English Medium Instruction (EMI) Public Schools in Hong Kong

Public schools in Hong Kong which are free like Aided and Gov’t schools are subject to Hong Kong Government School Places Allocation System for admission. Some public schools in Hong Kong use English as the main medium of instruction.

Other Schools in Hong Kong- Fee-paying Schools:  Direct Subsidy Schools (DSS) and Private Schools | International Schools

Even though all English Medium Instruction (EMI) public schools’ textbooks and reading materials are in English, the teachers use Cantonese in oral instruction in some occasions, for instance in Sports and Arts Classes and Cantonese is also utilized when students have difficulties in understanding the concept in English, making them “mixed-code”. Playground language is usually Cantonese. Some raised concerns about the poor English language proficiency of local EMI schools’ educators – Source: [reddit]. 

Many of the local EMI schools are fairly competitive to get in because over the years, they have gained a reputation for being elite schools providing better preparation for children to meet their future needs. 

Schools are divided into 3 Bands; those in Band 1 are the most sought-after as the likelihood of their students securing a place in university is higher based on the HKDSE results. However the choice of school should not be solely be based on academic performance. There are schools which are more relaxed and nurturing – “Happy School” has friendly learning environment with reasonable workload and positive teachers.

[Schools sorted by Bands, Results and Medium of Instruction on BigExam.hk]

Here is a list of some more popular schools:


Hong Kong Island

  • Queen’s College (QC) 皇仁書院 |

Causeway Bay | Website | Anglo-Chinese Secondary School 

Jan 20: popular public boys school, high university admission rate

queen's college causeway bay

Photo: Queen’s College HK (qc.edu.hk)

  • Wah Yan College (WYK), Hong Kong 香港華仁書院 

Wan Chai (WYHK) & Kowloon (WYK) | HKDSE results 2020: One student attained seven 5** (top score) 

Elite Catholic secondary school for boys

Wah Yan College _Campus

  • S.K.H. Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School 聖公會鄧肇堅中學 | Wan Chai
  • King’s College 英皇書院 | Bonham Road (Central) | Boys school
  • Raimondi College 高主教書院 | Mid-Level | raimondi.edu.hk | Co-ed
  • St. Clare’s Girls’ School 聖嘉勒女書院 | Mount Davis Road (Central)
  • St. Joseph’s College 聖若瑟書院 | Kennedy Road Central | All boys
  • St. Louis School 聖類斯中學 | Third Street (Central) | all Boys

  • St. Stephen’s Girls’ College 聖士提反女子中學 

Lyttelton Road, Central | Christianity: Anglican | It is a traditional elite school

Website: ssgc.edu.hk

  • Ying Wa Girls’ School 英華女學校 | Robinson Road, Central

ying wah girls school

The redeveloped campus started operation in 2019. All classrooms and special rooms in the new campus are fully air-conditioned and equipped with the essentials for e-learning. Other facilities include a full-school seating capacity assembly hall, a 200-seat auditorium, a campus TV studio and ample outdoor recreational grounds and social spaces.

The school also provides additional support for NCS (Non-Chinese Speaking) students to facilitate their learning of Chinese.

Website: ywgs.edu.hk

  • Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College 伊斯蘭脫維善紀念中學 | Chai Wan | Co-ed 

English is used in English Language, Music, Visual Arts
For Non-Chinese Speaking Students: Life and Society, Mathematics, Computers Literacy, Integrated Science, Technology and Living, Religious Studies, Physical Education

  • Belilios Public School 庇理羅士女子中學 | Tin Hau, North Point | Top Band 1 English Girls school | Website: bps.hk – The school develops the students academically as well as other fields such as sports and arts, making it a high-achievement school with challenging entrance criteria.

  • Cheung Chuk Shan College 張祝珊英文中學 | North Point

  • CCC Kwei Wah Shan College 中華基督教會桂華山中學 | North Point | Co-ed | English is used: English Language, Biology, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Information and Communication Technology, Economics
    For Non-Chinese Speaking Students: English is used for Mathematics, Citizenship and Social Development (S.4, S.5), Liberal Studies (S.6)

CCC Kwei Wah Shan College

  • Concordia Lutheran School – North Point 北角協同中學 | Co-ed 

English is adopted as medium of instruction for Non Chinese Speaking (NCS) students: Mathematics, Science, Integrated Humanities, Computer Literacy, Religion, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, English

  • Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School 明愛胡振中中學 | Pok Fu Lam (Southern) | Co-ed 

English Language is used for Non-Chinese Speaking Students: Mathematics, Integrated Science (S.1 and S.2), Physics (S.3), Chemistry (S.3), Biology (S.3), Chinese History, Computer Studies and Technology, Life and Society, Economics and Commerce, Ethics and Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music, Activity Education and Life Education, STEAM Education

  • Sacred Heart Canossian College 嘉諾撒聖心書院 | Pok Fu Lam (Southern) | all girls

  • S.K.H. Lui Ming Choi Secondary School 聖公會呂明才中學 | Pokfulam

  • Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2 余振強紀念第二中學 

Pokfulam | English is adopted as the Main language of Instruction for Non-Chinese speaking students 

Website: yck2.edu.hk


  • Po Leung Kuk No.1 W.H. Cheung College 保良局第一張永慶中學 | Wong Tai Sin (Kowloon)
  • Bishop Hall Jubilee School 何明華會督銀禧中學 | Kowloon Tong | Co-ed | bhjs.edu.hk
  • Cognitio College (Kowloon City) 文理書院(九龍)
  • Holy Family Canossian College 嘉諾撒聖家書院 | Inverness Road Kowloon | English is the main medium of instruction | hfcc.edu.hk
  • Kowloon True Light School 九龍真光中學 | Suffolk Road, Kowloon | all girls | Medium of Instruction – S1 to S3: Students learn Integrated Science, Geography, Mathematics, History, Computer and Home Economics in English
    S4 to S6: EMI (except Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Literature, VA, History(CMI), and Liberal Studies)

  • La Salle College 喇沙書院 | La Salle Road | French (Third language) | All boys

La Salle College kowloon

La Salle College Kowloon

  • Our Lady of The Rosary College 聖母玫瑰書院 | Sham Shui Po | All girls | Catholicism | Website: olr.edu.hk


  • Queen Elizabeth School 伊利沙伯中學 | Yau Tsim Mong – The first EMI co-ed secondary school in HK


  • Carmel Secondary School 迦密中學 | Homantin


  • Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College 陳瑞祺(喇沙)書院 | Ho Man Tin Kowloon


  • Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School 旅港開平商會中學 | Ho Man Tin – Aided Co-ed secondary school

Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School – Hpccss Facebook

New Territories

  • Hong Kong Taoist Association Tang Hin Memorial Secondary School 香港道教聯合會鄧顯紀念中學 | Sheung Shui (NT) – Band 1 school. One of the most famous schools in HK. Top ranking Aided school | Website


  • S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School 聖公會曾肇添中學 | Sha Tin | Christianity | Website: skhtst.edu.hk


  • S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School 聖公會林護紀念中學 | Kwai Chung | HKDSE Results  


  • Catholic Mission School (CMS) 天主教總堂區學校 | Rutter Street, Sheung Wan | Happy School – Jan 14: seventeen nationalities conversing in perfect English, it is easy to mistake CMS, for an international school


  • Li Cheng Uk Government Primary School (LCU) 李鄭屋官立小學 | Sham Shui Po (Kowloon)


  • Diocesan Preparatory School 拔萃小學 | Kowloon Tong


  • Li Sing Tai Hang School (LSTHS) 李陞大坑學校 | Causeway Bay | Main medium: English | Primary school


  • Sai Kung Central Lee Siu Yam Memorial School (LSY) 西貢中心李少欽紀念學校 | Sai Kung | Primary school | Language: Chinese Language is conducted Canto/Putonghua | Maths in Canto/ English | Other subjects in English – many foreign students.


  • Po Kok Primary School 寶覺小學 | Happy Valley | Bilingual: Chinese & English


  • Chiu Sheung School, Hong Kong 香港潮商學校 | Pok Fu Lam | Chinese & English


  • Po On Commercial Association (P.O.C.A) Wan Ho Kan Primary School 寶安商會温浩根小學  | Tung Chung | Chinese(incl.: Putonghua) and English | Aided Co-ed 

Use English to teach Maths and G.S (Sci & IT). Use Putonghua or Cantonese to teach Chinese Language. Provide different school team trainings, enhancement courses and remedial classes according to the students’ individual needs. Provide Non-Chinese students their school-based Chinese curriculum. 5 native-speaking English teachers will take the phonics, oral and reading lessons as well.

Provide small class teaching in order to take care of the students’ needs in an effective way.

Source: P.O.C.A. Wan Ho Kan Primary School寶安商會温浩根小學

Primary & Secondary

  • Sir Ellis Kadoorie School 官立嘉道理爵士 | Primary (Sukanpo-HK Island) | Secondary (Tai Kok Tsui-Kowloon) – Nov 17: Students come from different background


  • Rosaryhill Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School 玫瑰崗 | Wan Chai | rhs.edu.hk | English is used for (DSE Subjects) English Language, Mathematics, Mathematics (Extended Part Module 1 & 2), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Geography, History, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Information & Communication Technology, Applied Learning (Vocational English), Applied Learning Subjects. English as the MOI for NCS students.


  • Marymount Secondary/ Primary School 瑪利曼 | Happy Valley – a prestigious Band 1 all-girls EMI Roman Catholic secondary school


  • St. Joseph’s Primary School (SJPS) 聖若瑟小學 (Wan Chai) & St. Joseph’s College (SJC) 聖若瑟書院 (Mid-Levels) – Info: Band 1 Secondary school. 96.7% Eng usage  


  • Maryknoll Convent School 瑪利諾修院學校 | Kowloon Tong | all girls – English is main medium


  • Munsang College 民生書院 | Dumbarton Road Kowloon City | Secondary: EMI | Primary: English and Chinese

Website: munsang.edu.hk

NON-EMI/ Chinese Medium

  • Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui College 樂善堂梁銶琚書院 | Sai Ying Poon



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