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Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

*Removed from Premium Quarantine Hotels List*

The main attraction of Putrajaya Marriott Hotel is definitely their spacious, comfortable rooms with balcony. It is for the people who will be confined for 14/ 21 days in a room to enjoy the fresh air, to air-dry their hand washed garments as there’s no laundry service and do some outdoor workouts. Not all rooms have balconies, so you have to request it during reservation. The hotel serves a good variety of food with Malaysian, Chinese, Western, Japanese main courses and dessert/ fruits, though most of the time served cold. 

Reviews are mostly positive, with a few complaining about cockroaches roaming around, cracked wall and mold issues.

Packages: Prices (nett) per person per night. Additional RM100 for another person.


42sqm/ 452 sqft. RM340.

deluxe room

deluxe balcony hotel room quarantine malaysia

deluxe marriott putrajaya

bathroom deluxe marriott putrajaya

Junior Suite

60sqm/ 646sqft. RM600.

junior suite

Executive Suite

82sqm/ 883 sqft. One bedroom Suite. RM750.

executive suite

exec suite living

Palace Suite

200sqm/ 2153 sqft. Two Bedroom Suite. RM3500.

palace suite marriott big suite quarantine hotel kl


quarantine food marriott putrajaya

tripadvisor.com: Food served during quarantine


Jan 2021: I really had a nice and pleasant stay. The room is spacious. Good Wi-fi. The quarantine food is generally good. I must compliment the Nasi Lemak. I ordered this dish twice during my stay. The best selling point for their room is actually the balcony. You can request the staff to open it for fresh air. I was assigned to a room that faces the swimming pool which really had enhance my experience due to the beautiful and tranquil surrounding. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I think her name is Masita from front office whom is the Duty Manager is a lovely person.

TripAdvisor Reviews

  • Food served was always served cold, and it was worse than frozen dinner from 7/11, tasteless, despite the premium package.
  • There is mold present in the room. The smell was bad.

MQSG Reviews

  • We had our reservation at Marriott, they cancelled just a few days before our flight.
  • Spotted a baby cockroach. Highlighted to the staff and it didn’t seem like an issue to them. After 2 hours of wait we were given a spray bottle to figure it out. As the week progressed we’ve learnt to share our room with many baby cockroaches. 3 days into the stay I’ve developed rashes and felt bitten by bed bugs.
  • (PP) Smooth check in process at 2am, with bucket of fruits in front of door. Spacious room with Balcony, so could open the sliding door and hang dry your clothes. Never the same meal everyday, you will be served with local Malaysian delicacy, Chinese, Western style and even sushi. Internet was stable at 4-6 Mbps download. Standard local TV channels, including FoxSport 1 & 2, BBC, KBS World, TVBS, Astro Ria, Vision Four 1 – 4. Indoor activity: you can rent indoor Cylce bike for RM 750/wk, yoga mat or dumb bell for RM 200/wk. Check out process is fast.
  • Although I didn’t get a balcony room, the window can be opened and is akin to having a balcony. food is decent. There were complaints (many!) on the food, mainly because it was not hot/warm and some found it not edible. Deliveries (both food and other stuff) only on selected days and from selected fast food restaurants. My room was clean and I did my own basic wiping of surfaces etc. Requests to change towels were answered immediately. I didn’t encounter any (thanks goodness) but there were complaints from others of cockroaches in their rooms.

Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

marriott putrajaya building

Website: marriott.com/putrajaya
Add: IOI Resort City, Putrajaya 62502, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-8949 8888
Email: food.bev@marriottputrajaya.com

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