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How to Take the SkyWay Cable Car to Genting Highlands

It was during the rainy month in the first week of January 2022 that we travelled to Genting SkyAvenue by the SkyWay. We made our way up the most popular and thriving highlands in Malaysia which was hit by landslides in a few parts after days of downpour. The debris and mess have been efficiently cleared out, repair work underway.

genting landslide

Parking at the Genting Premium Outlet’s multi-level carpark was a breeze. 

genting premium outlet escalator view

Outdoor space for visitors to enjoy the fresh cool air at the Outlet

crossing from genting premium outlet to awana skyway

From the Genting Premium Outlet, walk across to the Awana SkyCentral Station. Covid-19 SOPs apply.

Ticket Price (Normal and Concession) – More info

genting cable car skyway price ticket

ticketing kiosk

Self-service ticketing kiosks and Ticket Counter at Awana SkyWay Station next to Genting Premium Outlet

There was no crowd thankfully, we barely queued and it was our turn to hop onto the cable car. The 3 of us shared a cabin with another person. Our time enjoying the beautiful view out the window was cut short as the background turned more blurry by the second. The wind howled really creepily. Lo and behold, the sky was completely shrouded, we couldn’t see a thing, then it suddenly dawned on us that we have arrived at SkyAvenue Station.

foggy genting cable car

Watch how the fog made its appearance gradually

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