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Lavender Bakery, Cake and Cafe

Lavender Bakery sells baked products like buns, cakes, bread, cookies, and other special delights for gift giving. Now some Lavender shops come with a cafe that serves drinks like coffee, tea and a small selection of small bites.

Lavender Bakery

L. Cafe Pavilion Bukit Jalil

L. Cafe drinks, coffee and tea

L. Cafe menu – food

kids birthday cake bakery Malaysia

Whole cakes for kids birthday and special occasions. Minion: RM210 | bouquet of flowers: RM200 | Father’s Day

Assortment of cakes: Chocolate walnut slice. Lychee Mille crepe slice. Lychee rose mille crepe. Tropical Mango. 

The famous spicy chicken floss bun. Chicken curry bun. Otak Cheese bun. Almond raisin danish.

Doughnut. Baked chicken sausage bun. Chicken floss castle. Xiao ge ge.

Sweet potato Bun does look like a real purple sweet potato. Hungary Tuna bun.

Orange Peel Chocolate European Bread – RM6.10 | European Walnut Bread

Small treats

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