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Popular Premium Quarantine at Swiss-Garden Hotel Bukit Bintang KL

Swiss Garden Hotel Bukit Bintang is one of the top choices because the hotel offers comfortable modern bedrooms, some say the design is odd, selective rooms with a balcony, connecting rooms for bigger families and decent food. To the individuals under surveillance, a balcony can be a lifesaver. Service is generally good but the reception can be unresponsive at times.

If you feel like the food delivered is underwhelming, you can definitely take it up with the manager/ reception, most probably there is a mix-up and you’re sent the Standard Package dishes instead. You can always ask for more fiber (fruits or vegetables) in your meals if you think it is lacking. Due to the high number of PUS, the hotel’s popularity and requests, there ought to be inconsistencies in the standard of house-keeping and food. They are accommodating and will be willing to rectify it to live up to its 4/5-Star Hotel status.


  • Quarantine Package: RM358 per day per person. FREE transport from KLIA to hotel, Professional PCR or RTK, meals.
    For not/ partially vaccinated or close contact
  • Business Travel Package: First night at RM620 nett. INCLUDES Professional RTK on arrival, transportation from airport to hotel, Pre-departure PCR test
  • Travel Package: First night at RM470 nett. INCLUDES Professional RTK on arrival, Pre-departure PCR test
  • Subsequent night at RM220 nett.


Various TripAdvisor Reviews

  • Quarantining at Swiss Garden premium package was a wonderful experience. The airport pickup was efficient and pleasant. The rules of the hotel were made clear through the info pack they gave me upon arrival. The food was fine. I was able to select either a Western, Local or ‘Chef’ option. Big portions, tasty and delivered on time! Huge bed, modern bathroom, big TV, lots of amenities and a fridge. The front desk were quick to answer and friendly/polite.
  • The room was very dirty, bed linens were smelly, even curtains are. I finally managed to change the room and the situation became better after that.
  • Our rooms we nice, bright with balcony and provided a very workable environment for the purpose. When we needed help, the hotel staff was quick to respond. As to the food, it was just not very attractive from a visual, taste perspective and also the quality of ingredients.

Many reviews 2021

  • Clean, Spacious room and bathroom.
  • Food served on time 7am, 12pm, 6pm daily, choose from MENU day before via Whatsapp. Good amount of fruits. Food no complain, but not enough vege. Sometimes tasteless.
  • Rooms with balcony are available at higher rates.
  • Hotel provide dish wash and sponge, reusable Cutlery, 24 bottles of water.
  • Good wifi and service. No one answered when I called reception.

Review Dec 2021

The pickup services from airport was not for one per vehicle but they picked up 2 person for my case. Then, upon arriving at the hotel at 9pm, no one was arranged to meet up and process the documentation, until the driver had to shout around. After getting to my room alone through a shady walkway to the elevator, no dinner or whatsoever was prepared for a traveller they knew arriving at 9pm. That’s not even the worst, no one was there at all to answer the operator line! I almost had to stomp out to the front desk! There was 3 of us in total, one of whom was in the same vehicle as I did, and then the second vehicle came with a lady alone.

Deluxe Room


Premier-King Deluxe-TwinWindow swiss garden kl

Bathroom deluxe swiss garden kl

Executive Room


Executive-King-swiss garden kl

Family Room

50 sqm | 1 king bed, and 2 single beds | Max Occupancy: 5 persons

Family-Room swiss garden bukit bintang


Other Photos

swiss garden bukit bintang quarantine balcony

Room with balcony

swiss garden quarantine food standard package

Standard Package Meals

swiss garden quarantine food premium package

Premium Package Meals

Swiss-Garden Hotel Bukit Bintang KL

swiss garden bukit bintang building

Website: swissgarden.com/kuala-lumpur
Add: 117, Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2141 3333
Email: reservation@shbb.swissgarden.com


  • Malaysia Quarantine Support Group (MQSG)
  • Swiss Garden Hotel Bukit Bintang
  • TripAdvisor
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