Online Grocery Shops Hong Kong

Options for online grocery and fresh products shopping in Hong Kong, you have the choices of products with competitive prices or the eco-friendly, safe, natural or organic certified products, fresh produce and meat at more premium prices. 

parknshop eshop carrots fresh food

Photo: PARKnSHOP eShop

Online Grocery Shop Websites

  • HKTV Mall | | Sells fresh food, grocery, personal care, skin care, makeup, baby product & food, pets, electrical, home appliances | Australian Carrots: about $40/kg | Delivery Fees: General members – Free for Total billed amount over $500 otherwise Fee is $80. VIP members – Free Over $350 or Fee is $40. Self pickup available.
  • PARKnSHOP | | fresh & frozen food, groceries, health & beauty care, baby care, pets, home & entertainment, clothing, outdoors, books, festive products | Farm Fresh Australian Carrots: $16.50/kg | Fee: Delivery – Free $600 or fee is $50 (Same day delivery if there is available slot) | Store Pick-up – Free $150 or $20 service charge | Very user-friendly e-shopping site, wide variety of products
  • great FOOD HALL | | Sells organic and non-organic fresh produce, meat, frozen food, in-store bakery and other groceries, alcoholic beverage, health & beauty, baby care | Delivery: Free over $500 or fee is $30. 
  • foodpanda mall | | Limited choices of products from its partner  supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, specialty stores. It has its very own pandamart. Food is mostly limited to frozen or can food. Each store has its own terms; delivery fee & minimum order
  • JOU SUN | | Different types of food items; Fresh organic (Organic Carrots: $100/kg) and non-organic fresh produce, long shelf-life food, local and imported meat, seasoning, etc. Delivery: fee is HK$80, free over HK$300. Minimum spending is HK$100.
  • British Essentials | | Online Supermarket for British Food Lovers and British who miss their products back home. Over 70,000 items including snacks, can/ jar food, bakery, frozen food, beauty & health, home, baby products, etc at competitive prices | Delivery: Free from orders $190 or above (depends on location). Delivers daily.

Online Wellness/ Eco-Friendly/ Special-Dietary Food and Products Shops

The MSC Fisheries Standard is used to assess if a fishery is well-managed and sustainable.

Global G.A.P. – food safety certification, implementation of good agricultural practices

Healthy Antibiotics residue and Growth hormone free Meat

Antibiotics are used to treat sick farm animals. Certain level and type of antibiotics residues in meat are harmful to human health. Farmers must follow the guidelines for withdrawal time – between when the animal is treated and it goes to market.

There are concerns of harmful growth hormone residues in meat and poultry. To ensure poultry and their products are fit for human consumption, the Hong Kong regulatory bodies conduct surveillance of the prohibited chemicals at local poultry farms, as well as at import, wholesale and retail levels. There were no positive cases detected from 2008 to 2014.

Buy from reliable source that sells meat that is free of antibiotic residues and harmful growth hormone (chemicals).

Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre Certification (HKORC Cert) 

The only independent incorporated third party organic certification agent in Hong Kong accredited by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). It has certified more than 130 organic farms, aquafarms, and food processing plants | Website:

south stream market organic fish free range chicken australia grass fed beef

Photo: South Stream Market

  • – your local butcher | | Antibiotic, hormone-free pork. Halal beef. Grain/ grass-fed Japanese Wagyu, Canadian Angus. Dry aged beef. Organic chicken. Free range, antibiotic and hormone free chicken. Sustainable seafood. Plant-based meat.
  • South Stream Market | | Imports safe and sustainably sourced products. Sells MSC Certified seafood. Organic fruits, vegetables, meat, products. Dietary needs: gluten-free, halal, vegetarian, Vegan, Keto, toddlers and baby. Eco-friendly household products | Organic Carrots: $118/kg
  • Eat FRESH | | Partner farms are HKORC, USDA, or IFOAM organic certified | Organic Broccoli: $140/kg. Organic Carrots: $102/kg
  • The Fresh Grower | | Global G.A.P. Accreditation | Sustainable and safe vegetables from New Zealand | Free delivery $400 | Organic Broccoli: $150/kg. Organic Carrots: $120/kg
  • Freshie Hong Kong | | Organic certified and non-organic, non-GMO, safe, sustainable, good quality products from producers in different parts of the world such as Japan, Taiwan, USA, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Spain, The Philipines, etc | Australian Carrots: $48/kg
  • growsFresh | | Fruits and vege are sourced from Australian Certified Organic farmers. Organic/ non-organic Australian free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork. MSC certified seafood from Alaska. Sustainable seafood from Australia | Australian Organic Carrots: $134/kg
  • 100% Wellness | | Gluten, Egg, Dairy-free, Non-GMO (Genetically Modified), Additives-free, Vegan products, Low Calories, fitness food/ supplements, Vegetarian meat, etc. Packet, bottle, can, dried food | Delivery: Free $500. Orders under $500, shipping fee will be calculated during check-out. Delivers in 1 – 3 working days. Or self-pickup. 

Premium Meat

  • Cook Cook Land | | Free-grazing grass-fed Kumamoto Wagyu beef, produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Graded from A1 to A5 according to the color of the meat, fat distribution – Beef Marbling Score (BMS), and texture, with the highest grade being A5 | TOP GRADE A5 Ribeye 250g: HKD 478.00
  • Aussie Meat | | Australian Wagyu Striploin Steak (Marble Score MS 5) 250g: $292.00 | Premium New Zealand King Salmon Skin-On Fillet 200g: $195.00 | Ocean Catch Premium Australian X-Large Tiger Prawns 454g: $248.00
  • Farmers Market | | Premium Salmon from Huon Aquaculture 2 x 190g: $250.00 | UK 100% Angus Beef Sausage 450g: $145.00 | Spanish Iberico Pork from Frimancha (Spain) 

Grocery Shopping Apps

Market Place by Jasons App | 

Source/ Related Info

Antibiotics and Food Safety Hong Kong

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