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Best Mooncakes in Malaysia

Bakers Cottage

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Bakers Cottage is famous for its innovative mooncakes. Besides the traditional lotus and red bean paste filling, there are other very interesting flavours such as:

  • Pearl Of Prosperity – 3-layer mooncake, which combines jade green pandan lotus at the outer layer with golden yellow mung bean filling and golden salted egg yolk at the center.
  • Taro Single Yolk – purple-pink butter pastry skin with salted egg yolk wrapped in yam lotus paste
  • Black Gold – Durian mung bean paste wrapped with cool refreshing bamboo charcoal snow skin, & chewy soft musang king mochi in the inner layer

Bakes Skin Mooncakes

Snow Skin Mooncakes

The Baker’s Cottage Sdn Bhd as a confectionery manufacturer, conforms to the Malaysian Halal Standards. They also have a range of low sugar series.

Website: thebakerscottage.com


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Joymom’s mooncakes are tasty and not too sweet, packaged in very stylish containers. They offer a variety of mooncakes with unique designs and yummy fillings. Joymom’s has launched a new ”Sound The Moon“ themed gift box with the mood of sharing joy.

The Lava Tiramisu and Black Sesame with their oozing filling, are incredibly tempting and alluring. The Xin Yue Gift Set’s mooncakes patterns are intricate, with beautiful engravings on the pastry’s surface. 

Why Choose Joymom’s 娇妈妈 Mooncake ?

** 100% Halal Product ** MESTi Certificated ** Suitable for Vegetarian (except Egg Yolk Mooncake) ** No Preservative ** No Artificial Coloring ** All Natural Mooncake

Website: facebook.com/joymomsipoh

Tong Wah

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Indulge in these delicious mooncakes with traditional taste which are low in sugar content or have no sugar at all. There’s nothing quite like the enticing aroma of freshly made, traditional confectionaries that transport us back to cherished memories of yesteryears.

Tong Wah Mooncake, established in 1951, has a rich history of creating handmade mooncakes under its home brand. One of their remarkable innovations is the Sugar Free Series Mooncake, where they use Isomalt as a replacement for sugar. This groundbreaking mooncake is the world’s first sugar-free option that contains non-absorbable sugar content. It serves as a heartwarming delicacy specifically designed for seniors and consumers battling high blood sugar. Notably, all the ingredients used in their mooncakes are sourced and prepared in a HALAL Certified Factory, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to Halal standards.

Tong Wah Confectionery has achieved Guinness World Record for two (2) achievements; World Tallest Twin Towers Mooncake and biggest mooncake.

Website: tongwah.justorder.today

Tai Thong 

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In 1985, Tai Thong embarked on its journey into the world of mooncakes with a clear vision – to create the finest mooncakes, crafted by Malaysians and for Malaysians. 

The Tai Thong Mooncake Gift Box and the latest tiffin set serve as a poignant reminder to cherish and promote our cultural heritage, as well as prompt us to value the profound impact of art.

Under the guidance and inspiration of Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung, Tai Thong made remarkable strides in mooncake innovation, achieving significant milestones, including:

  1. Pioneering the Snow Skin Mooncakes in 2003.
  2. Receiving industry recognition in 2006 for producing the purest lotus paste mooncake.
  3. Becoming a trailblazer in crafting the flagship Imperial Musang King Royale mooncake in 2013.

Tai Thong Mooncake menu 2023

These achievements have propelled Tai Thong to new heights, with worldwide sales exceeding 100 million mooncakes to date. They also have a range of certified halal mooncakes.

Website: taithong.com.my


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