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Covid19 Vaccination Program and PPV for Children 5 to 11 – PICKids

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PPV for PICKids – Vaccination Centres for Children Walk-in with Sinovac and Pfizer

Registered but did not Receive an Appointment Link, Stuck at Assessment

Receive PICKids Link but Can’t Click on it

What to Monitor after My Child is Vaccinated

Please bring the child’s MyKid and consent form

How to Register, Book and Select Appointment

Covid-19 Vaccination for Kids (PICKids) using Paediatric Pfizer vaccine for children; Smaller dose (10 micrograms), Two doses with an interval of 8 weeks.

How to Register, book and select the appointment. With the latest version of MySejahtera App, you can now select PPV with Sinovac or Pfizer for children.

Now you can walk-in with your children aged 5-11 to selected PPV (such as WTCKL and Axiata Bukit Jalil, etc. refer to the list below) for their Covid-19 vaccination and parents will also be given the option to opt for the CoronaVac (Sinovac) vaccine for their children if they do not agree to the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine starting from 8th Mar. 

  • You are required to register on MySejahtera
  • The vaccination appointment booking links for children (5-11 years old) are currently being released in stages on MySejahtera for parents or guardians in Klang Valley who have registered their children on the app.
  • Only residents in Klang Valley can make the appointment by choosing the date, time and location they prefer for Vaccine administration from the list through MySejahtera.
  • Booking links for #PICKids are being pushed out based on date of registration. If you have registered but have not received the booking link yet, don’t worry you will receive it soon.
  • Besides the appointment system in Klang Valley, the vaccination for kids will also be done through schools stage by stage.
  • When booking to get slots at a PPV, parents/ guardian will have to type the PPV’s name or input postcode.
  • If they can’t find any slot that they want, don’t worry as the slots will be updated and they can try again from time to time. Can use the same link to search again.
  • If wrongly booked or want to change booking date etc, can just cancel appointments.

Vaccination Centres for Kids #PICKids – PPV Untuk Kanak Kanak (5 – 11) in Klang Valley

Sinovac vaccination for kids will begin on 7th March 2022. The list of selected PPVs can be referred on these websitesSource

selangor pickids walk-in Kuala lumpur klang valley

  • World Trade Centre (WTC), Kuala Lumpur – Walk-in allowed, daily
  • Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil – Walk-in allowed, daily
  • Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC), Shah Alam – Walk-in allowed, daily – Sinovac and Pfizer

idcc kids vaccination ppv shah alam

Ideal Convention Centre (IDCC), Shah Alam PICKids. Photo: ProtectHealth

  • PPV Offsite Zain Azrai (Bukit Idaman, Selayang) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun) | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Offsite Wyndham Hotel Klang (George Clinic)
  • PPV Offsite Klang Parade – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Mutiara Subang (Klinik Siti)
  • PPV Offsite Poliklinik Prima
  • PPV Offsite Centrepoint Bandar Utama – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Dewan MDKS Saujana Utama (George Clinic)
  • PPV Offsite Da Men Mall (Subang Jaya) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun) | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Seri Bernam (Miosh) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Orang Ramai Ampang Mewah
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Serbaguna Seroja, Putra Perdana
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Serbaguna Kota Damansara (George Clinic)
  • PPV Offsite  Port Klang Authority (IHEAL)
  • PPV Offsite Aeon Mall Bukit Raja (Poliklinik Perdana) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun) | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Offsite International Youth Center
  • PPV Dahlia Medical Group BBS (Bandar Baru Selayang, Batu Caves) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Dahlia Medical Group Tmn Bidara (Batu Caves) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Dahlia Medical Group Tmn Desa Bakti (Selayang) – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Dewan Komuniti Sungai Choh – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite IOI City Tower 1 – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite PARADIGM MALL – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Subang Parade
  • PPV Dewan Serbaguna SS15, Subang Jaya
  • PPV Offsite Emporis Primer Cherang Clinic Kota Damansara – Source fb.com/PrimerCherang: Walk-in allowed
  • PPV Outreach Mines 2 Convention Center (IHEAL MEDICAL CENTRE)
  • PPV Offsite Grand Season Hotel (George Clinic)

Additional PPVs

  • Hospital Pantai KL
  • Hospital Pakar KPJ Tawakkal KL (KPJ Tawakkal KL Specialist Hospital)
  • Hospital Wanita & Kanak Kanak Naluri
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Belia Tamn Desa Bakti
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Kompleks Sukan Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Langat – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Orang Kampung Assam Jawa – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Balai Raya Kampung Sg Terap – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun) – Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Offsite D’Network Eco Setia Park – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Raja Muda Musa Seksyen 7
  • PPV Offsite Sepang Internation Circuit – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun)
  • PPV Offsite Soka Gokkai – Walk-in allowed, daily
  • PPV BMC Bandar Mahkota Cheras | fb.com/bmc – Walk-in allowed (Sat & Sun) | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Mediviron Taming Jaya (Ulu Langat) – Sinovac and Pfizer available
  • Sunway Medical Centre – Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Pakar Kanak-kanak Ceria | Setia Alam | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Yuri Clinique | Shah Alam | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Familycare | PJ | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Klinik dan Surgeri Lee & Jay, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Polyclinic & Surgery Siva, PJ | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Kanak-kanak Ooi, PJ | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Mediviron (Putra Heights, Selangor) | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Medipulse Sqwhere, Sungai Buloh | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik G&P, Ara Damansara | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Kelinik Jaya (Gombak) | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Offsite Dewan Orang Ramai Hulu Yam Bharu | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Offsite MMU Cyberjaya | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Sungai Long Specialist Hospital | Sinovac and Pfizer

penang perak pickids walk-in

Sinovac and Pfizer available

PICKids PPV Offsite in Penang – Walk-ins Allowed

  • PPV Offsite Tapak Expo Seberang Jaya (Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah)
  • PPV Offsite Tapak Pesta Sg. Nibong, Bayan Lepas – ProtectHealth: 7 days a week, by Klinik Menara
  • Dewan Sunshine Bayan Baru bagi Daerah Barat Daya
  • Sunshine Bertam (Daerah Seberang Perai Utara)
  • Dewan MPKK Bandar Cassia (Daerah Seberang Perai Selatan)

PICKids PPV in Perak – Walk-in

  • PPV PICKids KLINIK MEDIWAVE (Dewan Serbaguna Taman Meru) | Ipoh, Perak (On the way to Meru Golf Resort opposite SK Jelapang) | fb.com/mediwave | WALK-IN AVAILABLE ( No need pre-booking /appointment) | Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm | Weekend/ Public Holiday: 9am to 9pm
  • PPV Dewan Seri Mercu Kuala Kangsar
  • PPV Marina Mall Manjung
  • PPV Dewan Kampung Dato Kamaruddin, Bidor
  • PPV SK Taman Jana LMS
  • KK Sri Iskandar
  • KK Kampung Gajah
  • PPV Dewan Siveritage Ipoh | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • PPV Angsana Mall Ipoh
  • Klinik KS Tan (Roger), Hilir Perak | Sinovac and Pfizer
  • Klinik Rapatcare, Kinta | Sinovac and Pfizer

PICKids PPV – Vaccination Centres for Children in Sabah

Appointment and Walk-in are accepted. Please refer to below phone number and hours for vaccination.

  • Klinik Kesihatan Luyang
  • Klinik Kesihatan Inanam
  • Klinik Kesihatan Telipok
  • Klinik Kesihatan Menggatal
  • Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak Pekan
  • Klinik Kesihatan Likas
  • Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak Jln. Kebajikan
  • Hospital Queen Elizabeth II
  • Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak Likas

sabah walk-in pickids vaccination covid children kanak

PICKids PPV in Perlis and Kedah

perlis kedah

Registered but did not Receive an Appointment Link

If everything fails, you can try deleting the Vaccine Dependent and adding it back (Source)

Received the PICKids link but can’t click on it

  • Ensure your MySejahtera is the latest version. [ How to Update MySejahtera App ]
  • For Android users, go to your phone’s settings and give permission to the MySejahtera app to download and open files.
  • Force quit your MySejahtera app and reopen.
  • If your link still doesn’t work after the steps above, please report to the interactive Helpdesk on MySejahtera app.

faq can't open



  1. Pantau aktiviti anak anda dan sebarang kesan sampingan dalam tempoh 5
    hingga 7 hari selepas vaksinasi.

Monitor for side effects 5 – 7 days after vaccination.

2. Kanak-kanak sememangnya aktif. Biarkan mereka menjalankan aktiviti harian seperti biasa. Pastikan anak anda tidak melakukan aktiviti yang lebih lasak daripada biasa selama seminggu selepas suntikan seperti jogging, berbasikal, berenang dan aktiviti fizikal disekolah atau bersukan.

Let your kids carry out their daily activities as usual. Make sure your child does not do strenuous activities more than usual for a week after the injection such as jogging, cycling, swimming and physical activity at school or sports.

3. Pastikan anak anda rehat, makan dan minum secukupnya. Jika terdapat sebarang perubahan seperti kurang aktif, kurang makan dari biasa, sila bawa anak anda berjumpa doktor untuk diperiksa

Make sure your child rests, eats and drinks adequately. If you notice anything irregular, such as if the child is less active, eating less than usual, please take your child to see a doctor for examination

pickids ppv for kids children vaccination centres




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