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Manifesting What you REALLY Want

Manifesting what you really want –

  • Be clear about your intention. If you want money, ask yourself, what do you intend to do with it? Being rich may not be the best thing for everyone. Would it make you a better person?
  • Organize the four basic dimensions of who you are: mind, body, emotion and energy in one direction, without changing direction. Breath, thought and awareness, in the right combination.
  • When there is a cause there is an effect. When you do good to others, for instance in the form of donation, help, guidance, support, something positive but in different form will happen in your life. Be clear about the intention of you helping others or doing something good. If it’s a selfish act, it is not GIVING. To GIVE is to do something for others or the world without expecting anything in return. 
  • Surrender all, do not hold on to your wishes. You will be glad if it happens, however if it doesn’t, it is OK.
  • If you are in an abusive relationship, your abuser is lost, and he/ she needs help. Your every action or reaction is to rehabilitate but not be vengeful, for example call the police, leave the house, explain, show love, etc.
  • If you think your husband is not appreciating you – remember it is not him that makes you feel unappreciated, it is always YOU. Nobody can enforce your self-esteem except for yourself, do not blame others. It doesn’t mean that he is right, but how you feel is your decision.
  • You’re unhappy because life is not happening the way you think it should happen. Society taught us to want something that doesn’t belong to us, to be someone we’re not. You think you want them, but actually you don’t. Because even if you get them, you will not be satisfied, happy and be at peace. God does not give what you want sometimes to protect you from the worst of you.
  • Your soul will reveal to you, what you really want through – relationships, work, obligations, etc.
  • What every human being wants is to live joyfully and peacefully, pleasantness within oneself and around them. If it happens in our BODY: health and pleasure. MIND: peace and joy. EMOTION: love and compassion. ENERGY: blissfulness and ecstasy.
  • Everyday in the morning start your day with this simple thought in your mind, “Today whenever I go I will create a peaceful, loving and joyful world and surrounding”
  • How you think, how much stability is there in your thought and how much resonance is there in the thought process. Don’t create any impediments for your thought by creating negative thought. What is possible and not possible is not your business, it’s nature’s business. Your business is just to strive for what you want. You are using the past experience of life as a basis for deciding whether something is possible or not possible.
  • Only when you’re in pleasant states of experience does your body and brain work at their best, stop working HARD, work joyfully. Anxiety, depression, stress happen when your intelligence is turned against you.
  • If you fall down hundred time, there’re hundred lessons to be learned. Commit yourself to creating what you really care for, and your mind gets organized.
  • Act on it. Whether you want a baby, inspire to be a singer, successful YouTuber, doctor, to be healthy, you name it, you have to learn, improve, train, work on it. 
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