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How to Transit at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan – Connecting Flight

Guide for Layover/ flight transfer at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport 

Flights booked under a Single PNR

How to Transit without going through immigration & customs

  • If the flights booking is made with the same airline under a single PNR, you can transit in the airport without the need to go through immigration.
  • Travellers will have their baggage checked-through

Flights booked under different PNR (separate bookings) 

Immigration at Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

  • You need to go through immigration
  • Collect your baggage
  • Check in your baggage for the onward flight 
  • You can then board the flight

After getting off the aircraft, follow the signs to Transfer Counter or Skytrain to go to another terminal

If you do not have the boarding pass for your onward flight

Check the location of your airline’s Transfer Counter.

Zones A and B are in Terminal 1; Zones C and D are in Terminal 2.

Terminal 1 Map

Terminal 2 Map

  • After getting off the plane, transferring travelers may follow the signage or get assistance from ground staff to the transfer counter to complete transfer procedures and get the boarding pass.
  • Then Go through security inspections.
  • Proceed to departures on the third floor to board the connecting flight.

If you already have a boarding pass for your onward flight 

  • You can go straight through security control.
  • Follow the direction signs to the departures which is located on the third floor.

Please check your boarding gate number and flight departure time, and arrive at your boarding gate at least 30 minutes before departure.

Follow the signs to your boarding gate at Departures (3rd floor)

If you are transferring between Terminal 1 to Terminal 2

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are 800m apart, connected via a bridge, you can walk as long as you are airside (have not passed immigration).

You can also take the Skytrain.

  • Go to the Skytrain platform beside the transfer lounge
  • Ride the Skytrain to Terminal 2.
  • Go to the transfer counter in Zone C or D of Terminal 2 to check in for your onward flight.

Transfer Counter

  • Go through security control on the 2nd floor (2F)
  • Proceed to your boarding gate on the 3rd floor.
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