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Jun 14
Lucky Draw for COVID-19 Vaccinated Hong Kong Residents

Lucky Draws (that are open) to encourage Hong Kong residents to get their Covid-19…

Apr 21
List of Food & Beverages and their Calories, Sodium, Sugar Content

Make your calories count. Limit saturated fat and trans fats, and cut back on food…

Feb 03
Afternoon Tea Options in Hong Kong

Traditional English afternoon tea which consists of dainty sandwiches, scones and…

Feb 03
Affordable Meals in Hong Kong

Cheap eats in Hong Kong are aplenty. Depending on what you fancy, you can follow the…

Dec 22
Popular Hong Kong Dishes – Reading The Menu in Chinese

Not all menus in Hong Kong have English descriptions, hence learning some Chinese…

Nov 20
List of International Schools in Hong Kong

International schools are predominantly catered for non-local students in the host…



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