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EMI Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) & Private Schools

Generally, admission to private schools in Hong Kong is done directly to the respective school without going through the allocation system administered by the Education Bureau (EDB) of Hong Kong. DSS and private primary schools are excluded from the Primary One Admission System (POA). However a number of DSS secondary schools do participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation System (SSPA).

Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools

(Source: EDB, Full List with school fees)

DSS Schools are non-government schools partially subsidized by the government to enhance the quality of private education. These schools are allowed to have greater flexibility in curriculum design than public sector schools, however the curriculum has to target local students and prepare them to sit for local exams. Some DSS schools are also offering the IB Programme.

The schools listed here use English as the language of instruction (EMI) but aim for their students to be proficient in both English and Chinese. Tests/ exams are conducted frequently, rigorous school work/ learning and there is fierce competition in gaining admission to most of them especially the popular ones.

Primary & Secondary

Diocesan Boys’ School (DBS) 拔萃男書院 

Mong Kok | Language: English

FEES Primary 1 – P6 Fees: $43 930 per year | Secondary from $50k/year 

IBDP & HKDSE – Highly competitive school to get in, heavy school workload.

IB Diploma results 2020 with average score of 42/45 points putting DBS at the top spot in the world.

Diocesan Boys' School mongkok

Photo: DBS

St Paul’s Co-educational College (SPCC) 聖保羅男女

Location: Central 

Fees 20/21: Primary: $63k/ year | Secondary $64,500/ year | IB Diploma: $96,500/ year

IBDP 2020 average score: 41.8 | HKDSE Results 2020: 3 out of 7 students in HK who achieved the highest grade 5** in all seven subjects are from SPCC – is a traditional elite school in HK.

St Paul’s Convent School (SPCS) 聖保祿學校 |

Causeway Bay | All-round education for girls, based on Christian values

FEES – Secondary from $25k/ year (DSS) | Primary $55k (Private) –

  • St Paul’s College School (SPC) 聖保羅書院 | Primary $30k (Pok Fu Lam) | $40,400 (Mid-Levels) – Anglican boys’ school

Secondary (spc.edu.hk)

  • Diocesan Girls’ School (DGS) 拔萃女書院 | Jordan Road, Kowloon | Fees 20/21: Secondary $38k/ year | Primary: $70k/ year (Diocesan Girls’ Junior school) | HKDSE Results 2020: 2 students achieved the highest grade.

  • Creative Secondary School 啓思中學 | Secondary – EMI (Tseung Kwan O) Fees 20/21: from $83,210/ year | Primary is Chinese medium instruction CMI (Kowloon Tong): $116,600 per year | IB World School – Students are selected by the school to do HKDSE or IBDP in S5 & S6

  • St Margaret’s Co-edu Eng Sec & Pri Sch (SMCESPS) 聖瑪加利男女英文 中小學 | Sham Shui Po | Website | Fees 20/21: Primary from $53,570. Secondary from $46,770 – Trilingual, has a good reputation, school work is not very stressful. 

  • HKCCC Union Logos Academy 香港華人基督教聯會真道書院 | Tseung Kwan O | IBDP Results 2020 average points: 37.1 | Fees: P1-P5: $28,600/ year | Secondary from: $32,300/ year

  • HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Sec & Pri Sch (HKBUAS) 香港浸會大學附屬學校王錦輝中小學 | Sha Tin | Fees: Primary & Secondary from $38,980

hkbuas wong kam fai school shatinPhoto: HKBUAS

  • St Stephen’s College (SSC) 聖士提反書院 | Stanley | Primary $89,500 per  year (private) | Secondary from $72k per year (DSS) | English medium

  • Pui Kiu College 培僑書院 | Tai Wai | Primary: $25,300 | Secondary: from $27,800

  • Chinese YMCA 中華基督教青年會中學 | Tin Shui Wai | Primary: free (CMI) | Secondary: $14,600

  • ELCHK Lutheran Academy 基督教香港信義會宏信書院 | Yuen Long | Primary from $58,590 | Secondary from $69,500

  • Evangel College 播道書院 | Tseung Kwan O | Primary $21,300 | Secondary $25,700


  • PLK Lam Man Chan English Pri Sch (PLKLMCEPS) 保良局林文燦英文小學 | To Kwa Wan, Kowloon | Website | P1-P6 Fees: $14,140/ year

  • Po Leung Kuk Camões Tan Siu Lin Primary School (PLKCTSLPS) 保良局陳守仁小學 | Yau Ma Tei | Fees: $19,800/ year

  • Delia (Man Kiu) English Primary School 地利亞(閩僑)英文小學 | Tsing Yi | Fees: $7370/ year

  • Hon Wah College 漢華中學 | Siu Sai Wan | from $17,640 | honwah.edu.hk

  • Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School 福建中學附屬學校 | Yau Tong Estate, Kwun Tong, Kowloon | $35,750 per year

  • PLK Luk Hing Too Primary School 保良局陸慶濤小學 | Po Lam Estate, Tseung Kwan O | fees: $13,000 – The school adopts dual-class-teacher and small-class approach, for all levels. Putonghua as the medium of instruction for Chinese language for all levels. English is used as the medium of instruction for Science. Science and Integrated Humanities are using self-developed textbooks.

  • PLK HK Taoist Assn Yuen Yuen Primary School 保良局香港道教聯合會
    圓玄小學 | Tuen Mun | Fees: $13,150 per year | yyps.edu.hk – They have 4 classes each from primary 1 to primary 6 adopting theme-based teaching. Every lesson has 2 teachers. In order to facilitate English learning, every English lesson has 2 teachers, one of them is the Native English Speaking Teacher.

  • W F Joseph Lee Primary School 和富慈善基金李宗德小學 | Yuen Long | Fees $16,000 per year – Putonghua and English are the two main mediums of instruction. To cater for learner diversity, students are grouped in particular subjects according to their abilities. Extra individual support would be arranged to students with special needs or slow learners.

St. Hilary’s Primary School

VNSAA St. Hilary’s Primary School

  • VNSAA St. Hilary’s Primary School 漢師德萃學校 | Kowloon, next to the Mongkok MTR – Grade 1 to Grade 6
  • St. Hilary’s Primary School (Tai Po) – Grade 1 to Grade 6
  • AOG St. Hilary’s College(Primary Section) (Diamond Hill) – Grade 1 to Grade 4

sthilarys.edu.hk: HK$7,320 per month (11 installments) | Medium of Instruction: English / Putonghua (Chinese & General Studies)


  • Heep Yunn School (HYS) 協恩中學 | Kowloon City | Anglican girls secondary school |Fees from $35,955 per year. For admission: good knowledge in Chinese, English, Mathematics, learning attitude and a strong general knowledge base

Website: hys.edu.hk

  • Delia Memorial School 地利亞修女紀念學校 | Website | Four schools: Hip Wo & Hip Wo 2 (Kwun Tong), Broadway (Mei Foo), Glee Path (Mei Foo) | Fees: S1-S3  (Free) | S4-S6 from $3,000 per year

  • The Chinese Foundation Secondary School 中華基金中學 | Siu Sai Wan | cfss.edu.hk | Fees from $17,650 per year

  • Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College 佛教筏可紀念中學 | Tai O, Lantau Island | from $6,000 per year | Website – It offers an English Medium of Instruction (EMI) stream which is designed for international student population. It also provides the Chinese stream students with the opportunity to choose NSS elective subjects in English.

  • YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College 港青基信書院 | Tung Chung | yhkcc.edu.hk | from $51,000 – English is the main medium of instruction, second language is Chinese and it adopts different medium of instruction by class or by group / school-based curriculum in French and Spanish (Third language).

  • Po Leung Kuk Ngan Po Ling College 保良局顏寶鈴書院 | Tokwawan | from $34,700 – offers the IB Diploma Programme alongside the local HKDSE public exams

  • United Christian College (Kowloon East) 滙基書院(東九龍) | Kwun Tong | uccke.edu.hk | from $28,700- All classes are EMI. Students have to take a third language, either French or Japanese. Chinese, Bible, Life and Society taught in English.

  • G. T. (Ellen Yeung) College 優才(楊殷有娣)書院 | Tseung Kwan O | Fees from $38,280

  • HKUGA College 港大同學會書院 | Wong Chuk Hang | from $40,309 per year

  • Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College 保良局羅氏基金中學 | Tseung Kwan O | from $19,800 – English is used as the Medium of Instruction for all academic and cultural subjects, except for Chinese Language

Private Schools

  • Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School (CKY) 保良局蔡繼有學校 | Piper’s Hill, Kowloon – Curriculum: Year 1-5 (bilingual curriculum designed for HK students) | Year 6-10 (in-house curriculum based on British National Curriculum) IGCSE | Year 11-12 (IBDP) | IBDP 2020 results average points: 39.7 | Through-train | Fees Y1 from $82,500/ year

  • Rosaryhill School 玫瑰崗學校 | Wan Chai | The Primary school is a Band 2 private Catholic co-ed school | Bilingual | Happy school life | Primary $46,660 per year | Secondary is Aided CMI

  • St. Johannes College (Primary) 聖若望英文書院 | Kowloon Tong | Fees: $66k per year | English medium

Website: st-johannes.edu.hk

  • Gigamind English Primary School 激活英文小學 | Yuen Long | $98,230 per year

  • St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese Primary School 聖若瑟英文小學 | Kowloon Tong | Primary $44k per year (EMI) | Secondary: Aided CMI

Non EMI / Chinese Medium DSS

  • Kiangsu-Chekiang College 蘇浙公學 | Braemar Hill Road | kccnp.info | Fees S1-S6: $7500 per year

  • Man Kwan QualiEd College 萬鈞匯知中學 | Secondary | Tseung Kwan O | from $10,050

  • Caritas Charles Vath College 明愛華德中書院 | Tung Chung | S1-S6: $8,400 per year


Wikipedia.org, edb.gov.hk, information from the schools’ websites


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