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SJK (C) Yuk Chai, Petaling Jaya

Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya, SJKC Yuk Chai is a very popular Chinese Primary School for its academic and sports excellent achievements as well as great facilities. Dedicated teachers guide the students to perform their best. Comparatively it is not as stressful as other SJK schools in Klang Valley.

The school has 2 main gates with a guard house each. There’s a 7 storey building as your enter Gate A. The lower ground and Ground floors are the canteen. There are lifts available leading to the other floors at the side of the building. The Teacher’s office is located on the first floor. The administration office is on the same level.

sjkc yuk chai pj canteen


On the 2nd floor, there are a few activity rooms; the dancing, Computer, music & arts rooms. The 3rd floor, there’s a beautiful auditorium. Story telling, singing competition and concerts are regularly held here throughout the school’s calendar year. On the 4th floor, there’s another hall for gymnasts.

the most popular chinese school MalaysiaAuditorium

sjkc yuk chai pj libraryLibrary

Every classroom would be equipped with a smart board that changes how the way the lessons are being conducted in the classroom. There are 2 reading corners for students to chill around, and a Japanese Garden with a pond and a nice fountain to come along with it. There’s also a mini bookstore at Block A’s ground floor for students to get their learning materials.

sjkc yuk chai pj classroom


sjkc yuk chai pj school outdoor

chill out area

The fully air-conditioned hall is equipped with wonderful sound systems and a giant LED Screen. The roof of the hall is covered with solar panels to generate some income so the school could be self sustaining.

sjkc yuk chai pj school hall

School Hall

sjkc yuk chai pj facilities sports covered

basketball court with a roof

sjkc yuk chai pj facilities field track running

running track and padang (field)

Here’s a video tour of the school


  • Pretty impressed with the hall – it’s large size accommodating so many tables and also its facilities. Great design. One of the best school in term of academic, extra curricular activity, facilities and teaching resource.
  • However the teachers only take care of the elites and neglect the mediocre students.
  • It’s a good school overall, there are some qualified teachers in the school and the facilities are okay except for the toilets they can be very dirty. the school excels in academics and sports. my experience studying in yuk chai left me with a lot of good memories.

SJK(C) Yuk Chai

popular Chinese school in Malaysia

Add: Jalan SS 24/1, Taman Megah, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7805 4575
Email: bbc8411@moe.edu.my
Website: sjkcyukchaipj.edu.my | Facebook: fb.com/sjkcyukchaipj

Administration Staff: Head Master – Chew Hock Jin 周福仁



Introduction to SJKC Yuk Chai by Daniel Yap on YouTube

SJKC Yuk Chai Facebook Page

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