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Travel Essentials

Durable Luggage

Get your travel luggage and bags from Samsonite, which are more durable and can withstand rough handling. The checked-in luggages are often at the mercy of handlers at the airport.

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Passport Holders

A passport holder is very useful for you to organise your travel documents. After your luggage is checked in, you will need to hold on to the passport and boarding pass, getting them ready for various checkpoints before you can board the plane.

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Buy passport holder with cute prints at RM 8.36 from LENTE VIE LA Shop

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Waterproof Passport/ Travel documents/ Phone holder with multiple compartments

Have you felt like you wanted to pack all your travel toiletries or cosmetics in one bag and yet you could somehow compartmentalise the smaller items in different sections? Here’s your solution. Each small bag is detachable as it is attached to the foldable wash bag via velcro strips. 

Hanging Travel Multi-compartment Wash Bag – RM10.59

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