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Natural Hair Dye Without Hydrogen Peroxide – Indus Valley

Researchers now show that going gray is caused by a massive build up of hydrogen peroxide due to wear and tear of our hair follicles.

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There are two types of packaging; one with hydrogen peroxide (Left) and another without (Right)

No Harmful Chemical

I found this product, Indus Valley Gel Colour, which many websites claim that it has no hydrogen peroxide, no ammonia, no parabens. Remember to pick the one that says “NO HYDROGEN PEROXIDE”. It is a natural hair colour without harmful chemicals such as ammonia, paraben, hydrogen peroxide, PPD.

USA: Buy the Indus Valley Hair Colour without Hydrogen Peroxide, at Amazon’s Indus Valley Store.

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Malaysia: Buy at RM66 (Hair dye Without Hydrogen Peroxide and other harmful chemicals)

Different Type of Packaging

The one that did not state “NO HYDROGEN PEROXIDE”, contains Sodium carbonate peroxide, a bleaching agent which is essentially hydrogen peroxide and soda ash (Sodium carbonate). It might have a smaller amount of peroxide, but it is not stated clearly how much (%) is in the ingredients. 

It does not contain Parabens and ammonia. 


It is very easy to use compared to other henna colour products as it comes with a gel to mix with the henna powder, instead of you adding the (warm) water yourself. Still there’s a lot of residue and debris falling out during the dyeing process. 

There are 4 packs of henna powder in small packets that you can tear off each time you want to use it.

There is another plastic wrap inside

Pour the powder in any container

For each pack of powder, you have to use one part of gel (total of 4 parts). There is clear indicator on the semi-transparent tube. After squeezing out the gel, let it sit for a few minutes for the gel to flow down, so you can get a more accurate measurement.

After the gel has been added

Mix the gel and the powder until they blend together


It is very effective in colouring grey/ white hair considering it is a henna powder product. The usual henna hair colour that I used before either took a very long time for the dye to work or some just didn’t work at all. Compared to other hair dye products that you can get from any pharmacies, or supermarket, Indus Valley was less effective comparatively. It requires longer time, and the coverage result is not as good.

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