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Amount of Vitamin C in Food Comparison

Vitamin C plays important roles in immunity, wound repair, collagen formation, iron absorption, serves as antioxidant which protects your cells against free radicals which are linked to many chronic health problems, natural antihistamine for relieving allergy symptoms and many others.

Vitamin C per 100g

Apples – 4.6 mg

Blueberries – 9.7 mg

Spinach – 28.1 mg

Lemon – 53 mg

Oranges – 53.2 mg

Strawberries – 59 mg

Snow Peas – 60 mg

Papayas – 61 mg

Green Peppers – 80.4 mg

Brussels sprout – 85 mg

Broccoli – 89.2 mg

Kiwi – 92.7 mg

Kale – 120 mg

Red Chill Peppers (Capsicum) – 143.7 mg

Guava – 228.3 mg

Amla – 300 mg

Barbados Cherry (Acerola) – 1677 mg

Camu Camu – 2145 mg

Camu camu is a berry native to the Amazon rainforest. This superfood has long been used to support eye and gum health as well as treat common cold and viral infection. It tastes very sour, and is usually ground into powder and mixed with other foods to make it more palatable.

Kakadu Plum – 7000 mg

Also known as billygoat plum, Kakadu plum is a small fibrous fruit native Australia. It is bland with a sour, bitter taste and an aroma of pear and apple. Traditionally the fruits are used for the treatment of flu and skin infections. 




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