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Best EV Charger/ Equipment Providers and Installers in Malaysia

With the tax incentives and for environmental sustainability, electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity. Malaysia aims to have 10,000 EV charging points by 2025. However the most convenient way to charge your EV is at home if possible. In this post, we’ll explore the charging systems and highlight some of the best EV charger providers available in Malaysia. 

1-Phase vs. 3-Phase Charging

1-phase charging is the most basic type of charging system, and it utilizes a single alternating current (AC) supply. In Malaysia, the standard household power supply is 240 volts and 50Hz, making it suitable for 1-phase charging. Max charging power is around 7.4 kW. This charging method is often sufficient for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) or lower-range all-electric vehicles with smaller battery packs.

On the other hand, 3-phase charging utilizes three alternating current supplies, typically at 400 volts in Malaysia. This results in a higher power output compared to 1-phase charging, making it ideal for faster charging of larger battery packs found in high-end EVs and longer-range all-electric vehicles. Max charging power is 22 kW.


It is advisable to have a certified electrician install your EV charger. Electric vehicle chargers require specific electrical circuit configuration and capacity with proper wiring to ensure safe and efficient operation. It may also be a requirement to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

EV Charger/ Equipment Providers and Installers in Malaysia:

JusEV Charging Network

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JusEV is a subsidiary of Dancomech Holdings Berhad, specializing in Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for home, public & commercial segments. They provide a range of EV chargers and accessories from reputable brands such as ABB (Switzerland), Schneider Electric (France) and their own JusEV. 

They have an Installation & Commissioning team that makes sure the system is thoroughly tested for proper safety and functionality before handing over to customers.

EV owners who wants to charge their EV on-the-go can use the JusEV App.

  • Locate the nearest EV chargers
  • Get real-time charger details and availability
  • Activate charging by scanning the QR code
  • Pay your charging fee via e-payment upon unplug

Besides the physical hardware, they also provide cloud-based solutions that integrate with their JusEV platform, customers can remotely monitor, manage & generate revenue from all owned chargers anywhere. You can analyze the usage patterns of your EV chargers to plan your next business strategies.

Website: jusev.com.my


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Sangitech (Malaysia) was initiated to help individuals and business owners in the Klang Valley adopt the use of electric mobility by having better access to charging needs. Sangitech’s products are oriented toward the household and commercial markets in the EV charging field. Their main products include EV chargers, EV charging cables, portable chargers, and even solar panels. All of their products are CE certified, and their quality can be trusted.

Experience the convenience of a 7kW Portable Charger for your Electric Vehicles, eliminating the hassle of searching for charging stations. With the CEE plug Sangitech portable EV charger, you can charge wherever you go! Simply plug it into any available power point to effortlessly juice up your electric car. The CEE Plug 

ChargeSini – Sangitech Charging Stations

ChargeSini has partnered with Sangitech to provide their consumers with their EV charging solutions using the ChargeSini app. These products boast certifications by both Germany’s TUV safety monitoring agency, as well as the  Malaysian Green Technology And Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) under its MyHijau scheme. [ChargeSini Charging Stations]

Website: sangitech.my


KINETA, is a subsidiary of Sime Darby, that focuses at providing comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions in Malaysia. They offer a wide range of products from trusted EV charger brands, including Wallbox (Spain), Tritium (Australia), StarCharge (China), Autel, etc. 

For EV owners interested in installing a charger at home, KINETA provides a diverse range of options, in different configurations; 7.4 kW and 22 kW, with installation technicians and consultations. For Wallbox charger, you can use the myWallbox app to schedule charging sessions and monitor your charger status.

How Long Does the Installation Take

For installations in homes such as bungalows, terrace houses, semi-detached houses etc, it can take a minimum of 4 hours up to a day (if the cabling works are below 20 meters)

Package price from RM4,599

KINETA has been appointed as the exclusive supplier and installer of EV chargers for Sime Darby Motors’ brands that sell EVs, such as BMW, Hyundai, Porsche, Volvo, and BYD, for both individuals and businesses. 

You can seek out advice from their EV charging experts, so you’ll know exactly what to look out for.

KINETA Charging Stations

EV charging stations located at selected Auto Bavaria showrooms, hotels and mall powered by KINETA are available via the GO TO-U mobile app.

Website: kinetacharge.com


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In January 2014, Feyree (China) was founded with a primary focus on designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Their product range includes the Type 1 and 2 standard series, GB/T standard series, and more. 

[PROTECTION] To protect your vehicle and provide peace of mind, Feyree’s charger comes equipped with multiple safety features, including over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage protection, leakage, overheating protection, and a waterproof rating of IP66.

[COMPATIBILITY & QUALITY] Their chargers boast exceptional compatibility with most electric cars, adhering to the IEC 62196-2 standard. All products have undergone rigorous testing, hold CE and TUV certification.

With the portable charger, charging your electric vehicle during travel is a breeze. The charger can be conveniently carried along with your car, ensuring you have charging capabilities wherever you go. Plus, you can easily monitor all the charging data through the charger’s LCD screen.

feyree Type2 EV Charging Cable – IEC 62196-2 electric car

Website: feyree.com

evc (ev Connection)

Established in 2016, EV Connection is a leading provider of sustainable energy infrastructure solutions in Malaysia, with a focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems.

evc provides a seamless one-stop EV charging solution which includes AC chargers, DC chargers and accessories with a team of certified EV charger installers, and others.

evc JomCharge Charging Stations

To further facilitate their mission and the EV adoption in the region, EV Connection has established a digital platform, JomCharge, where the EV community is granted access to their extensive charging network across Malaysia. In collaboration with their partner, Gentari, the first ever 350kW public DC charger in Southeast Asia is available right here in Malaysia at the X Park Sunway Serene public charging hub.

You can now access chargers across 3 platforms (EVC, Gentari and chargEV by Yinson) on a single mobile app. Download the JomCharge, Setel or ChargEV app and gain access to more than 600 chargers nationwide!

X Park Sunway Serene public charging hub

Website: ev-connection.com


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Founded in 2012, MRCARTOOL is specialized in automotive tools.

The S310 EV home charger utilizes standard SAE_J1772 and IEC_61851-1 charging protocols, making it compatible with all electric cars. With its 32A level 2 EV charger, it can charge your car twice as fast as a 16A level 2 EV charger and four times faster than the typical 16A level 1 EV charger that comes with most electric vehicles. Under normal conditions, it takes approximately 7-12 hours for a full charge, though the actual working current depends on your vehicle settings. Rest assured, it has an automatic stop feature when the charging is complete.

The charger is equipped with Smart Swipe Charging to prevent unauthorised use, and its Waterproof IP65 feature ensures it can function reliably even on rainy days.

Two types of chargers:

EU Standard 220V /US Standard US 110V. Please select the right EV home charger according to your car model before purchasing.

Website: mrcartool.net


Carput designs, supplies and installs EV chargers for residential and commercial properties. Making EV charging accessible to everyone, everywhere, they are looking to help build Malaysia’s EV charging ecosystem, reducing carbon footprint to the minimum.

Cost of EV Charger

The price of an EV Charger generally varies between RM3,000 to RM5,900 for a 7kW model and between RM5,000 to RM7,900 for a 22kW model. The actual cost depends on factors such as the brand and whether it is a socket or tethered type of charger.

Cost of Installation Service by Carput

The price starts from RM1,200 – RM1,800 depending on the cable length and the installation method required. They will conduct a test on your distribution box and check on your electrical components before they proceed to install.

Website: carput.my

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