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How to Sell Old Furniture in Malaysia

The most common methods to sell your used furniture are through online platforms such Carousell, Mudah. If you do not wish to publish the listing and deal with the selling process yourself, now there are third party companies which would perform the required steps for you for a fee.


Website: unearthstore.com

1. Schedule Your Collection Slot

Submit the form and our Customer Service representatives will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time of your convenience.

2. Facilitate the Collection Process.

We need you to provide access to your premises to our friendly Collection Team reps. You won’t need to lift a finger as they carefully move your furniture out.

3. Get the payment in your account.

As items are sold, your account will be updated, and you will be able to request payment, which we will process and pay out within 7 days.


Unearth takes 50% of the sales. The seller will have to bear 50% of the collection cost.


John requested a collection with Unearth. The items includes a wardrobe, dining table, a TV and a sofa set. He stays on the 22nd floor of a condominium and accessing his unit takes 15 minutes from the service bay.

Only the wardrobe requires dismantling.

Cost of collection and dismantling is RM760.

The total sale of 3 items are RM 1,500.

(50% x RM 1,500) – (50% x RM 760) = RM 370 paid out to John

However if you have the time, it is much better to list the furniture yourself. 


Website: carousell.com.my

It is very easy to sell on carousell. Take pictures of your items you want to sell. Set up an account and list your furniture. It’s totally free! Enter the description, measurement, price, condition, meet-up location (for the buyer to view the unit).

Potential buyers who are interested would send you a private message. You can then negotiate the terms, when to meet-up, discounts, who is going to hire the mover, etc.

Cash Converters

They will buy almost any products that is in working condition and has a resale value. Customers can bring the items that they want to sell to any of their stores, where the selling price will be discussed/negotiated. As there are so many products in the market, they need to look at the product in its actual state to give a fair price estimate. It is their company policy not to provide “over the phone” price estimates.

Instant cash is paid once the price has been agreed.

To comply with the Secondhand Dealers Act. As it is required by Law, customers must produce their photo ID such as IC or Workpass/passport (Foreigners) for the transaction. Customers must be above 18 years old to sell their items.

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