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How to Sign Up Yoodo Mobile Data Plan for Tourist in Malaysia

Mobile Plans Malaysia for Tourist

  • Yoodo runs on the Celcom network.
  • You can create your own mobile plan, customizing how much Data, Voice (mins) and SMS you want. Price starts from 2GB at RM12 per month. Unlimited data + 100 mins of Voice with no SMS is at RM35 per month only.
  • Activate online and enjoy free SIM delivery – no more waiting in line.

yoodo customise mobile data plan malaysia traveller

How to Sign Up, Get the SIM Card and Activate Yoodo

  • Visit: Sign Up Yoodo
  • Hit “Get Started”
  • Choose a plan or Customise your plan
  • Select Social Media, games, music, or other Add-Ons (Optional)
  • Click “I want this Plan”
  • You can Select a new number or Keep your old number.
  • Click “Select preferred numbers” if you wish to choose your own numbers. Enter your preferred (3-4) digits and click “Check availability”
  • Click “Select this Number”
  • Create your account
  • Choose your delivery method
  • Register your credit card/ debit card, PayPal account or online banking credentials

Sign Up and Activate Yoodo eSIM Option

  • If your phone supports eSIM, you don’t even need the physical SIM card.
  • Download and launch Yoodo app.
  • Select ‘Activate a SIM’ -> ‘Get Started’ -> ‘Select eSIM’.
  • Choose your Data/Voice/SMS/Add-Ons. A minimum purchase of RM50 in a single receipt is required
  • Click ‘I want this plan’ and then choose your mobile number
  • On your device, go to ‘Settings’, click ‘Mobile Data’ and then select ‘Add Data Plan’ to scan the QR code sent to your email
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