  • Hit ‘Find’

You will be able to get a list of PPVs with the address and contact number. Some entries have email and the link to make appointment as well. 

protecthealth ppv list

Here’s how you can check what type of vaccine the active PPV is giving out.

MySejahtera App

First Update the MySejahtera application to the latest version in the App Store/Play Store to be able to make use of the new features.

Click on the “COVID-19 Vaccination” icon at the MySejahtera main page.


Select “Vaccine for NAME-OF-VACCINEE”

select vaccine for name

Tap the link provide – “Click here to book appointment”

book appointment click here adult new

Confirm that the person getting the appointment for vaccination has never experienced severe allergies and is not on blood-thinning medications (NR >4)

blood thinning allergies

Select Vaccine Type

choose type of vaccine

Enter PPV name or area or postcode to search for Covid-19 Vaccination Centre near you.

*PPV stands for Pusat Pemberian Vaksin or Vaccination Administration Centre for example: Subang Medical Centre.

You can enter the name of your area, for example, you can input the area: “Bukit Jalil”, “Sunway”, “Subang” or Postcode “70200”, or name like “Convention Centre”, etc.

type and ppv

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