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Simple Steps to Excel in Your Purpose in Life

what is your purpose in life and how to excel

Spirit is the part of you that is seeking purpose and meaning, drawn to hope and goodness, believes in something more that feels like grace.

Grace is something that transforms a moment into something better. For example, the voice that speaks to you – to put a hand on someone who is in distress, and tells you not to say something hurtful.

If you have a life, you have a purpose.

  1. Everyone of us has an intuitive voice in us. You know you’re on the right path, if you feel joy in the things that you do.
  2. Write something down, and feel it. How does that make you feel? For example: Writing, Motivating people, Coding, Accounts, Teaching, Treating patients, Dancing, etc…
  3. Meditate – Close your eyes, ears, all senses and withdraw. Breath in (think my body is not me). Breath out (think my mind is not me). Say “Ahhhhhh” seven times.
  4. Don’t set your focus on the path that didn’t belong to you – When people think life is unfair, or when something bad happens. They cannot get over that shock – “I can’t believe that this happened to me!”
  5. In every single choice, ask yourself, does this drain power out of you or is it going to enhance the spirit? Are you gonna learn something from it? 
  6. Ask yourself what is working and what is not? Are you in the right job, business or field? It’s not too late to look for other opportunities. Listen and be open to what life offers you.
  7. Have no judgment, Have no expectations and Give up the needs to know what happens tomorrow
  8. Be fully present in what you’re doing
  9. Put your energy into your own life. Give it your all and not be attached with the outcome.
  10. Believe in your work, feel the happiness of achieving success.
  11. The most important of all, you have to DO it. Without action, nothing gets done. Try your best and don’t check on the progress all the time. 


Sacred Contract – Caroline Myss

Super Soul – Oprah Winfrey


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