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How to Keep Roaches Away Using Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil, with its strong, eye-watering, minty scent is really great in repelling cockroaches according to reviews and comments of people who used it before.

According to this Study (Evaluation of Some Plant Essential Oils against the Brown-banded Cockroach), the tested essential oils (Table below) reported high repellent effect against brown-banded cockroach. The repellent activity showed different results according to the type of essential oil and the concentration used. The oregano essential oil has the highest repellent effects. Essential oils, as secondary plant compounds responsible for the aromatic characteristics of plants, can be used as a safe alternative to conventional insecticides, as these oils are less toxic to humans and leave no toxic residues.

repllencey cockroaches oil essential

Evaluation of Some Plant Essential Oils’ Repellency Effects against the Brown-banded Cockroach, Supella longipalpa (Blattaria: Ectobiidae) 

Home-made Cockroach Repellent

Spray or place the cotton balls in the corners of your kitchen, bathroom, closet, laundry room, or hidden areas where you think these nasty cockroaches might be. 


Emulsifier like glycerin, allows essential oil to integrate with water, without it, oil would float on the surface of the water. So if you are making a spray, you can try adding an emulsifier. If you don’t have any, just remember to shake the oil and water well before using it. Add 15 drops of oil to about 60ml of distilled water, or the amount following the instructions provided by the essential oil company. Use a glass spray bottle.

Cotton Ball

Put two to three drops of oil on a cotton ball.

Click here for a List of Tested/ Pure Essential Oils

Aura Cacia Oregano Organic Essential Oil 

All Aura Cacia oils are tested to be pure and you can find their GC/MS Reports here. The Oregano oil is usually used for its anti-fungal and antiseptic properties to get rid of toenail fungus, warts, bug bites, etc. It is also an excellent repellent of cockroaches. 


You can buy it here at USD 8.79 – 0.25 Oz

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Edens Garden Peppermint Essential Oil

Refreshing, strong and minty, Peppermint essential oil is very popular for its many benefits, including repelling insects and bugs. Edens Garden is voted the best NON-MLM Essential oil company. Their prices are very competitive for the quality that you get. Here’s the GC/ MS Report of their Peppermint Oil.

edens garden peppermint

You can buy it here at USD 11.95 – 10ml

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Artizen Peppermint Essential Oil 

Artizen has not published any test reports on its website, hence there is no way for users to verify their oils’ purity and authenticity. Dr. Robert S. Pappas tested the Artizen’s Neroli essential oil and found it to be fraudulent and not pure. There’s no report for the peppermint oil though. Nevertheless, customers who used the peppermint oil were happy that it keeps the roaches at bay. It is best not to use this directly on your skin and you have dilute it before use.

30ml Oils artizen peppermint repel roaches


You can buy it here at US$6.99 – 1 Fl Oz (30 ml)  

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REVIEW Jul 2022

Purchased the peppermint oil for different reasons. But the main use I’ve been getting out of it is to keep roaches away. We live in the south near the river, so we see a lot of cockroaches. I spray outside with chemicals, but for inside, I dilute the oil with water in a spray bottle for safety of my kids and dogs. I’ve tried many oils and this one really seems to show results. Just bought a bigger bottle of this brand to replace my almost empty bottle. The scent is strong and seems to last a good while.

Mighty Mint Cockroach Repellent Natural Peppermint Oil Spray

essential oil mint cockcoach repellent spray

This spray is effective in repelling cockroaches as well as killing those nasty critters on the spot. Simply spray along the baseboards in the kitchen, bathroom and places where you think how the roaches could have entered your premise. The product is made from peppermint essential oil and other plant based safe ingredients.

However it is not cheap and the smell can be tad too strong if you are not used to the scent of minty oils. It would be cheaper to make the spray yourself by diluting pure peppermint essential oil  

You can buy it here at US$18.98

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Aug 2022

Very strong mint smell, which thankfully I enjoy. I haven’t seen a roach since I started using it and it also helps get of crickets!

Jul 2022

This is the best repellent I’ve used so far. It has a very strong minty smell but it’s not bad at all. Kills roaches instantly and it’s safe around your pets and kids. I’ve had mine for 6months so far and That’s because I haven’t had to use it much. I’d Spray it around the house and I honest haven’t seen one single roach since. We live in FL so when it gets real hot those tiny demons like to invade the house so I’m glad I found this..

May 2022

This is a good, non-poison solution. Note that it will only stop/kill them if you manage to spray their underside. Spraying on top does nothing. But, creating a barrier does seem to discourage them.

Apr 2022

The product label warns that the scent is powerful. So much so my husband says no to using it unless he is out of the house for at least an overnight (traveling). I don’t mind it at all. Probably an easy solution to nasty roaches for folks like me but it’s not for everyone.

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